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Best Sheepadoodle Breeders in Virginia (2024)

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Finding a trusted breeder is vital when adding a Sheepadoodle to your home. But finding the right breeder can be tricky!

Luckily, for those that live in Virginia (or nearby), I’ve researched the best Sheepadoodle breeder in the area. 

In this article, I will cover the following three quality Sheepadoodle breeders in the Old Dominion:

  • Hawksbill Farm
  • McKenzie’s Doodles
  • Deb’s Doodles

Keep reading to learn more!

1. Hawksbill Farm

Decorative orange and navy banner with a Sheepadoodle dog next to text saying "Hawksbill Farm".

As a prominent Sheepadoodle breeder with a facility that spans 5,000 square feet, Hawksbill Farm takes quality Sheepadoodle breeding seriously.

They keep the pups comfortable with plenty of space and dedicated staff before they go to their forever homes.

Raising Puppies

Hawksbill Farm raises its puppies in a massive facility with everything they need to thrive in their first few weeks.

Their climate-controlled facility ensures that the pups always enjoy the optimum temperature for their little bodies.

A unique drainage system ensures the waste stays out of the puppies’ living space. As a precaution, their staff frequently check the facilities for unmanaged waste. 

This breeder ensures that their puppies are cared for in all areas–not just their physical needs.

They build playtime and socialization into their schedule with a dedicated team of dog lovers who make it their job to love on the puppies. The pups also have a large fenced space outside.

Their puppies also have regular veterinary appointments and are kept up-to-date on the appropriate vaccinations while in the facility’s care.

Application & Adoption Process

The application process begins with reviewing the potential puppy’s parents and their coloring. You can also look at the adoptable puppies listed on their website.

Next, you’ll fill out an adoption application. Upon approval, you can send your deposit and prepare to hear from the breeder about your new puppy.

If you are waiting for your puppy’s birth, you can expect them to notify you once the puppy arrives.

At that point, you’ll have to wait eight weeks before you can take your puppy home. During this time, the puppy will be developing and getting vetted.

After your puppy reaches eight weeks of age, you can pay the remainder of the price. At that point, it’s time to take your puppy home.

About six months after adoption, the breeder will call you to see how your puppy is adjusting to their new home.

Health Guarantee

This breeder guarantees the health of their pups for the first two years of life.

During those two years, if a puppy develops a genetic health condition, they will issue a complete refund of adoption expenses if the owner chooses to surrender the dog.

They will then rehome the dog in a forever home that understands their unique needs or take care of the pup. 

Hawksbill Farm Reviews

“We picked up our adorable Sulley 5 months ago. He is a wonderful, smart, fun pup. He loves his blanket and is a joy. He is now 7 months and continues to keep us smiling. We are so pleased with our experience and recommend Hawksbill Farm to everyone.”

Deborah A.

How to contact Hawksbill Farm

Below are the different methods you can use to reach Hawksbill Farm.

Location: Stanley, VA
Phone: (540) 742-5109
Email: [email protected]

2. McKenzie’s Doodles

Decorative orange and navy banner with a Sheepadoodle dog next to text saying "McKenzie's Doodles".

Located in Northern Virginia, this Sheepadoodle breeder is family-owned and operated, which gives it a smaller feel than some larger breeders like Hawksbill Farms.

With various family members pitching in, they work as a team to raise adorable Doodles, including Sheepadoodles.

How much is a puppy from McKenzie’s Doodles?

McKenzie’s Doodles charges $3,500 for one of their Sheepadoodle puppies.

All puppies are priced at the same point regardless of color or coat pattern.

Application & Adoption Process

The application process for McKenzie’s Doodles starts with checking their website to view upcoming litters.

This lets you see whether their timeline fits your plans for your family’s new addition.

Once you know that there will be a litter when you hope to add a new furry family member to your household, you can get on their list for adoption. 

Once you have reserved your place on the list, you’ll need to send them a deposit of $350. This deposit doesn’t guarantee the coat or gender of your pup.

It simply ensures that you have a place in line to get a pup in that litter. In situations where the amount of deposits exceeds the number of pups in a litter, they will work to apply your deposit to another litter or issue a refund.

Several weeks after the puppies are born, McKenzie’s Doodles posts pictures and videos to help you decide what puppy you might want.

After you receive an email or call that it’s your turn to take home a puppy, you can expect to choose your tiny pooch on pick-up day a week after receiving this good news.

After selecting your pup, it’s time to take them to their forever home with a bunch of goodies like their health records, toys, a sample of the food they have been eating, and a bandana. 

Health Guarantee

For their puppies, McKenzie’s Doodles offers a two-year health guarantee.

This guarantee states that they will issue a full refund for the puppy price to the owner if a veterinarian discovers a genetic illness or condition within 4-5 days after the pup is taken home.

While they seek a second opinion to confirm the cause and diagnosis, they will issue a full refund after this is approved to treat the condition. 

Alternatively, new puppy parents can surrender the pup and get a healthy pup of the equivalent breed in the current or upcoming litters.

After that window, they accept a surrender of the pup back to their care and issue a refund upon receiving the ill puppy.

McKenzie’s Doodles Reviews

“Fuzz is more of an outdoorsmen – she could spend all day outside in any weather! Fred is a lounge on the couch and look out the window kinda guy.

They make everyone laugh and do the goofiest things! I recommend McKenzie’s Doodles to everyone who is looking for [a] puppy – we are so happy with both of them!” 

Shannon H.

How to contact McKenzie’s Doodles

Below are the different methods you can use to reach McKenzie’s Doodles.

Location: Middletown, VA
Phone: (540) 550-0017
Email: [email protected]

3. Deb’s Doodles

Decorative orange and navy banner with a Sheepadoodle dog next to text saying "Deb's Doodles".

If you’re looking for a small family breeder that invests in their puppies’ well-being, Deb’s Doodles in Virginia is a great choice.

Your new pup will be used to living in a family environment as a perk. They also have lots of info on puppy care on their website for first-time owners.

They breed Sheepadoodles and a few other popular Doodle breeds.

Raising Puppies

Deb’s Doodles raises their puppies in a family home. From the day they are born, they handle the puppies to cultivate a disposition suitable for social situations and confidence.

They also ensure that the puppies have a range of experiences with the types of people and ages of folks who handle them.

They introduce the puppies to environmental changes, like different sounds from outside and inside the home. They also encourage stimulating the puppies’ minds and bodies with toys. 

Exposure to crates and various settings makes the puppies grow accustomed to different places they might encounter when they go to their permanent home.

The puppies are also groomed, bathed, dried, and brushed, so they are familiar with these processes once they are with their forever family.

The puppies take special vitamins to boost their immune systems in their puppy days. Finally, they have an introduction to house training.

How much is a puppy from Deb’s Doodles?

For a black and white Sheepadoodle of either gender, you can expect to pay $3,300. If you prefer a sable-colored puppy, you’ll pay $3,500 for a puppy of either gender.

Application & Adoption Process

To adopt a puppy from Deb’s Doodles, you must select an open litter and put down a deposit to reserve your pup.

Once you place a deposit, you can expect an email informing you when the puppies have arrived.

In the email, you’ll find important information like the number of puppies born, their colorings, and the dates and times for picking up a pup.

Deposit order determines who selects the puppies first through last. While anxiously awaiting your pup, you can expect to see videos and photos of the puppies through email until they are ready to adopt. 

When it’s your turn, you can select your puppy and take them home.

Health Guarantee

Deb’s Doodles has a 2-year health guarantee that allows for refunds if the puppy has a genetic condition diagnosed by the veterinarian.

Their website defines what counts as a genetic condition and their terms for taking the puppy back.

Deb’s Doodles Reviews

“Wanted to share an update on Duke and share some pics. At 11 weeks he has exceeded our wildest dreams. Duke is the best. He loves to cuddle and play and is growing like crazy.

He’s great with the kids, and is smart as a whip. He has a great temperament with us and others. Thank you so much and we will continue to share as he continues to grow.

Racich family

How to contact Deb’s Doodles

Below are the different methods you can use to reach McKenzie’s Doodles.

Location: Culpepper, VA
Email: [email protected]

Looking for more breeders?

If you want more options to choose from, you can check out a few more Sheepadoodle breeders nearby in Maryland.

Kevin is a proud Bernedoodle owner and Doodle dog fanatic. Read how a chance encounter with two Bernedoodles spurred a lifelong passion here. If you want to get in contact with Kevin, you can send him a message.

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