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A Chance Encounter with a Bernedoodle…

Hi there, my name is Kevin.

When I was in college, I went on a road trip to another college campus. When I got there I came across a strange creature.

It had wild, frizzy hair that spiraled out in all directions. It had an exuberant and clumsy demeanor that was impossible to ignore.

It had the features of a dog: four legs, a tail, and was on a leash. But I wasn’t convinced so I stopped the lady that was walking this floofy monster and inquired about its nature.

She explained to me it was a Bernedoodle – a Bernese Mountain dog mixed with a Poodle.

It was love at first site. I restrained myself from giving this lovable fluff a massive hug while I pet him adoringly. That moment will live with me forever.

I made my mind up on the spot that I would buy a Bernedoodle as soon as I had the means…A few years later, my dream came true when I brought my best friend Murphy home (pictured above).

I created this website because I wanted to share my passion for all types of different dog breeds (not just Doodles).

Besides my Bernedoodle, Murph, I have owned both Airedale Terriers and a Welsh Terrier.

I’ve always been fascinated by rare dog breeds too, which is why I devote part of this site to writing about the hidden gems in the dog world (like the Chinese Red Dog).

One last thing… I am NOT a dog breeder. I receive a lot of questions from people that visit the site in regards to breeding.

I love connecting with dog owners across the globe. If you want to reach out to me, shoot me an email!