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Best Newfypoo Breeders in Oregon (2024)

State of Oregon with text beneath saying "Newfypoo Breeders in OR".

Hey there, fellow Oregonian on the hunt for a pup! Are you dreaming of snuggling up with a big, fluffy Newfypoo?

Well, hold onto your leashes because I’ve scoured the state to find you the best breeder options in the Beaver State.

In this article, I’ll be introducing you to the top three paw-some breeders to get your Newfypoo from:

  • PNW Saint Berdoodles & Newfypoos
  • Crockett Doodles
  • Green Acres Newfypoos

Keep reading to find out which Newfypoo breeder is the best for you!

1. PNW Saint Berdoodles & Newfypoos

Decorative banner with green and yellow colors featuring a Newfypoo dog and text next to it saying "PNW Newfypoos".

PNW Saint Berdoodles & Newfypoos is a breeder specializing in raising Newfypoos, Saint Berdoodles, and Saint Newfypoos.

Although they are a small breeder, they still follow practices that enable them to deliver the best Newfypoo puppies to their customers.

They also maintain customer relationships, so they support the puppies they sell and their new owners.

Raising Puppies

The people over at PNW Saint Berdoodles & Newfypoos emphasize potty training and socializing from an early age. Your puppy will already know about the basics when they reach your home.

They also conduct temperament testing on the puppies in their care. Temperament testing is necessary to identify the best homes for their puppies.

How much is a puppy from PNW Saint Berdoodles & Newfypoos?

Prices vary for each puppy. Characteristics such as the puppy’s coat quality, markings, and color will help determine the price tag.

Although no base price is provided, you must pay a non-refundable $500 deposit if you wish to purchase a Newfypoo pup.

Application & Adoption Process

You can start the process of adopting your Newfypoo pup by filling out an application. The breeders will then contact you and ask follow-up questions to understand what you want in your new pet.

They will then decide if your home is a good fit for one of their puppies.

If you receive approval, you will be asked to pay the deposit. After paying the deposit, you must wait for your puppy to get ready. Typically, puppies are ready for pick up or delivery two months after birth.

PNW Saint Berdoodles & Newfypoos Reviews

Reviews from previous PNW Saint Berdoodles & Newfypoos customers are provided below.

“We had and continue to have an amazing experience with PNW Saint Berdoodles! There is no doubt how much care and love they put into their puppies! They helped us all the way through, from the smallest to the largest details including the flight! We are so thankful for and highly recommend PNW Saint Berdoodles! Best Puppy Ever!”

Kerry E.

“We got our baby Belle from PNW Saint Berdoodles when she was a pup. She brings us joy wherever we go and can’t say enough good things about her and her breeder.

Belle is almost three years now and PNW still checks in to see how she is and they always have been there as a resource for us, answers questions and guiding on what is best for our Belle and our other dog Henry. We are so happy we found you and Belle!”

Hannah B.

How to Contact PNW Saint Berdoodles & Newfypoos

Location: N/A, Washington
Phone: (360) 703-4311
Email: [email protected]

2.Crockett Doodles

Decorative banner with green and yellow colors featuring a Newfypoo dog and text next to it saying "Crockett Doodles".

Crockett Doodles began with a couple, Nathan and Abigail Crockett, who loved dogs but struggled to find a reputable breeder for Goldendoodles.

They decided to become a breeder themselves, starting with one litter of home-raised Goldendoodles per year. But when they created a website for their Goldendoodles, they were flooded with requests and realized they couldn’t keep up with the demand.

So, they partnered with friends to become family-raised pup homes for other doodle breeds like Newfypoos, Aussiedoodles, Springerdoodles, and Bernedoodles.

Crockett Doodles has become a premier breeder of family-raised Doodle puppies, providing outstanding pups to great families.

Crockett Doodles works with an extensive network of breeders to ensure that their Newfypoos are adequately cared for before they are eventually sent to their forever homes and families.

This collaborative approach to breeding is a signature element of their approach.

Raising Puppies

To ensure the Newfypoos they provide to their customers are healthy and well-adjusted, Crockett Doodles leans on family-owned pets.

They choose family pets as parent dogs because they want the young Newfypoos to grow up in loving environments.

The puppies stay in their first homes up until the age that they are fit for adoption. You don’t have to worry about them being exposed to unpleasant environments.

How much is a puppy from Crockett Doodles?

Prices for Crockett Doodles’ Newfypoo pups range from $1,400 to $2,100.

You’ll have to pay $200 extra for a pup with a wavy coat and $300 more if you want a Newfypoo with a chocolate or multi-colored coat. Female Newfypoos cost $100 more, and the mini variations cost $700.

Buyers are also required to make a $300 deposit. Deposits are refundable, but Crockett Doodles will deduct a 9 percent processing fee.

Ground delivery to Oregon costs $679. Flight nanny delivery is considerably more expensive at $1,199.

Buyers who want to back out of a purchase after being matched can do so after paying a fee.

The back-out fee is $100 if the buyer commences the transaction at least 72 hours before adoption day. If the buyer backs out 24 to 72 hours before adoption day, the back-out fee climbs to $200.

Backing out any time within 24 hours of adoption day will cost the former buyer $300.

Application & Adoption Process

The first step of buying a puppy from Crockett Doodles involves filling out an application form online.

After registering your interest in becoming the owner of a Newfypoo pup, Crockett Doodles will review your application and determine if your home is suitable for one of their puppies.

Expect them to submit their decision within four to five days of your initial application.

If you receive approval from Crockett Doodles, you will be instructed to make a deposit. You will be placed on the waiting list after you complete the deposit.

Your stay on the waiting list could last around three to six months. The exact waiting period will depend on the progress of the puppies.

Buyers will receive a Puppy Announcement email when the pups are ready to be sent to their forever homes. Upon receiving the email, make sure you note the puppies you prefer the most.

Crockett Doodles will then match puppies in the litter to buyers based on the feedback they receive. You are now just a week or two away from receiving your puppy.

After going through the steps above, you will receive a congratulatory email detailing which puppy you have been matched with and how to pick them up.

You can either drop by the Guardian Home listed to get your puppy or coordinate delivery. Note that delivery may add 1 to 10 days to your timeline.

Health Guarantee

Crockett Doodles offers a three-year health warranty for their puppies, along with their recommended food.

The specific home that raised your puppy will also provide their updated vaccination records. They will also tell you about your puppy’s feeding preferences and any training they have received.

Crockett Doodles Reviews

Provided below are reviews from some of Crockett Doodles’ previous customers.

“Pippa is perfect in every way! She is so sweet and snuggly, yet playful and adventurous when we play in the backyard. Crockett Doodles was very easy to work with and matching us the right puppy for our family. Michelle, the litter’s caretaker, has been checking in with us and offering great suggestions to any questions that we may have.”

Gregory A.

“Great folks to work with for your next furbaby! The process is easy and the communication through every step is amazing. We used the courier service and even our driver was amazing. Great experience all around!”

Jenna M.

How to contact Crockett Doodles

Location: Portland, Oregon
Email: [email protected]

3. Green Acres Newfypoos

Decorative banner with green and yellow colors featuring a Newfypoo dog and text next to it saying "Green Acres Newfypoos".

Green Acres Newfypoos is a Newfypoos breeder based in Pennsylvania. Don’t worry about their location because they can deliver puppies to Oregon!

The founder, Laurel, has been breeding Newfypoos for years with a passion for excellence. The puppies are raised with love and care, ensuring they capture the hearts of all who meet them.

Green Acres Newfypoos invites pet owners to join their families and experience the joy of owning a Newfypoo.

Raising Puppies

To ensure that their puppies are ready for life with their future owners, the breeders over at Green Acres Newfypoos raise their pups in home environments.

They also initiate resource guarding and sound desensitization protocols to prepare the puppies better.

The puppies are also taken on car rides regularly so they can get used to the travel aspect of everyday life.

How much is a puppy from Green Acres Newfypoos?

Green Acres Newfypoos has not listed a base price for their puppies. However, you must pay a $500 deposit to reserve a puppy-choosing slot.

Application & Adoption Process

The first step of getting a puppy from Green Acres Newfypoos involves filling out their contact form.

They will then send you an informational email, and you can fill out an application form if you want to join their waiting list.

People on the waiting list can pay the $500 deposit to reserve a puppy-choosing slot. Once the puppies from a litter are about a month old, you can meet them in person.

A couple of weeks later, Green Acres Newfypoos will identify the puppy that suits you best from the litter. You can then either go with their selection or choose one of the other available puppies.

Health Guarantee

You will receive a lifetime genetic health guarantee if you get your puppy from Green Acres Newfypoos.

Green Acres Newfypoos Reviews

Learn more about what previous customers have to say about Green Acres Newfypoos by checking out the reviews below.

“We are so happy with our puppy from Green Acres! Boomer is five months now and we are so happy to have him. We couldn’t have asked for a better temperament.

He is very chill and loves to be with his people. We have a small dog too, and they have become good buddies. He’s very smart and easy to train. It’s snowing here today, and he’s loving it!”


“They are wonderful people and care about their pups. And sent pics and kept us informed until pick up day. One of the best puppies we have ever had!”


How to Contact Green Acres Newfypoos

Location: Lewistown, Pennsylvania
Phone: (717) 348-8192 or (717) 219-3410
Email: [email protected]

Kevin is a proud Bernedoodle owner and Doodle dog fanatic. Read how a chance encounter with two Bernedoodles spurred a lifelong passion here. If you want to get in contact with Kevin, you can send him a message.

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