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Goldendoodle Springer Mix: Meet the Golden Springerdoodle!

A Goldendoodle and Springer Spaniel standing next to each other with the words goldendoodle x springer.

Have you ever considered a dog that’s half Goldendoodle and half Springer Spaniel?

It might not have crossed your mind, but Goldendoodles are becoming quite a hit. They’re being combined with all sorts of breeds these days.

Continue reading to learn why this unique mix might start trending in the world of dogs.

Breed Summary

The Goldendoodle-Springer Spaniel mix is a mixed dog breed made from a Goldendoodle and a Springer Spaniel.

This unique Doodle dog is also called a Golden Springerdoodle. This dog is super friendly and loves being around people, making it great for families and single folks.

This mixed breed is medium in size, weighing usually between 40 and 60 pounds.

Their fur can be curly or a bit wavy, and you’ll see them in gold, black, brown, and white colors.

A brown and white Golden Springerdoodle is sitting in the grass.
Golden Springerdoodle

Plus, their fur is excellent for people with allergies because it doesn’t bother them much.

They’re really smart dogs; you can train them quickly, which is perfect if you’ve never had a dog.

They also have lots of energy, so they need to walk and play to be their best. They’re fans of swimming and going on hikes as well.

Histories of the Parent Breeds

Knowing what this mix is like helps to know about the history of each parent breed.


The Goldendoodle is a special dog created by breeding a Golden Retriever with a Poodle.

This new breed was first made in the 1990s in the United States.

The main idea behind the Goldendoodle was to have a guide dog that people with allergies could be around without any trouble.

Breeders aimed to combine the best traits from both parent breeds to make the perfect mix. They wanted a dog with the Poodle’s smarts and knack for learning things quickly.

Poodles are known for their intelligence and often do well in training.

On the other hand, they also wanted the dog to have the Golden Retriever’s friendly nature and love for people.

Golden Retrievers are known for being sweet and good with all kinds of people.

The result was the Goldendoodle—a dog with a great brain, a big heart, and a coat that’s more allergy-friendly.

These dogs quickly became popular, especially for people who need service dogs but have allergies.

And because they’re so friendly and easy to teach, many other people loved them too, not just those looking for a guide dog.

English Springer Spaniel

The English Springer Spaniel’s history goes back a long way. This breed has its roots in England, where it was developed as a hunting dog.

Its main job was to find and scare up game birds from the brush. This is where it gets the “Springer” part of its name—it would spring at the birds to flush them out for hunters.

These dogs were not just good at their jobs; they were also loved for their energy, intelligence, and loyalty.

These traits made them excellent companions both in the field and at home, which helped them gain popularity.

By the early 20th century, English Springer Spaniels had charmed their way into the United States and caught the attention of dog enthusiasts.

Their ability to adapt to various roles and environments made them stand out.

In 1910, their appeal and growing presence were solidified when the American Kennel Club officially recognized them.

The breed’s rich history as both a working dog and a loyal companion has been carried into the modern era, where they continue to be cherished for the same qualities that have been valued for centuries.


The Goldendoodle-Springer Spaniel mix can have a coat that is either wavy or curly. There coat won’t shed much.

This is good news for people who have allergies or don’t want a lot of dog hair around their home.

But remember, to keep their coat nice and to avoid knots and tangles, you need to brush it once a week. They should also visit a professional groomer every few months.

Colors & Patterns

The Goldendoodle mixed with a Springer Spaniel can have many different coat colors. Below is a simple list of possible colors:

  • Black
  • White
  • Brown
  • Cream
  • Gold
  • Red
  • Parti-colored (two colors, one of which is usually white)

These mixes might also have different patterns or markings, depending on their parents’ coats.

The Springer Spaniel usually has black and white, brown and white, or speckled coats.

Goldendoodles have many colors, like cream, gold, light red, dark red, brown, and black.


The Goldendoodle mixed with a Springer Spaniel is a medium-sized dog. The male dogs can be as tall as 23 inches at their shoulder, and the female dogs can be up to 21 inches tall.

How tall these dogs get can change depending on how big their parents are and which generation mix they are.


A Goldendoodle mixed with a Springer Spaniel can weigh differently based on their genes, what they eat, and how much they move.

These dogs usually weigh between 40 to 60 pounds. The boys are often a bit bigger than the girls. But some dogs might weigh more or less than this.

Traits & Characteristics

An infographic showing the different traits of a Golden Springerdoodle.


Golden Springerdoodles are known for being super friendly and sweet. They have lots of energy and love to play and make friends with people and other pets. They are smart and like to please, which means they’re usually easy to train.

They’re great for families and are good with kids because they’re kind and calm. If they grow up with other pets, like cats, they’ll usually get along with them well.

One thing to remember is that these dogs can get anxious if they spend a lot of time by themselves. To keep them from feeling lonely, they need to exercise and have fun things to do.

These friendly traits come from their parent breeds. Goldendoodles are often very affectionate and good with families, which they get from the Golden Retriever side. Springer Spaniels are known for their gentle nature and playfulness.

When you mix these breeds, you get a dog that loves people, is excellent with kids, and fits nicely into many different types of homes.

Health Issues

Goldendoodle-Springer Spaniel mixes are usually healthy dogs. However, they can have some health problems. Owners should know about these issues and how to stop them from happening.

One problem these dogs might have is hip dysplasia. This is when the hip joint doesn’t form correctly, which can cause the dog to have arthritis and trouble moving around.

Signs of this problem are limping, being stiff, and having difficulty standing up or lying down.

These dogs are also prone to ear infections because of their floppy ears. The ears can hold water and germs, which can cause infections.

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