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Goldendoodle Beagle Mix: Furry, Friendly, & Full of Fun

Goldendoodle sitting next to a Beagle with a blue background.

Today’s VIP (Very Important Pup) is an exciting mix of two doggie world favorites – a cuddly Goldendoodle and a clever, sniff-happy Beagle.

Imagine a dog that’s part fluffy teddy bear, part super-sniffer, with heart-melting eyes that say, “Who, me? Couldn’t be!”

The Goldendoodle-Beagle mix brings together all the great stuff – the soft, curly coat of a Goldendoodle and the nose that knows from a Beagle.

Ready to dive into the world of this unique mix?

Breed Summary

The Goldendoodle-Beagle mix is also called the Golden Poogle.

It is small to medium-sized, with a playful personality and moderate trainability.

This mix likely has the compact body and expressive face of a Beagle coupled with the wavy, curly coat of a Goldendoodle.

You can expect this mix to be a friendly, sociable, and energetic dog, inheriting the best traits from both parent breeds.

Violet and light blue infographic showing the different traits and characteristics of the Goldendoodle-Beagle mix.

History of the Parent Breeds

The Goldendoodle is a relatively new breed created for specific purposes, while the Beagle has a long history as a hunting dog.

Let’s explore the histories of both parent breeds to gain some insight into the Golden Poogle.


The Goldendoodle is a crossbreed between the Golden Retriever and the Poodle.

The success of the Labradoodle, a cross between the Labrador Retriever and the Poodle, inspired the breed.

It is suspected that the first Goldendoodle was bred in 1969 by Monica Dickens, the granddaughter of Charles Dickens.

The breed was initially created as a hypoallergenic guide dog for people with disabilities.

The Goldendoodle’s popularity has grown significantly over the years, and they are now considered a designer breed.

They are known for their intelligence, loyalty, and friendly nature, making them excellent family pets.


The Beagle is a small scent hound that originated in England in the 11th century.

These dogs were bred for rabbit hunting and were used in packs for hunting small game.

Beagles were much smaller in the past than they are today, with the modern breed being developed in the 19th century.

Beagles are now popular family pets due to their friendly and outgoing nature.

They are also used as detection dogs for contraband, such as drugs and explosives.


The Goldendoodle-Beagle mix is a unique breed that inherits its physical traits from the Golden Retriever, Poodle, and Beagle.

This breed is a medium-sized dog that can weigh between 20 to 60 pounds and stand between 13 to 24 inches tall at the shoulder.

Coat Type

The Goldendoodle-Beagle mix has a soft, wavy, and curly coat that is hypoallergenic, making it an excellent choice for individuals with allergies.

The hypoallergenic coat is inherited from the Poodle’s genes and is a highly attractive trait of Doodle breeds.

This breed’s coat can be either long or short, depending on which parent breed they take after more.

Coat Colors

The Goldendoodle-Beagle mix can come in various colors, thanks to its parents.

Here are some possibilities:

  • Cream
  • Black
  • White
  • Tan
  • Chocolate/Brown
  • Red
  • Gray
  • Apricot
  • Blue (a very dark gray)

The coat color of this breed can vary depending on which parent breed they take after more.

Coat Patterns

The coat pattern of the Goldendoodle-Beagle mix can also vary, with some having solid colors while others having a combination of colors.

This breed can have different coat patterns, including parti, phantom, abstract, and sable.

The Goldendoodle-Beagle mix is a beautiful and unique breed with various coat types, colors, and patterns.

Their hypoallergenic coat and friendly personality make them an excellent choice for families or individuals looking for a loyal and loving companion.


This mix is likely small to medium in size.


The Goldendoodle-Beagle mix is a medium-sized dog breed with a height range of 13 to 24 inches at the shoulder.

The height of a Goldendoodle-Beagle mix is influenced by its parent breeds, with the Beagle being a smaller breed and the Goldendoodle being a medium to large breed.


The weight of a Goldendoodle-Beagle mix can vary greatly, depending on the size of its parent breeds.

On average, a Goldendoodle-Beagle mix weighs anywhere from 20 to 60 pounds.

However, it is essential to note that the weight of a Goldendoodle-Beagle mix can be influenced by factors such as diet, exercise, and genetics.

A smaller Goldendoodle-Beagle mix may be more suitable for apartment living, while a larger One may require more space to run and play.

Overall, the size of a Goldendoodle-Beagle mix can vary greatly, but they are generally a medium-sized dog breed that is friendly and playful.


Goldendoodle-Beagle mixes are known for their friendly and affectionate temperament.

They are intelligent, social, and love to be around people.

These dogs are great with children and make excellent family pets.

They are also highly trainable and eager to please their owners.

One of the critical characteristics of the Goldendoodle-Beagle mix is its playful and adventurous nature.

They love to explore and enjoy a good game of fetch or tug-of-war.

These dogs have a lot of energy and require regular exercise to stay happy and healthy.

A daily walk or run is essential to ensure they get the necessary physical activity.

Goldendoodle-Beagle mixes are also known for being loyal and protective of their families.

They make excellent watchdogs and will alert their owners to any potential threats.

However, they are not aggressive and are generally friendly toward strangers.

When it comes to other pets, Goldendoodle-Beagle mixes tend to get along well with cats and smaller dogs.

They do not have a strong prey drive and are unlikely to chase after smaller animals.

However, socializing them early on is essential to ensure they are comfortable around other pets.

Health Issues

Goldendoodle-Beagle mixes are generally healthy dogs but may be prone to specific health issues common in their parent breeds.

One of the most common health issues in Goldendoodle-Beagle mixes is hip dysplasia, a genetic condition affecting the hip joints.

This can cause pain and discomfort in the dog and may require surgery to correct. Other health issues that may affect Goldendoodle-Beagle mixes include:

Eye problems: Goldendoodle-Beagle mixes may be prone to glaucoma and cataracts, which can cause vision loss if left untreated.

Ear infections: These dogs may be prone to ear infections, especially if they have floppy ears.

Regular cleaning and check-ups can help prevent this.

Allergies: Goldendoodle-Beagle mixes may be prone to allergies, which can cause skin irritation and other symptoms.

It is crucial to identify and avoid any allergens that may be causing the problem.

By being aware of these potential health issues and taking steps to prevent and treat them, you can help ensure that your Goldendoodle-Beagle mix lives a long and healthy life.

Keep an eye out for any signs of health problems, and to take your dog to the vet regularly for check-ups.


On average, these dogs can live for 10 to 15 years.

The lifespan of a Goldendoodle-Beagle mix can vary depending on several factors, including genetics, diet, and exercise.

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