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Best Goldendoodle Breeders in Washington DC (2023)

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Are you in the market for a Goldendoodle and live in or around the US capital? Here is my guide for the best Goldendoodle breeders in Washington, DC.

Top 3 Breeders in DC

Based on my research, Deb’s Doodles, Lily & Chloe, and Beechwood Goldendoodles are the top three best breeders in the Washington, DC area.

Deb’s Doodles

Visual of Deb's Goldendoodles

Deb’s Doodles is a family-run business that breeds Goldendoodles, along with Bernedoodles and Sheepadoodles. Deb’s Doodles is proud to claim that they love and treat their pups like family.

Check out this helpful video, which gives you a full tour of Deb’s Doodles!

Debs Doodles in Culpeper, VA Virtual Tour 2021


Each puppy from Deb’s Doodles includes a two-year health warranty. They are well-socialized before going to their new homes. Each puppy is examined by a veterinarian before they are determined fit to leave the litter.

Raising Puppies

Their puppies are microchipped and are required to be seen by a vet in your area within the first three days of being home.

Their website is a goldmine for more information on the best care for your new family member. You can find it under the “Buyers Info” tab and then click on the “Puppy Care” option.


Prices start at $3000 and go up to $3500. A $300 deposit is required and goes toward the total cost of the puppy.

Deb’s Doodles also offers a three-week puppy training course for an additional $2400.


All of the reviews listed on their website are full of love and positivity.

For example,

“Ollie has been such a blessing in our lives and is an absolute showstopper. We get stopped at least once a day by strangers ooh-ing ahh-ing at how beautiful and friendly he is! He is so affectionate, cuddly, sweet, and good-natured. . . .

Maddy S.

Application Process

If you’re interested in a pup from Deb’s Doodle, you can fill out the form found on their “Contact” page on their website.


Location: Northern Virginia (~1.5 hour drive to DC)
(847) 778-0746

Lily & Chloe

Visual of Lily & Chloe Goldendoodle breeders

Lily & Chloe is a brother and sister-owned and operated breeder. The breeder is named after two family dogs: Lily and Chloe.

This family team has brought joy to many families across the country.


Unfortunately, there was nothing listed in regards to the health of their puppies on their website or Facebook page.

Raising Puppies

Lily & Chloe’s website offers recommendations and resources that will benefit you when raising your puppy to be the best it can be.


Puppies start at $2700 and go as high as $4700 depending on the puppy with a required $500 deposit. They do offer nearby delivery for an additional $250.


Lily & Chloe have a 5-star rating on their Facebook page. All of their reviews are uplifting and positive.

“I just wanted to say how incredibly lucky my boyfriend and I were when we found Lily & Chloe.. Our puppy is now 4 months almost 5 and she is the best dog I could have ever imagined to get. I really [recommend] Lily & Chloe Mini Goldendoodles”

Jamie M.

. . . Lily & Chloe Mini Goldendoodles were an absolute pleasure to work with for our first puppy. They took time to answer all my questions (and I had a lot). They could not have been more knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. They are the best.

Frank O.

Application Process

If interested in purchasing from Lily & Chloe, you can apply through their website on their “Contact Page”.


Location: Just outside Washington, DC
Phone: There wasn’t a phone number listed on their website or Facebook page.

Beechwood Goldendoodles

Visual of Beechwood Goldendoodles

Beechwood Goldendoodles is a multi-family business that is part of the Goldendoodle Association of North America (GANA). Beechwood Goldendoodles boasts of the healthy and GANA-certified puppies they offer.


They offer temperament testing, along with thorough examinations that include heart, hips, eyes, elbows, and patella. Additionally, they conduct an extensive DNA panel.

Beechwood Goldendoodles also provides a two-year genetic disease guarantee.

Raising Puppies

Beechwood Goldendoodles’ website offers suggested items to purchase to make raising your puppy that much easier. They also have free basic training on topics such as house training to make the process even smoother. Check out their “Resources” page for more information.


There is a $500 deposit that goes toward their current price of $3900. The total price includes everything from the first round of shots to a puppy kit and lifetime support.

Check out their website for more details.


All of their twelve Google Reviews are 5-stars.

One emphatic reviewer says:

Our experience with Beechwood Goldendoodles has been completely perfect. I would highly recommend Beechwood Goldendoodles if you are looking to add a cuddly four legged friend to your family. Beth is the kindest most helpful person to work with ever . . . Beth communicated the birth announcement along with periodic follow up emails which often contained attachments with lots of helpful information and pictures . . . Beth was nice enough to offer a virtual visit over FaceTime. On the call, she introduced each pup and gave lots of information and fun facts. We ended up getting the sweet pup we very much wanted and all of my daughter’s dreams came true. Even after we brought our puppy home Beth would check in on us to see how we were doing. She is by far the most thorough, helpful and sweetest person you could possibly go through this experience with. It is beyond obvious how much she cares about these puppies and how much she wants them to succeed with their new family.

Briana S.

Another review says:

“Absolutely love this breeder and their amazing pups.”

Barbara M.

Application Process

Go to their website and under the “Puppies!” tab click on the “Application Placeholder” option and fill out the form. They will get back to you within 24 hours.


Location: Culpeper, VA (about a 1.5-hour drive to DC)
Phone: (803) 477-8307

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this quick guide on the top three Goldendoodle breeders in the DC area has been helpful for you. Finding a good breeder can be a challenge, but when you find the right one it makes all the difference in the world.

Good luck in your search to find your new best friend!

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