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UK Breeder Discovered with Neglected Poodles and Doodles

A black dog in a cage in a truck.

In a shocking discovery, the Standard Poodle Club Rescue joined forces with Poodle Network UK to rescue a group of severely neglected Poodles from a UK-based breeder.

Responding to an urgent call for help, representatives from both organizations arrived at the premises to find a horrifying situation. The dogs were filthy, malnourished, and living in deplorable conditions.

They reeked of stale urine and feces; many were too weak to stand or walk. At least four female dogs were found to be pregnant, including one nearing her whelping time, and appeared dangerously malnourished.

The incident has drawn attention to the darker side of pet breeding, raising concerns about the welfare of animals and the need for stricter regulations.

A devastating discovery

Upon arrival, the teams quickly assessed the situation and relocated the dogs.

Initially told they would find around 15 poodles in need, the rescuers discovered the number to be higher, prompting The Standard Poodle Club Rescue to take in more dogs than initially agreed upon to help relieve the situation.

They took in six dogs, including two that were handed over to their Health Officer, Carole Grundy.

Four dogs in cages in a van.
Multiple dogs being rescued from atrocious living conditions (source: Poodle Network UK).

The harrowing tale of neglect involving rescued poodles in the UK continues to unfold as new details emerge.

After initially rescuing the dogs, Aleks Wasowska of The Standard Poodle Club Rescue took immediate action to assess their health.

What she found was devastating. Once the severely matted and filthy fur was removed from one of the female dogs, it became clear that the dog was essentially a skeleton.

Another male dog, emaciated and infested with fleas, showed signs of physical deformity.

Both dogs were rushed to the vet due to their weak and emaciated conditions, signaling extreme cruelty that likely resulted in psychological and physical damage.

Further assessments by Mary and Eileen, also members of The Standard Poodle Club Rescue, revealed that while the remaining dogs were malnourished and flea-ridden, their conditions were not as dire.

However, one female dog was so matted that she couldn’t relieve herself properly, causing waste to seep further into her coat.

Aleks has been working closely with veterinarians to provide tests and treatments for the four dogs in her care.

All rescued dogs are fed a carefully controlled diet and will be neutered. The organization plans to continually assess their health to find permanent homes once they have recovered sufficiently.

Where are they now

Poodle Network UK and the Standard Poodle Club have released an update on the condition of the 15 standard Poodles that were rescued. The dogs are under close medical supervision and are showing signs of improvement.

Their health is described as “horrific” due to malnourishment, anemia, and flea and worm infestations. Several were also pregnant or suspected to be pregnant.

The dogs are now divided between the two organizations and are in the early stages of a lengthy rehabilitation process.

Notably, a dog named Fifi was in critical condition and had to be immediately hospitalized due to a life-threatening womb infection, which required emergency surgery.

Another dog, Lucky, is nearing the end of her pregnancy, although it’s uncertain if she can nurse her pups due to extreme malnutrition. Other dogs are being treated for kidney issues and ear infections.

Legal accountability for the person or persons responsible for the dogs’ neglect is currently being addressed. Re-homing of the dogs will take time, as they are still under medical treatment.

How you can help

The Standard Poodle Club Rescue extends its heartfelt thanks to its members and friends for their ongoing support, which makes it possible to take in and care for rescued dogs in desperate need.

For those looking to help, options include becoming an SPC member or making a financial donation directly to the Standard Poodle Club.

Donations are being sought to support these rescued poodles’ medical treatment and rehabilitation.

Donate here: Make a donation to the Poodle Network UK

Become a member: Membership details for Standard Poodle Club

Stay up-to-date

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