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Tuxedo Goldendoodle: The Unique Coat Pattern Explained

A Goldendoodle wearing a tuxedo with the text Tuxedo Goldendoodle above

A Goldendoodle wearing a tuxedo? As cute as that sounds, I can’t say I’ve ever seen such a thing. Despite the name, a tuxedo Goldendoodle actually refers to a specific coat pattern.

Tuxedo is a coat pattern that is seen in some dog breeds. Thus, a ‘tuxedo Goldendooodle’ refers to a Goldendoodle with this unique marking.

I will examine the what and why behind the tuxedo coat pattern in this article. Check it out!

What is a Tuxedo Goldendoodle?

A tuxedo Goldendoodle is a designation given to Goldendoodles with a patch of white coloring on their chests. They may also have small bits of white in other areas, such as the legs, paws, and face. The concentration of white on their chest commands the name ‘tuxedo.’

The remaining color of the dog creates a contrast that looks like they are wearing a tuxedo. The image below provides a clear look at this unique pattern.

A Doodle dog with the tuxedo coat pattern sitting next to a tuxedo graphic pointing to the dog
The white patch on the dog’s chest resembles the white shirt of a tuxedo.

My own Doodle (pictured above) has a black and white tuxedo pattern, but I had no idea what that was until after I adopted her.

The tuxedo marking is usually present when the primary color of the dog is black. Hence, the true look of wearing a tuxedo.

In Goldendoodles, the tuxedo pattern is typical in dogs that have a primary coat color of gold, cream, tan, or apricot. Thanks to the Golden Retriever gene pool, these are often the most common colors of Goldendoodles. But they are by no means the only colors.

The tuxedo pattern can be present on Mini Goldendoodles and standard Goldendoodles (and any size between).

In the following section, I will cover in detail the different color combinations that a tuxedo Goldendoodle can be. But first, let’s discuss the science behind this unique pattern.

Why Do Some Goldendoodles Have The Tuxedo Pattern?

Three different Goldendoodles wearing cartoon tuxedos

The reason why some Goldendoodles have the tuxedo coat pattern is due to genetics. The tuxedo coloring is not unique to Goldendoodles. It is present in other dog breeds, both purebred and mixed.

The science behind dog coats and colors is complex. I don’t claim to be an expert in this obscure field of genetics. So bear with me as I will do my best to describe what’s happening behind the scenes.

The genetics behind the tuxedo pattern

The tuxedo pattern is based on the genes inherited from both parents. The piebald gene is responsible for tuxedo marks in a dog.

More specifically, “The tuxedo pattern is common in dogs that carry only one piebald gene.” The piebald gene is not unusual in dogs or the animal kingdom.

Derived from the Magpie bird, piebald refers to a pattern of white spots or splotches on a non-white background of hair or fur. It is a recessive gene, which means the dog must inherit the same version from each parent to show such coloring.

In case you forgot from high school biology, dominant genes are more frequently expressed compared to recessive genes.

There are more than 25 different dog breeds that have the genetic predisposition to this color pattern [1] One of these breeds is the Poodle.

The Poodle’s gene pool is responsible for the tuxedo pattern seen in some Goldendoodles. The Golden Retriever is not listed as one of the breeds in which piebald genes are present.

As I said, I am not a biologist, but this makes sense. When was the last time you saw a Golden Retriever with white spots?

It’s the deliberate cross of a Golden Retriever and a Poodle that can bring on the tuxedo pattern. Not only is the Poodle the reason behind the possibility of the pattern, but they also bring many possible coat colors.

Different Color Combinations of Tuxedo Goldendoodles

As stated before, the tuxedo pattern is often seen as a white splotch on a primarily black background. This means the dog’s coat is mainly black. But Goldendoodles come in all sorts of different colors.

The primary color does not have to be black to have the tuxedo coloring. Below are the different tuxedo color combinations, with pictures, that a Goldendoodle can be.

Black Tuxedo Goldendoodle

Black tuxedo Goldendoodle
Black-colored Goldendoodle with the tuxedo coat pattern.

A black tuxedo Goldendoodle would have a primary coat color of black with a white patch on the chest (with possible white patches elsewhere). Black Goldendoodles are rare and sometimes seen in second generations (F2, etc.).

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Red Tuxedo Goldendoodle

Red tuxedo Goldendoodle
Red-colored Goldendoodle with the tuxedo coat pattern.

A red tuxedo Goldendoodle would have a primary coat color of red with a white patch on the chest (possibly with white patches elsewhere). Red Goldendoodles are fairly common.

Chocolate Tuxedo Goldendoodle

Chocolate tuxedo Goldendoodle puppy
Chocolate-colored Goldendoodle puppy with the tuxedo coat pattern.

A chocolate tuxedo Goldendoodle has a primary coat color of chocolate with a white patch on the chest (possibly with white patches elsewhere). Chocolate Goldendoodles have a deeper tone than brown Goldendoodles.

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Apricot Tuxedo Goldendoodle

Apricot tuxedo Goldendoodle
Apricot-colored Goldendoodle with the tuxedo coat pattern.

An apricot tuxedo Goldendoodle would have a primary coat color of apricot with a white patch on the chest (possibly with white patches elsewhere). Apricot Goldendoodles are usually a pretty common color.

Cream Tuxedo Goldendoodle

A cream tuxedo Goldendoodle would have a primary coat color of cream with a white patch on the chest (possibly with white patches elsewhere). Cream Goldendoodles are sometimes referred to English Goldendoodles. A lighter colored Goldendoodle can be referred to as a white Goldendoodle.

Silver Tuxedo Goldendoodle

A silver tuxedo Goldendoodle would have a primary coat color of silver with a white patch on the chest (possibly with white patches elsewhere).

Brown Tuxedo Goldendoodle

Brown tuxedo Goldendoodle
Brown-colored Goldendoodle with the tuxedo coat pattern.

A brown tuxedo Goldendoodle would have a primary coat color of brown with a white patch on the chest (possibly with white patches elsewhere).

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Where Can You Buy a Tuxedo Goldendoodle?

Some Goldendoodle breeders in the United States are claiming they breed tuxedo Goldendoodles. I mean, technically, some, if not most, do but not intentionally. It’s hard to determine the exact coloring and patterns a given litter will have.

The parents’ colors and patterns can offer insight into what the Goldendoodle puppies will look like. If a breeder uses the same dam and sire they used for a previous litter that had tuxedo patterns, then it is reasonable to believe that a few of those puppies will have it.

I’d be cautious of any breeder using the same dam, or mother, for multiple litters.

That is a clear sign of a puppy mill, and you want to stay far away from that. Not only will the puppy be raised in an unhealthy environment but they may be more susceptible to genetic diseases.

Puppy mills don’t do any health testing. They breed the dogs that will make them the most money.

Once you settle on a trustworthy and reputable breeder, they will be glad to share pictures of the litter with you. From there, you will be able to see the coloring and the patterns on each dog. This will allow you to pick a tuxedo Goldendoodle if you want.

You better get on that waiting list!

Other Goldendoodle Coat Patterns

Tuxedo (white chest) isn’t the only coat pattern a Goldendoodle can have. They can be all one solid color, two colors, or even three colors (tri-color). They can have merle patterning or a phantom pattern.

Below is a list of the different types of coats:

  • Merle Goldendoodle
    • Blue Merle
    • Chocolate Merle
    • Red Merle
    • Classic Merle
    • Harlequin Merle
    • Sable Merle
    • Watercolor Merle
  • Abstract Goldendoodle
    • White markings on the coat in different areas.
  • Solid-Colored Goldendoodle
    • Mono-colored Goldendoodle
    • Two colors (duo-colored)
    • Tri-colored
  • Parti Goldendoodle
    • More than 50% of the primary coat color is white.
  • Sable Goldendoodle
    • Light-colored fur with black tips or black points.
  • Phantom Goldendoodle
    • Combination of two colors in which the base is usually not white.

Final Thoughts

Now all you need for your tuxedo Goldendoodle is a nice pair of black shoes. This way, they can really rock their tuxedo look for all occasions!

In this guide, I went over:

  • What a tuxedo Goldendoodle is
  • Genetic behind the tuxedo pattern in dogs
  • Different tuxedo color combinations
  • Other Goldendoodle coat patterns

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