Digital portrait of a Texas Heeler and a Pit Bull sitting next to each other with a bright greenish-blue background.

Texas Heeler Pit Bull Mix: Bold and Beautiful

Have you ever wondered if there was a dog that had Clint Eastwood’s swagger but with The Rock’s brawn? Well, you probably haven’t, but the Texas Heeler-Pit Bull mix is just that!

Picture this: An all-American arm-wrestling contest on four furry legs, throwing side-eye glances that could either melt your heart or win a standoff at high noon.

A dog that’s as happy chasing tumbleweeds as it is doing chin-ups (okay, paw-ups) on your backyard fence.

Yes, folks, that’s right, we’re not yanking your chain, we’re talking about a dog that’s part Cattle dog, part Shepherd, and part American Pit Bull Terrier.

In the words of every Texan ever: “Buckle up, Buttercup!”

Because in the land of the Texas Heeler-Pit Bull mix, it’s always rodeo time, and you’re about to get an exclusive backstage pass to this bucking bronco of a breed!

Breed Summary

Breed FeatureTexas Heeler-Pit Bull Mix
SizeMedium to large (depending on which parent breed’s traits are more dominant)
Weight30 – 70 pounds (again, this can vary greatly)
Lifespan12 – 15 years
CoatShort to medium length, dense and possibly waterproof
ColorsBlack, White, Brown, Blue, Red, Brindle, Fawn, Blue Merle, Red Merle, Sable, Tan, Cream
PatternsSolid, Bi-Color, Tri-Color, Merle, Brindle, Ticked, Patched, Masked
TemperamentEnergetic, Loyal, Intelligent, Bold, Strong, Friendly
TrainabilityHigh – responds well to positive reinforcement and consistent training
Exercise NeedsHigh – requires daily physical activity and mental stimulation
Good with KidsTypically yes, especially when properly socialized from a young age
Good with Other DogsUsually yes, but can depend on early socialization and individual temperament
Breed Health ConcernsHip Dysplasia, Progressive Retinal Atrophy, Deafness, Heart Conditions, Obesity

History of the Parent Breeds

This mix does not have a documented history. This is not a surprise since it is a unique, relatively new, designer breed.

However, both its parent breeds have histories that are worth noting.

Let’s take a closer look to gather a better idea of what traits this mix inherits.

Pit Bull

The Pit Bull, also known as the American Pit Bull Terrier, has a controversial history.

Originally bred in England for bull-baiting, a cruel sport that involved dogs attacking bulls, the breed was eventually brought to the United States in the 19th century.

There, the breed was used for dog fighting, a brutal and illegal activity.

Despite this dark past, Pit Bulls are beloved by many today for their loyalty, intelligence, and affectionate personalities.

They are often used as therapy dogs and search and rescue dogs, and they make wonderful family pets when trained and socialized correctly.

Texas Heeler

The Texas Heeler, also known as the Australian Cattle Dog-Australian Shepherd mix, is a relatively new breed developed in the United States.

This mix originated in Texas around the 1970s timeframe.

As the name suggests, the breed was created by crossing the Australian Cattle Dog and the Australian Shepherd.

Both parent breeds have a rich history.

The Australian Cattle Dog, also known as the Blue Heeler, was developed in Australia in the 19th century for herding cattle.

The breed is known for its high energy and intelligence and is still used for herding today.

The Australian Shepherd, on the other hand, was developed in the United States in the 19th century as a versatile working dog.

The breed was used for herding, guarding, and even as a circus performer.

Today, Australian Shepherds are popular as family pets, agility dogs, and therapy dogs.

By combining these two breeds, the Texas Heeler was created.

The breed is known for its intelligence, loyalty, and herding abilities, making it a wonderful companion for active families.


With its unique combination of Australian Cattle Dog, Australian Shepherd, and Pit Bull, the Texas Heeler-Pit Bull mix has a striking appearance that is sure to turn heads.

Coat Type

The coat of a Texas Heeler-Pit Bull mix can vary depending on the individual dog.

However, both parent breeds have a double coat, so the Texas Heeler-Pit Bull mix will likely have a double coat.

In extremely rare occasions, Pit Bulls can have a fluffy, or long, coat.

This means that the dog will have a thick, soft undercoat and a coarser, longer outer coat.

Coat Colors

The Texas Heeler-Pit Bull mix can come in various colors, depending on the colors of its parent breeds.

Australian Cattle Dogs and Shepherds come in a range of colors, including blue merle, red merle, black, and red.

On the other hand, Pit Bulls are typically solid-colored, with colors ranging from black to white and everything in between.

When it comes to the Texas Heeler-Pit Bull mix, you can expect to see a range of colors and patterns, such as:

Coat Colors:

  • Black
  • White
  • Brown (various shades from light to dark)
  • Blue (grey)
  • Red
  • Brindle
  • Fawn
  • Blue Merle
  • Red Merle
  • Sable
  • Tan
  • Cream

Coat Patterns:

Solid: The coat is a single color without any spots or different colored patches.

Bi-Color: The coat has two colors, often with a base color and then another color as spots or patches.

Tri-Color: The coat has three colors, usually with a base color, a secondary color as spots or patches, and a third color highlighting specific areas like the eyebrows and cheeks.

Merle: A pattern that gives a mottled or uneven speckled effect of colors.

Brindle: A pattern that gives a tiger-stripe or patchy effect, typically brown and black.

Ticked: Small, individual spots of color on a white or light-colored coat.

Patched: Large, irregular patches of another color on a solid or nearly solid coat.

Masked: A darker color, often black, covers the muzzle and sometimes the eyes.


This medium-sized hybrid breed can weigh anywhere from 30 to 85 pounds.

In this section, I’ll break down the size of this breed into two sub-sections: Height and Weight.


The Texas Heeler-Pit Bull mix can grow between 17 and 21 inches tall.

This is consistent with the height range of both parent breeds.

The Texas Heeler, a mix of the Australian Cattle Dog and the Australian Shepherd, is typically between 17 and 22 inches tall.

The American Pit Bull Terrier, on the other hand, is usually between 17 and 19 inches tall.


The weight of a Texas Heeler-Pit Bull mix can vary greatly depending on the individual dog and its diet and exercise routine.

Generally, this hybrid breed can weigh between 30 and 85 pounds.

The Texas Heeler typically weighs between 30 and 50 pounds, while the American Pit Bull Terrier can weigh between 30 and 60 pounds.

It’s important to note that the size of a Texas Heeler-Pit Bull mix can also be influenced by genetics and gender.

Males of this breed are typically larger and heavier than females.

Traits & Characteristics

Colorful infographic showing the traits and different traits and characteristics of the Texas Heeler-Pit Bull mix.


This hybrid dog has a great temperament. They are known for being loyal, intelligent, and playful.

This breed is also known for being hard-working and protective.

The Texas Heeler parent breed is known for being cautious of strangers, and the Pit Bull parent breed is known for being friendly and outgoing.

As a result, the Texas Heeler-Pit Bull mix can be cautious of strangers but also friendly and outgoing once they get to know someone.

This breed is also highly adaptable and can thrive in various environments.

They are active and require plenty of exercise to stay happy and healthy.

They love to play and are great with children, making them excellent family pet.

It’s important to note that, like any breed, the temperament of a Texas Heeler-Pit Bull mix can vary depending on their personality and upbringing.

Proper socialization and training are crucial to ensure that they grow up well-behaved and friendly dogs.

Overall, the Texas Heeler-Pit Bull mix is an excellent choice for those looking for a loyal, intelligent, playful companion who is excellent with children and can adapt to various environments.

Health Issues

While this hybrid breed is generally healthy, there are some health issues you need to be aware of.

Some of the common health issues that this breed may face include:

  • Hip dysplasia
  • Allergies
  • Eye problems
  • Skin infections
  • Obesity
  • Dental problems

To ensure your dog lives a long and healthy life, you must provide him with a balanced diet, regular exercise, and proper healthcare.

Regular veterinary checkups are essential to detect health issues early on and provide the necessary treatment.


The Texas Heeler-Pit Bull mix has a lifespan of 12 to 15 years.

This is a relatively long lifespan for a dog. Still, it’s important to note that the lifespan of any dog can be affected by various factors, such as genetics, diet, exercise, and healthcare.

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