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Best Sheepadoodle Breeders in Oregon (2024)

State of Oregon with text below saying "Sheepadoodle Breeders in OR".

If you’re looking for a reliable Sheepadoodle breeder in Oregon, you’ve found the perfect article! 

Here, I’ll share details about three exceptional breeders of Sheepadoodles that operate in the area.

The three breeders in OR are:

  • Life Unleashed Farm
  • Sharon’s Sheepadoodles
  • Doodle Dogland

Keep reading to learn more!

1. Life Unleashed Farm

Decorative yellow and green banner with a Sheepadoodle dog next to text saying "Life Unleashed Farm".

Life Unleashed Farm is a small, family-owned hobby farm in Vernonia, Oregon.

Its owner and breeder, Korina, is passionate about her work. They are reputable breeders of F1 Sheepadoodles, focusing on socialization, health, and training.

How much is a puppy from Life Unleashed Farm?

After accepting your application form, you must pay a $500 non-refundable deposit.

The prices of pups vary slightly according to their coloring:

  • $3,000 for solid or minimally marked pups
  • $3,500 for sable, brindle, and black & white pups
  • $4,500 for merle and tri-color pups

Application & Adoption Process

Once you have filled out the application form on their website, if accepted, you will be sent the contract to sign. 

The breeder will match pups with their human families at seven weeks of age, relying on their understanding of the pups’ personalities. 

During the matching process, they consider the family and their in-person visit, where they select their top three choices. 

Life Unleashed Farm prioritizes temperament over gender or color when making the final decision.

Health Guarantee

The puppies are given a health guarantee for only 48 hours and are equipped with Distemper and Parvo vaccines. 

They are also given a health certificate when sent to their new homes.

Life Unleashed Farm Reviews

Here are some reviews from previous customers who bought a puppy from Life Unleashed Farm: 

“We couldn’t be happier with the overall experience with Life Unleashed Thank you Korina and family for your dedication to breeding top-quality pups!”

Barnes family

“Korina and the whole LUF team made the process so easy and stress free. We were just so excited to be puppy parents at last!

Not only was Korina a pleasure to work with and so helpful, gathering everything we needed for this sweet new addition, but once we met our Molly girl it was evident what hard work goes into preparing these puppies to be great family dogs!”

Lazarte family

How to contact Life Unleashed Farm

Below are the details for how to reach Life Unleashed Farm.

Location: Vernonia, OR
Phone: (503) 836-2186
Email: [email protected]

2. Sharon’s Sheepadoodles

Decorative yellow and green banner with a Sheepadoodle dog next to text saying "Sharon's Sheepadoodles".

Sharon’s Sheepadoodles are small, family-owned breeders of mini and standard Sheepadoodles in Rosenberg, Oregon.

Their specialty is breeding F1 and F1B Sheepadoodles.

Raising Puppies

When raising the puppies, Sharon focuses on socializing, handling, and training in the early stages.

Application & Adoption Process

You can contact the breeder directly over the phone, email, or Facebook to get on the waiting list. 

They will send you back an application form and let you know details regarding the deposit and prices.

Sharon’s Sheepadoodles Reviews

Here are some reviews from previous customers who bought a puppy from Sharon’s Sheepadoodles:

“Sharon is so amazing! She truly loves all her Doodles. I like that she introduces the pups to different sounds, atmospheres and children.

Our girl acclimated to our household and children very easily. We are very happy with our pup and would recommend Sharon’s Sheepadoodles to anyone looking for sweet new addition to their family.”

Shartz family

“Sharon is wonderful and so pleasant to talk with, answering our many questions, our Willow has been the best puppy, easiest to potty train, we were updated almost every day on her progress and growth, if we were to get a second we would only go through Sharon.”

Goodpaster family

How to contact Sharon’s Sheepadoodles

Below are the different ways you can contact Sharon’s Sheepadoodles.

Location: Roseburg, OR
Phone: (303) 854-7282
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: getthepuppy

3. Doodle Dogland

Decorative yellow and green banner with a Sheepadoodle dog next to text saying "Doodle Dogland".

Doodle Dogland is a small family breeder in Hubbard, Oregon. Janice has been breeding Sheepadoodles for 15 years, specializing in F1 standard Sheepadoodle puppies only.

Raising Puppies

The puppies are raised in a home environment and not a kennel facility.

Application & Adoption Process

To find out how to get on the waiting list, contact Janice via phone, email, or Facebook.

Doodle Dogland only breeds a few litters a year, so getting onto the waiting list is crucial.

Doodle Dogland Reviews

Doodle Dogland has an active Facebook account with lots of positive reviews and pictures posted frequently.

Here are some reviews from previous customers who bought a puppy from Doodle Dogland:

“We couldn’t be happier with our little fur baby. She is healthy, loving and just the cutest little pupper. If we ever get a second dog, we will definitely come back to doodledogland and highly recommend it to anyone!”

Wang family

“I have a BEAUTIFUL Mini Sheepadoodle girl named Kim-Chi. I was also so impressed with Janice and her breeding program, she’s very knowledgeable and it’s obvious how much she loves her dogs and puppies.

I’ll definitely get another puppy from Janice someday!”

Dearaujo family

How to contact Doodle Dogland

Below are the different ways you can get in touch with Doodle Dogland.

Location: Hubbard, OR
Phone: (503) 780-1900
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: Doodle Dogland

Kevin is a proud Bernedoodle owner and Doodle dog fanatic. Read how a chance encounter with two Bernedoodles spurred a lifelong passion here. If you want to get in contact with Kevin, you can send him a message.

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