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Best Sheepadoodle Breeders in Illinois (2024)

State of Illinois with text below reading "Sheepadoodle Breeders in IL".

Are you looking to adopt a Sheepadoodle close to the Illinois area?

I’ve got you covered with a detailed overview of three reputable breeders. Unfortunately, there aren’t any dedicated Sheepadoodle breeders in Illinois. At least, from what I could find.

Our featured “close to” Illinois Sheepadoodle breeders are:

  • Free State Pedigrees
  • The Farm’s Precious Doodles
  • Iowa’s Doodle Co.

Ready? Let’s dive right in.

1. Free State Pedigrees

Red and blue decorative banner with a Sheepadoodle puppy and text saying "Free State Pedigrees".

Free State Pedigrees is a small, family-run business specializing in pups from champion lines. They are located in Kansas.

With over 30 years of experience, Free State Pedigrees pride itself in producing healthy dogs with great, family-friendly temperaments.

Indeed, many of their puppies go on to become service dogs.

Puppies are raised in one of three homes, either by the breeder herself (Anette) or by one of her adult children.

Not a bad drive from Illinois

So, Illinois and Kansas are two states that are not located right next to each other, but they’re still relatively close in terms of driving distance.

If you’re planning a road trip from Illinois to Kansas, it will take you around 6-7 hours to drive, depending on your starting and ending points.

Raising Puppies

Puppies from Free State Pedigrees are socialized from an early age, spending time both indoors and outdoors with children, adults, and other dogs.

They are desensitized to household activity, sound, petting, and grooming and mentally enriched during playtime with toys and chew treats. This kind of training is an excellent point of departure for future owners.

All puppies are vet-checked, wormed, and vaccinated before leaving for their new homes.

How much is a puppy from Free State Pedigrees?

A Free State Pedigrees puppy starts from $1600, including a non-refundable $500 deposit.

The price range may increase depending on color and sex. Available puppies are listed on their website, along with their respective costs.  

Application & Adoption Process

To adopt a puppy from Free State Pedigrees, contact the breeder via her website or email. You will be guided through the adoption process and regularly updated on your future puppy’s progress (should you be approved).

Free State Pedigrees offers several collection and delivery options, including in-person pickup and air or ground travel.

The latter two options will incur an additional fee not included in the puppy’s selling price.

Health Guarantee

Free State Pedigrees dames and sires are tested for genetic issues and potential hereditary health afflictions, including dysplasia and eye illnesses.

Additionally, they offer a one-year guarantee on all puppies for life-threatening genetic disorders.

All vaccinations and immunizations are administered before puppies are given to their new owners.

Free State Pedigree Reviews

Below are a few different reviews from previous customers:

“Our experience with Free State Pedigrees and Anette was superb! She responds quickly to emails and uploads pictures/videos almost every day.

She even begins the crate training and litter box training process, which is a HUGE help. I could not recommend this breeder more.”

Jennifer B.

“We could not have had a better experience. We were apprehensive about buying a dog that was eight states away, but Anette communicated quickly and answered any and all questions we had throughout the process.

Our dog Alfred is SO handsome and he is the most gentle, crazy, smart dog we could’ve ever asked for. 10/10 would recommend using Free State Pedigree if you are looking for a forever friend.”

Katie J.

How to contact Free State Pedigrees

If you want to get in touch with Free State Pedigrees, there are a few options. Details below:

Location: Leavenworth, Kansas
Facebook: Free State Pedigrees
Phone: (913) 351-3000
Email: [email protected]

2. The Farm’s Precious Doodles

Red and blue decorative banner with a Sheepadoodle dog and text saying "The Farm's Precious Doodles".

Just under 300 miles from Illinois, you’ll find The Farm’s Precious Doodles in Morgantown, Indiana.

Doodle dogs from The Farm are raised in a loving home environment and socialized from birth.

By following this approach, they aim to raise well-rounded, trainable, and well-loved Sheepadoodles.

Raising Puppies

Puppies are litter trained at a young age, played with daily, and never left unsupervised. This includes plenty of interaction with other animals and young children.

Consequently, all puppies are desensitized to noise and activity and fit well in a family setting.

Great care is taken in selecting breeding pairs to ensure optimal health and temperament.

Additionally, the breeder offers support throughout, remaining available to owners long after puppies have left for their new homes.  

How much is a puppy from The Farm’s Precious Doodles?

All puppies from The Farm’s Precious Doodles are the same price, irrespective of color or sex. However, the price does change based on size.

Standard Sheepadoodles cost $2500, and Minis or Mediums cost $3000 (as they are more expensive to breed).

This price includes a non-refundable $350 deposit. All puppies are microchipped at the expense of the breeder.

Application & Adoption Process

To adopt a puppy from The Farm’s Precious Doodles, you’ll first need to apply by answering a few questions to help you find your perfect match.

Once approved, you’ll be required to pay a $350 deposit to secure a spot on the Standard or Mini master waitlist. This is non-refundable unless a refund is deemed necessary by the breeder due to extenuating circumstances (barring a $150 admin fee).

When puppies are born, candidates are contacted in the order they appear on the list.

At six weeks, you will be allowed to select your puppy virtually (via phone/FaceTime), but you cannot visit your puppy until your collection date (at eight weeks).

There is a fee of $40 per day for boarding if you cannot collect your new pup on the required date.

The Farm’s Precious Doodles offers an in-person collection, but they can also meet you at the Indianapolis International Airport if necessary.

Health Guarantee

All puppies are vet-checked and vaccinated before collection, and breeding pairs are screened for hereditary genetic ailments or temperament issues.

The breeder offers a one-year guarantee for genetic health conditions and has a return policy should you be unable to care for your Sheepadoodle at any stage of its life.

The Farm’s Precious Doodles Reviews

Below are a few reviews for The Farm’s Precious Doodles:

“We highly recommend The Farm’s Precious Doodles. Savannah starts training the puppies from the beginning. Our Alfie pup has a great temperament, is healthy, and is learning quickly. The vet commented, “he is a perfect puppy.”

Megan D.

“Had a great experience with Savannah & our puppy is the sweetest with the best temperament! We were very impressed with how clean everything was at pickup & could tell she really loves all her puppies.

She answered all of our questions before & after we picked up our puppy, which we appreciated. We were on the waitlist for a while, but it was definitely worth the wait!”

Kari O.

How to contact The Farm’s Precious Doodles

If you want to contact The Farm’s Precious Doodles, there are a few options. See the details below:

Location: Morgantown, Indiana
Facebook:  The Farms Precious Doodles
Phone: (317) 517-4598
Email: [email protected]

3. Iowa’s Doodle Co.

Red and blue decorative banner with a Sheepadoodle puppy and text saying "Iowa's Doodle Co."

Iowa’s Doodle Co., located in Farley, Iowa, boasts beautiful puppies with social, gentle temperaments.

Iowa’s Doodle Co. raises their Sheepadoodle puppies with plenty of love. They are born from carefully matched parents with exceptional health records.

Reasonable driving distance

Illinois and Iowa are neighboring states in the Midwest region of the United States. The distance between them varies depending on where you start and end your journey in each state, but generally, they’re pretty close.

For example, if you’re driving from the northern part of Illinois to the southern part of Iowa, you could cover the distance in about three hours or so.

Raising Puppies

From birth, the breeder practices various enrichment techniques to ensure puppies are socialized and suitable for family living. This includes exposure to other animals and handling by children.

Puppies are also introduced to various toys and exercises (at the proper age milestones), including tunnels, bells, balls, and squeaky toys.

How much is a puppy from Iowa’s Doodle Co.?

Puppies from Iowa’s Doodle Co. range in price from $1,200 to $3.000, depending on their color and markings.

This price includes a $300 non-refundable deposit to be paid upon approved applications.

Application & Adoption Process

To adopt a puppy from Iowa’s Doodle Co., you must complete an application form to determine if you can provide a wonderful home for your future pet.

The application includes questions about the type of training you’ll undertake, the kind of temperament you’d prefer, whether you have children or other pets, and your gender preference.

If approved, you will be asked for a $300 deposit, which secures your spot on their puppy waitlist.

Demand for Sheepadoodles in this area can be high, so you may be moved to a reserve list if no puppies are available (free of charge).

Once all puppies in a litter reach four weeks, candidates on the waitlist are invited to select their puppy in person or via FaceTime.

Your puppy can be picked up from the breeder at eight weeks or delivered via Flight Nanny for an additional fee, depending on your location.

Health Guarantee

Iowa’s Doodle Co. offers a one-year guarantee covering congenital disabilities or diseases.

Puppies are vaccinated, dewormed, and microchipped before leaving for their new homes.

Iowa’s Doodle Co. Reviews

Below are two reviews from previous customers of Iowa’s Doodle Co.

“They are good family people. They have a great setup to take care of the puppies. They live in the country. Their dogs are top-of-the-line in health and look. They were great at answering questions and replying fast!”

Lora D.

“We got our Sheepadoodle from Iowa’s Doodle Co., and we couldn’t have been happier! Definitely worth the wait. Our Ollie was super easy to train from the get-go.

Potty training was almost complete when we got him, have not had any health issues, & a wonderfully sweet temperament.

Iowa’s Doodle Co. is so great to work with, and we highly recommend them to anyone looking to add a new fur baby to their family.”

Areli B.

 How to contact Iowa’s Doodle Co.

Below are the different methods you can use to reach Iowa’s Doodle Co:

Location: Farley, Iowa
Facebook: Iowas Doodle Co
Phone: (563) 590-1836
Email: [email protected]

Looking for more Sheepadoodle breeders?

If these breeders don’t quite make the cut or aren’t having any litters soon, check out these breeders from neighboring states:

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