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Best Newfypoo Breeders In Wisconsin (2024)

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If you are looking for an adorable Newfypoo to add to your family, there are several breeders within driving distance where you can find your next pet.

In this article, I will cover three Newfypoo breeders near WI: 

  • Newfypoo Zoo
  • Windyhill Dogs
  • Green Acres Farms

Keep reading to learn more about these breeders. 

Newfypoo Breeders in WI

So, during my research looking for Newfypoo breeders in Wisconsin, I couldn’t find any. It was surprising, considering how popular this mix has become.

However, I did find some breeders within driving distance from Wisconsin.

So, if you’re interested in getting a Newfypoo, you can still consider those breeders and see if they have any puppies available.

I have listed the following breeders in this post. I hope it helps!

1. Newfypoo Zoo

Decorative banner with green and yellow colors featuring a Newfypoo dog and text next to it saying "Newfypoo Zoo".

The owners of Newfypoo Zoo, Stephanie and Kim, have been breeding dogs for over 20 years.

They started raising Newfypoos in 2012 and Berndoodles in 2016. Newfypoo Zoo is located in Britton, Michigan.

Raising Puppies 

Newfypoo Zoo raises their puppies like beloved family pets. All the dogs are treated like family and are doted on by Stephanie and Kim.

In addition to giving puppies high-quality food, Newfypoo Zoo practices holistic treatment to provide the best care possible. 

How much is a puppy from Newfypoo Zoo?

Newfypoo Zoo requires a $200 non-refundable deposit to secure a spot on the wait list for an upcoming litter.

Once a litter is born, another $400 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your puppy.

Prices are based on the puppy’s coloring:  

Standard Colors:

  • Black: $1,800
    • Brown: $1,800
    • Parti: $1,800

Unique Colors:

  • Parti Merles (small patches of Merle) and Cream: $2,000
    • Merle: $2,600
    • Sable: $2,600
    • Beige or Beige and White: $2,600
    • Grey or Grey/White: $2,600

Payments are made via Square, check, or money order. Final payment must be received two before pickup.  

Application and Adoption Process 

To reserve a puppy with Newfypoo Zoo, interested parties must submit a $200 deposit and complete an online form.

Once a litter is born, everyone on the waitlist will have the chance to confirm their interest in a puppy; this includes submitting the final $400 deposit and filling out a confirmation form.

Next, Newfypoo Zoo will host an open house where families can pick their puppies. 

At eight weeks old, the puppies are ready to go home!

All pickups take place at Newfypoo Zoo. Newfypoo Zoo can arrange ground or air transportation delivery for an additional $125.

Health Guarantee 

Newfypoo Zoo provides deworming and the first round of puppy vaccinations.

If there are any issues with the puppies after they go home, Newfypoo Zoo will work with dog owners to resolve the medical problems and pay for medical bills on a case-by-case basis.

Newfypoo Zoo Testimonials 

Newfypoo Zoo has a 4.7-star rating and more than 150 reviews from satisfied puppy parents: 

“Had a fabulous experience with getting my doggo, Cannoli, from them. They are amazing with communication, care for each dog and puppy like they are a part of their family, and they are so kind! It takes a lot of effort to ensure each dog is cared for, stimulated, and happy.

All that I’ve seen in the months leading up to getting Cannoli is the best care these pups could get… Absolutely will be going back to Newfypoo Zoo if the time comes to expand our little family again.”

Allyssa B.

“Awesome people. We are thankful for our new family member! Highly recommend!”

Bryan H.

“We could not be happier with our puppy (Snickers). Her colors are beautiful and she is as sweet as can be with our young kids. Kim and Stephanie were great to deal with.

Especially when we had a health scare early on (she ate a sock…) and we were worried about our new pup- they were so helpful and got us in touch with their vet to help us out. Everything worked out fine in the end and now our dog is just part of the family.”

Drury B.

Contact details for Newfypoo Zoo

Location: Britton, MI 
Phone: (517) 442-1267
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: Newfypoo Zoo

2. Windyhill Dogs 

Decorative banner with green and yellow colors featuring a Newfypoo dog and text next to it saying "Windyhill Dogs".

Windyhill Dogs breeds Standard Newfypoos, Mini Newfypoos, and Newfoundlands. 

Raising Puppies 

At Windyhill Dogs, puppies are socialized early on with other dogs and children to ensure they become well-adjusted and happy dogs.

The team at Windyhill introduces the puppies to different people and animals, helping them develop their social skills and confidence.

The puppies are socialized and loved by everyone at Windyhill, making them the perfect addition to any family.

Windyhill Dogs believes that raising a happy and loved puppy is vital to having a great family companion.

Anyone interested in seeing how the puppies are raised with love and care is welcome to visit Windyhill Dogs.

How much is a puppy from Windyhill?

Prices for Standard and Mini Newfypoos are based on color: 

  • Brown & Black: $2,500
  • Brown Merle & Black Merle: $3,000

Application and Adoption Process

To apply for a puppy at Windyhill Dogs, families must pay a $300 non-refundable deposit. The deposit keeps you on the waitlist for three years.

Once an upcoming litter is confirmed, families are contacted to reserve their spot on the Litter List.

At six weeks, reservations open for specific puppies. Puppies go home at eight weeks.

Depending on location, Windyhill Dogs can arrange ground or air transportation for an additional fee.

Flight nannies range between $300-$600.

Health Guarantee

Windyhill Dogs offers a 1-year congenital health guarantee. All puppies are sent home with their 6-week check-up from a qualified vet. 

Windyhill Dogs Testimonials

Windyhill Dogs has glowing 5-star reviews from happy customers: 

“We bought our female Newfypoo from Windy Hill Farm in 2019. We absolutely adore her! She is smart, kind, and well behaved. Highly recommend.”

Kelly B.

“Cannot say enough good things about Windy Hill Farm! They are amazing breeders who care about the their pets and strive to ensure each dog is healthy and happy.

We got our NewfyPoo, Rue, from them last March and she is one of the best dogs we’ve ever had. She is so sweet and the epitome of a gentle giant. We absolutely recommend them for anyone looking for a new dog.”

Meredith H.

Contact details for Windyhill Farm

Location: Smithville, OH
Phone: (330) 466-0130
Email: [email protected]
Windyhill Farm OH

3. Green Acres Newfypoos 

Decorative banner with green and yellow colors featuring a Newfypoo dog and text next to it saying "Green Acres".

Green Acres Newypoos is owned and run by Laurel. Laurel has a long history of working with animals, including animals used in therapy treatment.

While researching dogs for her family, she came across the Newfypoo breed and fell in love.

Now, Laurel and her family breed and raise Newfypoos to share their love of these dogs with families nationwide.

Raising Puppies 

At Green Acres Newfypoos, all puppies are raised in a loving home around children, so puppies go home comfortably in a busy environment.

They also start basic puppy training, including sitting for attention, going on car rides, crate training, and potty training.  

How much is a puppy from Green Acres?

There is no set pricing on puppies from Green Acres Newyfpoos.

According to their website, Green Acres Newfypoos adjusts pricing based on market conditions and the quality of the litter.

Puppies are rated the best in the market, so in line with other breeders, prospective puppy parents can expect to pay at least $2,500 for a dog from Green Acres Newypoos. 

Application and Adoption Process 

To adopt a puppy from Green Acres Newfypoos, interested buyers must fill out a form online to request more information.

The breeders will contact you to ask questions regarding your interest; they will then provide you with a price quote.

Your deposit is due a week later, and then when a litter is six weeks old, another $1,000 deposit is required to choose your puppy.

Final payment is due when a puppy is eight weeks old (usually on pick-up day). Laurel can help arrange pickup or puppy delivery if you do not live locally. 

Health Guarantee

Green Acres Newfypoos offers a Lifetime Genetic Health Guarantee to keep you at ease.

Green Acres Newfypoos Testimonials

“Our family welcomed a Green Acre Newfypoo into our lives and we are thrilled with the experience, from start to finish. The way that Laurel loves and cares for the puppies is just amazing.

Being able to be a part of the journey from the birth to the moment they come home, that is definitely so comforting to a new puppy owner. Thank you Green Acre Newfypoos for being so supportive and giving us one amazing pup!”

Nicole C.

“Such a wonderful experience working with Laurel.  We searched and searched for a good Newfypoo breeder in the northeast and were SO HAPPY to find GA. 

The puppies are raised right in her home with her kids and her bustling household, just like we wanted :). We could not be happier with our beautiful puppy.

Jamie L.

“We had a great experience getting our puppy from Green Acres. They are very knowledgeable and professional. We got lots of helpful information on everything from training to grooming to little nuances and preferences about this breed. 

It’s clear the pups are well taken care of at their home and they genuinely care about them going to loving homes and making sure you feel well prepared to welcome your pup home.”

Jenn P.

Contact details for Green Acres

Location: Lewistown, PA 
Phone: (717) 348-8192
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: GA Homestead

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