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Best Newfypoo Breeders in Indiana (2024)

Let me guess, you live in Indiana and want to add a Newfypoo pup to your family?

I bet you are starting to feel overwhelmed about what breeder you should choose. Picking a good one is important!

I hope to help you out in your search. In this article, I’ll cover the following Newfypoo breeders in Indiana:

  • Poobear NewfyPoo
  • Country Lane Doodles
  • Wabash Valley Doodles

Check it out!

1. Poobear NewfyPoo

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Poobear Newfypoo is a breeder located in the Indianapolis area. They state that they “endeavor to produce wonderful, quality Newfypoo puppies” and do so as a family.

They say they believe all the puppies they raise are part of the family and have sweet personalities.

Raising Puppies

This breeder loves spending time with the puppies in their litter. The owner has three daughters that participate in the socialization of the puppies, so you can be sure that they are well acquainted with children.

To further ensure that your new furry friend is well prepared for their forever home, Poobear Newfypoo takes the time for each puppy to be exposed to bath time, crate training, potty training, and nail trimming. 

How much is a puppy from Poobear NewfyPoo?

Newfypoo puppies from Poobear Newfypoo start at $2,500 for all colors and genders. They also require a $100 deposit to join their waiting list, plus a $500 deposit to hold the puppy of your choice.

These deposits are non-refundable, and all payments must be made through Venmo, Cash App, Zelle, or cash.

Application & Adoption Process

According to their site, placing their puppies in the right forever home is the ultimate goal for the family behind Poobear Newfypoo.

They strive to ensure that the puppy you choose meets your expectations and provides a lifetime of love.

To do so, they ask that you complete an application form covering everything from the specifics of the pet you are looking for to information about your family and home.

This breeder also asks that you stay in contact throughout the development of your puppy, as it is essential to them to keep track of all of the dogs they have placed with families.

Poobear NewfyPoo Reviews

The following review is from a family that has previously bought a Newfypoo from this breeder. It was the only review or testimonial that I could find.

“Great loving family who love their dogs. Very easy to work with and willing to do anything we asked. They kept us updated with pictures and videos. Our puppy was very healthy and we love him so much!”

Gracie H.

How to Contact Poobear NewfyPoo

Location: Indianapolis, Indiana
Phone: (317) 935-9691
Email: [email protected]

2. Country Lane Doodles

Decorative crimson and grey banner with a Newfypoo dog next to text saying "Country Lane Doodles".

Country Lane Doodles is a breeder in Plainville that prides itself on producing high-quality doodle puppies.

They focus on breeding Goldendoodles, Bernedoodles, and Newfypoos after both parents have undergone DNA and joint health testing to ensure the healthiest puppies possible.

Raising Puppies

This breeder raises each litter of puppies within their own home. Their whole family loves Doodles of every breed and will play with the puppies daily.

This means they are completely socialized from birth to bring happiness to their forever home.

They specify that they put a significant amount of thought into their breeding decisions to ensure only the best in health, personality, and temperament.

Additionally, each litter is raised with an advanced dog curriculum and desensitized to common sights and sounds.

How much is a puppy from Country Lane Doodles?

Depending on the exact breed and the colors of the coat, puppies from Country Lane Doodles can range from $1,500 to $3,500 each.

They also require a $300 deposit to be put on their waiting list for any of their litters.

If you want to purchase the puppy for breeding purposes, those rights are subject to approval and an additional fee.

Application & Adoption Process

To adopt a puppy from Country Lane Doodles, you must fill out their application form and submit your $300 deposit to join the waitlist.

Once they have received that information, they will publish your last name, the last four numbers of your phone number, and what you are looking for on their website.

This is done so that you can find where you are on the list while maintaining your privacy.

Each puppy from this breeder comes with a thorough vet check, the first round of vaccinations, dewormed, the first month of a flea, tick, and heartworm preventative, a spay/neuter contract, microchip, a “going home” bag, and a 2-year health warranty. 

Health Guarantee

Unlike many other breeders, Country Lane Doodles offers a detailed health warranty that can be read in its entirety–and signed–on their website.

This warranty details both the buyer and seller’s responsibility and their spay and neuter contract.

Country Lane Doodles Reviews

The following reviews are from families that have previously worked with this breeder:

“We love our Goldendoodle pup from Country Lane Doodles. She has the sweetest temperament- calm, sweet and playful! Our kids adore her and she is such a wonderful addition to our family.”

Meg A.

“We had a wonderful experience. We purchased our perfect fur baby from Country Lane Doodles. The entire process from start to finish was flawless.

Jodi answered all our questions always kind and caring. Highly recommend for anyone wanting the perfect dog to complete their family. Our Ollie is just perfect.”

Justine M.

How to Contact Country Lane Doodles

Location: Plainville, IN
Phone: (812) 486-5849
Email: [email protected]

3. Wabash Valley Doodles

Decorative crimson and grey banner with a Newfypoo dog next to text saying "Wabash Valley Doodles".

Wabash Valley Doodles, also known as Big Doodle Pups, is a breeder that raises Newfypoos, Saint Berdoodles, and Wolfadoodles.

They boast AKC Registered parent dogs, with some hailing from champion pedigrees.

Additionally, they state that they prioritize quality over quantity when it comes to breeding, resulting in only a few litters each year.

Raising Puppies

All puppies from this breeder are raised within a home environment, either by the breeder themselves or their mother. This is the only specific information shared about their processes. 

How much is a puppy from Wabash Valley Doodles?

There is no publicly available pricing information from this breeder. However, buyers are encouraged to reach out to the seller to find out more information.

Application & Adoption Process

Puppies from Wabash Valley Doodles come with AKC registration papers, a puppy starter kit, age-appropriate vaccinations and deworming, vet records, and a take-home goody bag.

A $300 non-refundable deposit is required, though that deposit can be moved to the next litter.

Payment can be made through Walmart Money Grams, PayPal payments, US Postal Money Orders, or cash. Personal checks are accepted for the deposit and final costs.

Puppies from this breeder can be shipped to you but must be paid for once the puppy reaches 5-6 weeks of age. Final payment can be made upon pick up for buyers traveling to the breeder.

Wabash Valley Doodles Reviews

The following reviews are from families that have previously worked with this breeder to add a Newfypoo to their homes:

“Hi, my name is Kathy, I’m in Boston, MA. I am the proud Mom to five of Becky’s much loved Doodles. Put simply, Becky is the ONLY Doodle breeder I would ever consider! My pups all came to me, very healthy, very well socialized and full of happiness”


“[Becky is] brutally honest & trustworthy also very loving & caring towards her dogs & puppies. She also kept me updated weekly with important information, pictures & videos of my SWEETHEART. Becky was very helpful to me throughout the entire process all the way til I got my puppy; even after that!

He’s easily trained & very smart he is a wonderful addition to the family. It was all worth it & I look forward to perhaps getting a future puppy from future litters”

April G.

How to Contact Wabash Valley Doodles

Location: Southern Illinois
Email: [email protected]

Additional Newfypoo Breeders

If you can’t find what you’re looking for in Indiana, there are other breeders in nearby states. You can take a drive east to check out the Newfypoo breeders in Ohio. Or, you can head west and check out the breeders in Illinois.

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