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Best Newfypoo Breeders in Australia (2024)

As a relatively new designer breed, Newfypoo pups can be hard to come by, especially in Australia.

Currently, there is one local breeder that we’ll discuss right up front.

However, you may be able to import a puppy from the US, provided you adhere to all immigration protocols and make a special arrangement with the owners.

The breeders we’re covering in this article are:

  1. Highland Groodles and Newfypoos (AUS)
  2. Northern’s Cute Cuddly Cava Poos and Newfypoos (US)
  3. Rocky Mountain Newfypoos (US)

Ready? Let’s find your Newfypoo.

1. Highland Groodles and Newfypoos

Decorative banner with blue and red colors featuring a Newfypoo dog and text next to it saying "Highland Groodles & Newfypoos".

Based in the Southern Tablelands of New South Wales, Highland Groodles and Newfypoos is currently the only known breeder of these pups in Australia.

Their dogs are bred for performance and temperament on a sprawling 120-acre farm and are kept in a happy home environment until they are ready to be adopted by their forever families.

Raising Puppies

Dog breeder Rebecca lathers love and affection on her Newfypoos, keeping them home with their moms until they’re weaned and ready to be homed.

They are socialized indoors and outdoors with their litter mates, children, adults, and other pets, which means they’re well-adjusted and calm.

All puppies are vet-checked at relevant milestones to ensure they are healthy and genetically sound.

How much is a puppy from Highland Groodles and Newfypoos?

Pricing is only available upon request but falls within the mid-range. You will incur additional costs for delivery or pet nanny services should you live outside of driving distance.  

Application & Adoption Process

If you want to adopt a puppy from Highland Groodles and Newfypoos, contact the breeder via her Facebook or Instagram account.

Her contact details are not available online, nor are there any details about their application process.

We know that Rebecca does due diligence in vetting families and finding out as much as possible about her pup’s new homes.

Her detailed social posts show that all puppies are placed in loving homes, usually with other pets and children.

Health Guarantee

All puppies are vet-checked before homing, but it is advisable that you contact the breeder to discuss health guarantees when applying to adopt a puppy.

This information is not yet available online, but Rebecca is very responsive and will surely provide you with all the information you need.  

Highland Groodles and Newfypoos Reviews

“Ludo is an amazing boy, and everyone loves his temperament and personality. You guys have been through so much; wishing you the best of luck with the [next] litter.”

Rachel N.

“Thanks for your hard work and dedication. You truly did help Mavis produce some amazing puppies.”

Peter Y.

How to contact Highland Groodles

Below are the contact details for this breeder.

Location: Southern Tablelands, New South Wales
Facebook: Highland Groodles
Phone: N/A (reach out via direct message on Facebook or Instagram)

Importing a Newfypoo from the United States

If you are dying for a Newfypoo pup but can’t find one in Australia, you can import one from the United States.

The United States is considered a Category 3 country. This means you can import a dog if you follow the proper procedures.

According to the Australian Department of Agriculture and Water Resources, dogs coming to Australia from group 3 countries must be accompanied by a valid import permit, which provides the conditions for importing the dog.

The conditions on the import permit take precedence over any other source of information.

Dogs must comply with all conditions on the import permit. Failure to comply may result in the dog being held longer in post-entry quarantine, subject to additional testing, exported, or euthanized.

Upon arrival, dogs must spend at least 10 or 30 days at the Mickleham post-entry quarantine facility, depending on the identity evidence submitted with the application.

A government-approved veterinarian, or official government veterinarian, must perform all veterinary procedures listed in the import conditions, and all testing must be done in an approved country in a laboratory recognized by the government of the country of export.

The department cannot advise on treatments for diseases, so it is recommended to seek advice from a veterinarian if your dog tests positive for an infectious disease listed in the import conditions.

It sounds like a hassle, but the perfect pup is sometimes worth it!

Below are two Newfypoo breeder options in the United States.

2. Northern’s Cute Cuddly Cava Poos and Newfypoos

Decorative banner with blue and red colors featuring a Newfypoo dog and text next to it saying "Northern's Cute Cuddly Cava Poos & Newfypoos".

Cindy, the breeder behind Northern’s Cute Cuddly Cava Poos and Newfypoos in Evart, Michigan, takes special care to ensure that future owners receive healthy, happy, and highly enriched puppies.

Her unique home-raising approach is geared toward desensitization and socialization. She is also hands-on in finding the perfect match between owners and puppies.

Raising Puppies

At Northern’s Cute Cuddly Cava Poos and Newfypoos, Cindy undertakes various home-raising techniques, including correct weaning practices, socialization with other pets, adults, and children, noise training, basic swim training, and exposure to toys and grooming.

They are not exposed to public spaces or foreign pets until they are fully vaccinated at 16 weeks.

All her breeding dogs are genetically tested and come from healthy generational lines. With over 15 years of experience breeding puppies, Cindy takes every precaution to ensure well-adjusted pups with good temperaments.

How much is a puppy from Northern’s Cute Cuddly Cava Poos and Newfypoos?  

Puppy pricing ranges from $1,500 to $2,500 depending on the pup, and more information is available once your application is approved and you’ve contacted the breeder.  

Shipping, especially internationally, will be at an additional cost to the buyer, as will obtaining the correct immigration permits.

Application and Adoption Process

There isn’t much information about Northern’s adoption and application process, but you can contact the breeder via phone or email or apply here.

You will be asked for more information about yourself and your home and vetted to ensure you are a good fit to adopt one of Cindy’s Newfypoos.

All adoptions are subject to availability.

Health Guarantee

All puppies undergo a complete wellness exam, relevant vaccinations, and deworming and come with a one-year health guarantee covering hereditary diseases.

Additionally, all breeding pairs are genetically tested for heart and joint issues.

Northern’s Cute Cuddly Cava Poos and Newfypoos Reviews

Unfortunately, no reviews are available online at this time. However, Cindy may be able to provide testimonials from previous buyers.

How to contact Northern’s Cute Cuddly Cava Poos and Newfypoos

Below are the contact details for this breeder.

Location: Evart, Michigan
Facebook: Cindy Love Puppies
Phone: +1 (231) 250-8960
Email: [email protected]

3. Rocky Mountain Newfypoos

Decorative banner with blue and red colors featuring a Newfypoo dog and text next to it saying "Rocky Mountain Newfypoos".

Sandra, the head breeder at Rocky Mountain Newfypoos in the Rocky Mountain region of Colorado, is a certified trainer and behavior consultant specializing in puppy rearing and imprinting.

Together with her family, she raises Newfypoo puppies with exceptional temperaments that have a head start in training and socialization.

Raising Puppies

Sandra believes in lavishing special care on her puppies and incorporating behavioral techniques from an early age to ensure an easy transition into their forever homes.

She is part of a network of Doodle dog breeders and actively raises pups until they are eight weeks old.

This includes supervising the delivery of pups, caring for their moms, and bathing and grooming them.

Her puppy nursery is kitted out with a whelping box and warming lights. She also monitors and weighs each puppy regularly to ensure they receive adequate nutrition for optimal health.  

If required, Sandra offers multiple training packages for young puppies, even after they have been homed.

How much is a puppy from Rocky Mountain Newfypoos?

Pricing for pups is available on request. Once your application is approved, you will be asked to pay a non-refundable deposit.

Should you arrange to import your puppy to Australia, you must cover all fees incurred and investigate necessary permits.

This arrangement should be cleared with the breeder before applying, so it’s best to contact Sandra via email or phone first.

Application & Adoption Process

The application process for a Newfypoo from Rocky Mountain is straightforward and can be commenced by completing this application form.

Once you are approved, you’ll be provided with further details regarding the cost for your pup and quizzed about your specific requirements and home environment.

The Rocky Mountain Newfypoos website has plenty of great resources about caring for your puppy, training options, and nutrition that you can explore during your adoption phase.

Health Guarantee

While Sandra’s breeding dogs are in excellent health, and all puppies are vet-checked, no current information on their website about health guarantees exists.

For this reason, it is a good idea to ask about their wellness terms and conditions during your application process.

Rocky Mountain Newfypoos Reviews

“Sandy is a highly skilled caretaker of our puppies. I would trust her with any of our litters and am so thankful for all that she does. She is such a valued and integral part of our program.”

Tammi R.

“Our pup, Stella, stayed with Sandra for six weeks before we picked her up. she knew all the basic commands, crate trained and potty trained! Everyone always asks how she is such a good dog, and we always tell them about puppy camp with Sandra. If we ever decide to add another puppy to our family, we will definitely use her again!”

Juggy T.

How to contact Rocky Mountain Newfypoos

Below are the contact details for this breeder.

Location: Montrose, Colorado
Facebook: Rocky Mountain
Phone: +1 (970) 249-8705
[email protected]

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