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Middletown Police Pay Tribute to a Seriously Good Boy

A police officer holds a dog in front of a group of people.

In a touching display of camaraderie and respect, officers from the Middletown Police Department in Connecticut lined up to bid farewell to one of their own, not a human officer, but a beloved K-9 named Hunter.

The emotional moment unfolded on a solemn Friday afternoon outside Pieper Olson Veterinary Hospital in Middletown, marking the end of an era for a partnership that had been a cornerstone of the department since 2007.

A group of people standing in front of a group of police officers.

Hunter, the loyal canine companion of Officer Michael D’Aresta, had been battling an aggressive form of liver cancer.

After a series of tests, veterinary professionals recommended euthanasia as the most humane course of action, a decision that left D’Aresta and the police community heartbroken.

Sgt. Doug Clark, Middletown K-9 supervisor, expressed the profound difficulty of the situation, acknowledging the exceptional service rendered by Hunter and D’Aresta to the city.

The Middletown Police Department’s Facebook page captured the poignant moment with a photograph of Officer D’Aresta holding Hunter in his arms for the last time, surrounded by their fellow officers who stood in salute.

A police officer is holding a dog in front of a crowd of people.

The image, accompanied by a heartfelt caption, paid tribute to Hunter’s decade of dedicated service and the indelible mark he left on the department.

The caption read:

Hunter and Officer D’Aresta have been such a huge part of our department the past ten years. Such a dedicated K-9 team. It will never be the same. Rest in Peace Hunter you’ve done well. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Officer Michael D’Aresta and his family.

This solemn event underscores the deep bond between K-9s and their handlers, a relationship built on trust, mutual respect, and an unwavering commitment to serve and protect.

Hunter’s passing not only signifies the loss of a valued team member but also reminds us of the sacrifices made by law enforcement officers and their four-legged partners in the line of duty.

Source: Middletown PD

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