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Police K9 Plants Wet One On Partner During Photoshoot

Two pictures of a police officer and his dog.

Indiana’s Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Law Enforcement agency recently showcased the heartwarming bond between Conservation Officer Levi Knach and his K-9 partner, Kenobi, in an adorable official portrait photo shoot.

Despite Officer Knach’s attempts to maintain a professional demeanor during the session, Kenobi’s affectionate nature was on full display as he showered his partner with kisses, making it impossible for Knach to contain his smile.

These heartwarming images, capturing the unbreakable bond of love and loyalty between the duo, have gone viral, bringing joy and inspiration to many.

Kenobi, an Indiana DNR K9 officer, is not just any ordinary dog.

He has been trained for various challenging scenarios, including tracking missing persons, uncovering evidence related to illegal activities, and identifying wildlife trafficking.

Kenobi’s curious nature and obedient personality make him an ideal K9 officer.

Despite the seriousness of their job, Kenobi and Levi enjoy their work immensely.

Their dedication and good mood have won the hearts of both their department and their community.

Levi and Kenobi are a remarkable team, embodying the special bond that can form between humans and their animal companions.

According to DNR Corporal Rodney Clear, Knach is a true example of a leader and servant. The duo constantly trains to locate missing persons, evidence from criminal activity, and illegally taken wildlife.

They serve the region they protect in Indiana’s DNR Law Enforcement District 2 and are always ready to serve their local community.

The recent photo session of Kenobi and Levi showcased not only their professionalism but also their deep bond and affection towards each other.

Kenobi’s ability to adapt and excel in different scenarios is a testament to his character and training, proving that even the most professional dogs can’t resist showing love and affection to their humans during off time.

As dogs continue to provide unconditional love and affection, even when trained for serious tasks, the story of Kenobi and Levi Knach serves as a heartwarming reminder of the beautiful relationship between K9 dogs and their handlers.

We wish Levi and Kenobi continued success in their future endeavors and hope they have many more memorable moments like these.

Sources: FOX 59, Indiana State Parks

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