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Best Irish Doodle Breeders in Wisconsin (2024)

If you’re looking for Irish Doodle puppies in Wisconsin, you’re in the right spot.

In this article, I will show you the following:

– Best Irish Doodle breeders in WI

– Irish Doodle breeders within driving distance of Wisconsin

– Breeders that ship Irish Doodle puppies to Wisconsin

Keep reading to find your next Irish Doodle puppy in The Badger State.

Best Irish Doodle Breeders in WI

There are two established Irish Doodle breeders in Wisconsin: Morningside Doodles and Eagle Valley Puppies. I wouldn’t be surprised to see more Irish Doodle breeders pop in other parts of Wisconsin since more breeders are starting to shift towards Doodle breeds.

1. Morningside Doodles

Decorative bay green and cheese gold banner with text that says "Morningside Doodles"

Sonja Jensen and her family own Morningside Doodles. They have a vast open farm that was previously a dairy farm.

Morningside Doodles is located in Madison, in the rolling hills of southern Wisconsin.

Sonja focuses on nurturing healthy and socialized pups from a young age. They have four breeding dogs that are used to getting litters each year. All puppies are whelped in the home and are allowed to roam indoors freely.

Below are the driving distances from Morningside Doodles to a couple cities in Wisconsin:

  • 1.5 hours to Milwaukee
  • 2.5 hours to Green Bay


The breeder wants to ensure that all puppies are the healthiest they can be. The puppies are all closely monitored and vet-checked. Before they go home with their owners, they will be checked and given a health certificate.


All puppies have a genetic guarantee that they are free from diseases and illnesses. The parents undergo extensive testing before they are even paired together. This ensures that you will get healthy, long-living puppies.


Morningside Doodles offers puppies at a rate of anywhere between $1,500 to $2,500, depending on the pup’s appearance and features. You will also have to apply to their puppy application and be approved before you can get a dog.

Each puppy requires a $500 non-refundable deposit so that your pup can be held.

Adoption Process

The adoption process is relatively easy but requires that you fill out a Puppy Adoption Application. The application is designed to see if you can take care of the pup or not.

If approved, you will have to pay a $500 non-refundable deposit to hold your pup. After that, you can pick your puppy up from them or choose to have it shipped to you.

Morningside Doodles Reviews

Here are a couple of reviews taken from their website:

We could not have asked for a better dog…We cannot thank you enough. She is exactly what we were looking for.”


“It is so comforting knowing you have had the parent’s testing done and are a responsible breeder. We can tell you really love your puppies and dogs and consider them your family!”


Contact information for Morningside Doodles

Morningside Doodles can be contacted via email, text/call, or through their Facebook or website contact page. The details for each method are located below.

Location: Madison, WI
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (608) 354-4294
Facebook: Morningside Doodles
Instagram: @morningside_doodles

2. Eagle Valley Puppies 

Decorative bay green and cheese gold banner with text that says "Eagle Valley Puppies"

Eagle Valley Puppies, located in Wisconsin, is a family-owned breeder that raises Irish Doodle and Goldendoodle puppies. Both Sara and Cody grew up with pets and loved animals.

They enjoy training and socializing with puppies to make good pets for customers. They breed the puppies in their home and know the mother and father of the puppies they breed.

Below are the driving distances from Eagle Valley Puppies to a few cities in Wisconsin:

  • 3 hrs 45 mins to Milwaukee
  • 2 hrs 50 mins to Madison
  • 3 hours to Green Bay


They raise the puppies in their home and choose parents with good genetics. During the first five weeks, they spend time petting them, feeding them natural food, and letting the puppies interact with them and the children. This helps them get used to human voices, touch, and other sounds in the environment.

After five weeks, they use a sound machine to help the puppies get used to loud noises, storms, and animals. Some of their puppies are eventually used as therapy dogs.

The couple begins potty training the puppies as soon as possible. Once they are old enough, they receive vaccinations, deworming, and regular vet checkups. 


When you adopt a puppy, they provide you with a record of its medical history. All puppies are bathed and vet-checked before delivery.


An Irish Doodle puppy from Eagle Valley costs $2,800. 

Adoption Process 

They require a $200 non-refundable deposit. Puppies are ready to go home 6-8 weeks after they are born. You should email or call Eagle Valley Puppies for more details on the application.

Eagle Valley Puppies Reviews

Here are some customer reviews from their website.

“Hank is a blessing to our family and loves to be around people and other animals. He is 6 months and 55 pounds and is healthy, smart and easily trained. Thanks for giving us an excellent addition to our family.”

“Milo likes to play with his puppy friends, go for walks, play outside and play with puppy toys. He has learned to sit, shake, down kennel and recall. He is smart, sweet, and full of personality.”

“Plato is one of the smartest dogs I ever owned. At 9.5 weeks, he learned to sit, stay, come, shake, and run through an agility tunnel.  He loves slides and agility ramps in playgroups.”

Get in touch with Eagle Valley Puppies

Eagle Valley Puppies can be contacted by phone, email, and through their Facebook page about adopting a puppy. Their contact information is provided below.

Location: Eau Claire, WI
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (715) 210-8631
Facebook: Eagle Valley Puppies

Irish Doodle Breeders in Driving Distance of Wisconsin

Sometimes the perfect pup is worth a drive! Throughout my years of dog ownership, I have driven to breeders all over the United States.

The following Irish Doodle breeders are within a reasonable driving distance of Wisconsin.

1. Dom’s Doodles

Decorative bay green and cheese gold banner with text that says "Dom's Doodles"

Meet the Behrens family, the loving owners of Dom’s Doodles, founded by Dominique Behrens. They are located in Cedar Rapids, IA, and are dedicated to providing a loving environment to Doodle pups.

Behrens was introduced to dog rearing and breeding by her grandfather and immediately fell in love with the practice. But it wasn’t until 20 years later that she actualized her passion by founding a breeding program.

Their specialty is Irish Doodles, English Setter Doodles, and Double Setter Doodles. The Behrens family decided to go with these breeds because they are friendly, love the outdoors, and have family-oriented personalities.

Below are the driving distances from Dom’s Doodles to a few cities in Wisconsin:

  • 3 hrs 50 min to Milwaukee
  • 2 hrs 50 min to Madison
  • 4 hrs 50 min to Green Bay


Each parent dog is genetically tested to ensure that they only produce healthy puppies. They are also carefully selected, allowing the puppies to maintain an intense prey drive with a good nose.

The pups are then raised in a 2+ acre piece of land, receiving the best care there is. They spend most of the time playing with the girls, roaming the farm, and lounging on the couch.

From day one, the puppies undergo noise-desensitization and enrichment to ensure they are less sensitive to loud noises such as lighting, fireworks, and thunder.

In the first four weeks, they are raised in Dominique’s bedroom and later moved to the dining room, where they can start crate training, potty training, and eating scheduled nutritious meals. 

By the time the puppies are old enough to go to their new homes, which is usually at eight plus weeks, they have undergone deworming and age-appropriate vaccines. They are also examined by a qualified vet who provides a health certificate to show that the dog is healthy.


Each puppy comes with a one-year genetic health guarantee. The family has made an effort only to produce a litter of mentally and physically sound dogs. You can be sure that Dom’s Doodles only sell puppies in the best health.

If a licensed vet discovers any disabling or life-threatening conditions within the first five days after you take the pup home, you’ll be refunded the full purchase price or allowed to pick another pup.


The standard cost of a Double Setter Doodle and Irish Doodle pup is $1300. Buyers need to acknowledge that they understand and agree to the terms of the purchase agreements.


Dom’s Doodle offers transportation as long as you’re within 1 to 2 hours away from their location. That cost is included in the purchase price. However, there are other locations where you’ll be charged an additional $75.

Adoption Process

To get a puppy, you need to fill out a puppy adoption form located on their website. You’ll also need to pay a fee of $300 to secure a puppy. The deposit can be transferred between litters, but it’s non-refundable.

Puppy selection is made on a first-come, first-served basis, and the remaining balance is paid on the day of pick up or before.

You’ll be placed on a waiting list four weeks before the puppies are of age. The list is established according to the available puppies. You’ll be assigned a number which is usually 1 to 10. If you’re number one, you get to be the first to choose a puppy, and so on.

Dom’s Doodles doesn’t guarantee a puppy if you haven’t deposited the required fee. Your position is also forfeited if they don’t receive the deposit.

Dom’s Doodles Reviews

Here are a couple of reviews from Dom’s Doodle Facebook page.

“My family was one of the first customers of Dom’s Doodles. Our dog Poppy has been an amazing addition to our family, she was the last piece to our family we didn’t know we were missing. Our fluff ball is so good with people and kids, and Dom’s doodles has been nothing but super responsive and helpful. Highly recommend!”

Brandon J.

“We visited Dom’s Doodles and just loved everything we saw. Her dogs are so well behaved, live in her home and are treated as royalty. Those puppies are so darn cute . . . Keep up the great work.”

Phil R.

Contact Dom’s Doodles

Below is the contact information for Dom’s Doodles.

Location: Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (641) 352-0284
Facebook: Dom’s Doodles

2. Poodles2Doodles

Decorative bay green and cheese gold banner with text that says "Poodles2Doodles"

Jill, Josh, and the family have over ten years of experience as dog breeders. They started with Mini Goldendoodles and, four years later, added Sheepadoodles and Bernedoodles. They recently have started breeding Irish Doodles!

Poodles2Doodles is located in Alton, Iowa, and has a dedicated team that works around the clock to ensure the health and safety of every dog in the program. Their primary handlers are the family’s twin children, who help socialize every puppy.

Below are the driving distances from Poodles2Doodles to a few cities in Wisconsin:

  • 7 hrs 15 min to Milwaukee
  • 6 hrs 30 min to Madison
  • 7 hrs 30 min to Green Bay


All puppies are given high-quality food and vaccinations at six and eight weeks. They receive Bordetella vaccinations at six weeks. Puppies will also be dewormed once a week from week three to week seven. 

All parents have undergone genetic testing. Additionally, they have had curl testing, color testing, furnishings testing, and shedding testing. OFA testing is also completed.


All puppies come with a two-year genetic health guarantee. When the puppies leave Poodles2Doodles, they must see the business’s preferred veterinarian within 72 hours to confirm genetic health and bind the contract. 

If anything life-threatening is found to be wrong with the puppy, it will be replaced with a puppy of equal value that is currently available or from a future litter.

Additionally, following a second opinion from a veterinarian, if a genetic disorder develops within the first two years, they will replace the puppy with one of equal value that is currently available or from a future litter.


Irish Doodle puppies from Poodles2Doodles start at $2,500.

Adoption Process

Poodles2Doodles requires a $500 non-refundable deposit and a deposit contract to be placed on a waiting list to purchase one of their puppies. Selection is made based on deposit order. Please view the available litter on their website and select place a deposit to join the waiting list.

Poodles2Doodles Reviews

Here are some of their reviews from Google:

“I recently adopted an Irish Doodle, Rocco (Clancy) from Poodles2Doodles. I had a great experience with Jill and Kelly! They were prompt and clear in their communication, and the process was easy to understand. Clancy is the sweetest boy, very calm and lovable. He fits right into our family! My other doodle just loves him. We are so happy!”

Paige U.

“What an easy and pleasant experience. Our communication was entirely through Kelly and she was delightful. Quick responses and sweet pictures of our little pup. I would happily recommend them to anyone. Thank you for all of the work that you put into your dogs.”

Stephanie M.

How to contact Poodles2Doodles

Poodles2Doodles can be reached using the following information.

Location: Alton, Iowa
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (712) 395-3195
Facebook: Poodles2Doodles
Instagram: @poodles2doodles

Irish Doodle Breeders That Ship to Wisconsin

If you don’t feel like making a long road trip to pick up your Irish Doodle puppy, I understand! Luckily, a couple Irish Doodle breeders across the U.S. offer shipping to Wisconsin by air.

1. Red Dirt K9s

Decorative bay green and cheese gold banner with text that says "Red Dirt K9s"

Jim Bates is a breeder focused on producing Poodle and Doodle puppies. The breeders have a farm and spacious living environments for their dogs to roam as pups.

Red Dirt K9s is located in the heart of Oklahoma (near Oklahoma City). The actual location will be given to you after your application is approved.

Their mindset is focused on providing a happy and healthy environment for their dogs and pups. Puppies are free to roam the farm except at night when they secure them in a barn to keep them safe.


Jim and his family use strict breeding practices to help ensure that each litter is healthy and free from genetic issues. All adult dogs are tested for diseases or illnesses before they are paired.

Their Irish Doodle puppies are monitored after birth and taken to the vet for standard puppy checkups. They are also dewormed and receive their shots before going home with their owners. Puppies come with a clean bill of health.

Regarding temperament, Jim and his family focus on handling the puppies daily. While they are free to roam the property and interact with other farm animals, they are also introduced to the rest of the family members. This ensures that they are socialized and well-behaved.


Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any information regarding their health guarantee on their website. However, the breeder is available to answer any questions regarding your future pup’s health.


The price of an Irish Doodle puppy will depend on its fur color and coat type. This is fairly common in the Doodle breeder world.

There is a waiting list that you need to apply to before you’re able to select a dog. To put your puppy on hold, you must place a $500 non-refundable pup fee paid via Zelle.

You can alternatively come to pick up your dog and pay the total price in person. However, they can not guarantee you’ll get the puppy you want.

Pups go home at eight weeks, but if you can’t get your new pup in time, you will have to pay a boarding fee of $15 per day you can’t get them.

Shipping to Wisconsin

The breeders prefer if you pick up your pup from their home located in Oklahoma. However, they are able to ship their Irish Doodles puppies to Wisconsin via The Pet Carriage

This pet transportation company will assign a puppy nanny that will travel with your dog from Oklahoma to Wisconsin. They are a separate business that focuses on transporting animals across the United States. You can contact them directly for a quote.

Adoption Process

First, you will need to contact the breeder if you would like to reserve a specific pup. You can see their available pups listing on their website. The non-refundable fee is $500, and you will be expected to pay the total price when you get your puppy.

Red Dirt K9s Reviews

“We are so happy to have found our Murphy through Red Dirt K9s! It was such an awesome experience to be able to see the farm and Murphy’s parents. It’s hard to find breeders who encourage you to meet your puppy before you purchase it. They answered all of my questions . . . he has excellent temperament and is in excellent health. He is training with ease. I’m very grateful to know I purchased from a responsible breeder.”

Charles & Amanda G.

“Reddirt K9s breeds the most gorgeous dogs. Not only is our little guy so handsome, he is so well-tempered, sweet, and a good listener. The perfect fit for our family. We couldn’t be more happy with him. On top of that, we felt secure with making such a big purchase from so many miles away. Was given payment options. Was able to FaceTime with our pup before we chose him. Really friendly people. Would recommend them to anyone!!”

Gabrielle T.


Red Dirt K9s can be contacted via text/call or through their online website. You can expect to hear back from them within 24 hours. Below, we’ve listed all the contact details for Red Dirt K9s.

Location: Oklahoma
Phone: (405) 694-7682
Facebook: Red Dirt K9s Poodle and Doodles

2. Toodles Doodles

Decorative bay green and cheese gold banner with text that says "Toodles Doodles"

Michelle, Chad, and their family operate Toodles Doodles. All family members have given lots of love to raise and nurture Irish Doodle puppies since 2005.

Toodles Doodles is located in Macedon, NY, which is on the western side of the state.

This family dedicates copious amounts of time and energy to ensuring that every puppy receives the proper care from birth to adoption. To enable the best socialization, each puppy is born in the family living room, where they are given boundless love.


Being a licensed facility, Toodles Doodles is inspected bi-annually by a local vet and yearly by the state to ensure that puppy breeding standards are top quality. Every puppy comes with a veterinarian health certificate, shots and worming are kept up to date, a collar, and a special blanket/toy imprinted with the puppy’s mother and litter mates’ scent.

After many years of tireless research, Michelle and her family have found that this TLC dog food brand is the best of the best for all their puppies. Through careful observation, each puppy develops a quality coat, has good digestion, maintains sturdy joints, and produces normal stool.    


Each puppy has a two-year health guarantee should it have health problems resulting from genetic anomalies. General health is also assured for fourteen full business days after a puppy is taken home.


Irish Doodle puppies can range anywhere from $2200 – $2800. The price depends on the puppy’s size, color, and coat type.

Shipping to Wisconsin

Any puppy can be delivered to Wisconsin via a “puppy nanny.” The nanny will make sure the puppy has a safe and comfortable flights to its new home.

Contact Toodles Doodles for more information on air transport, pricing, logistics, etc.

Adoption Process

Before purchasing an Irish Doodle puppy, any buyers interested must sign a by which the future owner abides by specific policies and terms. Toodles Doodles also offers a unique Guardian program, temporary ownership of a puppy that doesn’t require a complete purchase.

Toodles Doodles Reviews

Here are some of the many reviews from the Toodles Doodles website:

“Recently, our dog “Cashew” has become Canine Good Citizen Certified as well as Therapy Dog International Certified. He comes to work each day with me [to high school] with tons of energy to greet all the students and quickly settles down. He is a great dog! Not only does our family love him, but the students and staff at the school do as well.”

Steve & Erin

“Rufus is the sweetest, most lovable, good dog…He has grown so much . . . Rufus has made our family complete, and I just want to thank you for giving him such a wonderful start. He never growls-occasionally barks just when someone rings the door bell. He is the neighborhood dog, and with over 25 kids in the neighborhood, he runs from child to child. He almost got on the school bus on the first day of school when he saw all the other kids getting on! He is so good that I can walk him without a leash.”



Toodles Doodles can be reached via text/call, email, or Facebook page. Check out the information below!

Location: Macedon, NY
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: ToodlesGoldenAndIrishDoodles

Final Thoughts

In this article, I covered six different breeders if you’re looking for an Irish Doodle puppy in Wisconsin.

Two breeders were located in the state of Wisconsin, while the others were either within driving distance or were able to ship an Irish Doodle puppy right to your door.

If you’re getting ready to adopt a Irish Doodle, then you should read all about the Irish Doodle dog breed.

Kevin is a proud Bernedoodle owner and Doodle dog fanatic. Read how a chance encounter with two Bernedoodles spurred a lifelong passion here. If you want to get in contact with Kevin, you can send him a message.