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Best Irish Doodle Breeders In North Carolina (2024)

State of North Carolina with text below it reading "best Irish Doodle breeders in NC"

If you’re looking for Irish Doodle puppies in North Carolina, you’re in the right spot.

In this article, I will cover the following:

– Are there Irish Doodle breeders in North Carolina?

– Irish Doodle breeders within driving distance of North Carolina

– Breeders that ship Irish Doodle puppies to North Carolina

Keep reading to find your next Irish Doodle puppy in the Tar Heel State.

Are there Irish Doodle breeders in North Carolina?

No. Currently, there are not any established Irish Doodle breeders in the state of North Carolina. For every breeder post, I do a deep dive on the breed and the area I cover. I could not find a single Irish Doodle breeder in North Carolina.

However, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Irish Doodle breeders start to pop up in North Carolina. Irish Doodles are becoming popular, and more breeders are starting to shift towards Doodle breeds.

If you live in North Carolina and are looking to adopt an Irish Doodle puppy, there are still two ways you can make your dream come true. One method is to find a breeder within driving distance. The second method is to have an Irish Doodle puppy shipped to you!

Irish Doodle Breeders in Driving Distance of North Carolina

Sometimes the perfect pup is worth a drive! Throughout my years of dog ownership, I have driven to breeders all over the United States.

The following Irish Doodle breeders are within a reasonable driving distance of North Carolina.

1. Shannon’s Shamrock Kennels

Decorative carolina blue and silver banner with text that says "Shannon's Shamrock Kennels"

Shannon’s Shamrock Kennels is located in Elgin, SC. It sits on a 20-acre farm. The farm provides sufficient space needed to raise healthy and enough puppies to meet their demand.

They have been raising different puppy breeds since 2004. In 2017, they made more investments in the business and moved into a 1728 sqft kennel to accommodate more puppies.In addition to Irish Doodle puppies, Shannon’s Shamrock Kennels also raises Doxiepoos and Shepadoodles.

Below is the driving distance from Shannon’s Shamrock Kennels to a few different North Carolina cities:

  • 1 hr 30 min to Charlotte
  • 3 hours to Raleigh
  • 2 hrs 45 min to Greensboro


Shannon’s Shamrock Kennels ensures that all of their puppies get two vaccines before leaving for the new home. The company has a hip and elbow history on their large breeding dogs. They carry out DNA screening to identify genetic diseases that might affect the dog’s life. The puppies also get regular deworming.

Shannon’s Shamrock Kennel recommends Purina pro plan chicken and rice puppies for the larger breeds. They also suggest Diamond naturals small breed puppies for the small breed puppies.


Shannon’s Shamrock Kennel has follow-up activities to ensure the dog is in safe hands after adoption. They carry out disease screening and offer their customers health advice and in-house training tips for the puppies. 

The company provides a health guarantee for genetic diseases at 12 months. In some cases, Shannon’s Shamrock Kennel doesn’t stick to the 12month health guarantee because they want the best and long life for your puppies.


Every dog breed has its price. For instance, the Doxiepoo goes for $1782 inclusive of sales tax. The Irishdoodles cost $1000 and an additional 8% in sales tax. The F3b Shepadoodle costs $800 plus 8% in sales tax. The F1 Shepadoodle puppies go for $1000 plus sales tax.

If the puppy is not ready to go home, the client will make half the deposit, and the other half is payable at eight weeks of age. If an individual is not ready to pick up the dog as planned, the company charges $60 a week for boarding.

Adoption Process

Shannon’s Shamrock Kennel requires people to call their business line or schedule an appointment to determine which puppy to buy. They prefer emails and text messages for faster response on what puppy to adopt.

Shannon’s Shamrock Kennels Reviews

“We just brought our [Doodle puppy] home today. He’s an absolute gem. Purchasing our puppy from Shannon’s Shamrock Kennels was a wonderful experience. It was very obvious to us that Shannon cares for all of her dogs very much and is very good at what she does. We even got to meet our puppy’s parents and see what their temperaments were like. I would recommend Shannon’s Shamrock Kennels to anyone looking for a breeder.”

Kylene P.

“I bought my [Doodle] girl Jessie in 2005 . . . I shared the best time and love with this lovable, loyal & highly intelligent dog . . . I was so blessed to share 15 years 4 months with Jessie . . . Thank you, Shannon’s Shamrock Kennels, for this beautiful dog with deep appreciation and gratitude.”

Joan K.

Get in contact with Shannon’s Shamrock Kennels

Location: Elgin, SC
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (803) 260-2030
Facebook: ShannonsShamrockKennels

2. Crockett Doodles

Decorative carolina blue and silver banner with text that says "Crockett Doodles"

Crockett Doodles is based in Greenville, SC. They have different pickup locations in other states. They began their dog breeding business as a family and only bred Goldendoodles. After their first litter, the family got many requests from people seeking their puppies. 

As a result of the demand, Crockett Doodles worked with different family friends to establish partner homes. Each home was allocated a specific dog breed to raise. These breeds include Aussiedoodles, Springerdoodles, Sheepadoodles, Bernedoodles, Newfypoos, Berdoodles, and Irish Doodles.

The partner homes focus on breeding healthy puppies. Each litter is born and raised in a home until its ready for adoption.

Below is the driving distance from Crockett Doodles to a few different North Carolina cities:

  • 1 hr 45 mins to Charlotte
  • 4 hours to Raleigh
  • 3 hours to Greensboro


Crockett Doodles ensures that every puppy is well-trained before leaving the partner homes. They focus on crate and potty training at an early age, and this produces well-behaved dogs. An emphasis on socialization skills ensures the puppies interact well with small children. 

Crockett Doodles uses TLC dog food, which is packed with all the necessary nutrients for raising a healthy puppy.


Crockett Doodles provides outstanding family-raised puppies to various families. A deposit for one Doodle breed is transferable to another breed in the network.

They also refund your deposit anytime at a processing fee of 9%. The partner homes provide more than a litter in a year to meet the high demand for puppies. 


The price varies depending on the type of breed you wish to adopt. Crockett Doodles’ average price for adopting a puppy ranges from $2,500 to $4,000.

Crockett Doodles offers a $100 discount to people such as veterans, military, EMTs, firefighters, pastors, home school parents, and pre-K to 12th-grade teachers. The discount also applies to referrals from families who have bought a puppy from Crockett Doodles.

The discount is applicable once per puppy. As a veteran myself, I love breeders that offer a military discount!

Adoption Process

The first step is to fill out an adoption form and wait for approval. You will then pay a refundable deposit of $300 to qualify for the waiting list. Then, all you have to do is wait for the adoption day to pick up your puppy or have it delivered!

Crockett Doodles Reviews

Here are some reviews from their Facebook page

“We had a wonderful experience adopting our new puppy Flinn! The staff answered emails quickly and personably. Everything was so smooth and informative, and organized. Our puppy is the sweetest, most perfect little guy to be trained as our daughter’s diabetes-alert dog. I will definitely use them again!”

Shelly H.

“Process was completely transparent…communication was open and very responsive…cost was very reasonable not so cheap as to be suspicious nor so expensive as to be greedy or unobtainable…….we received our puppy in a reasonable time frame (approximately 8 weeks)…in excellent shape….clean…healthy….and with a calm and stress free disposition. The pup was clearly well cared for simply based on how relaxed and happy he was from day one. He obviously had already been exposed to some training as he walked well on the lead and was easy to begin house training…I can see that he had been weened properly as he demonstrated no separation anxiety or any anxiety at all. We are extremely pleased with our little guy and Crockett Doodles in general.”

Mary D.

Contact Information for Crockett Doodles

Crockett Doodles can be contacted through their Facebook page, Instagram, and email.

Location: Greenville, SC
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: CrockettDoodles
Instagram: @crockettdoodles

3. McKenzie’s Doodles

Decorative carolina blue and silver banner with text that says "McKenzie's Doodles"

McKenzie’s Doodles in Northern Virginia offers a wide selection of premium Doodle puppies for people seeking a furry companion.

This family-operated breeder started as a hobby for founders Sue and Jim Brown. Their hobby quickly flourished into a full-fledged business that includes their children and grandchildren.

Below is the driving distance from McKenzie’s Doodles to a few different cities in North Carolina:

  • 5.5 hours to Charlotte
  • 5 hours to Raleigh
  • 4.5 hours to Greensboro


All puppies at McKenzie’s Doodles are bred with love and care. They guarantee that their Doodles are healthy and disease-free at the time of purchase.


If any issues are found with your Doodle upon purchase, contact one of our family breeding experts to discuss a possible refund or replacement.


McKenzie’s Doodles offers a wide selection of your favorite Doodles in Northern Virginia at an affordable price. Pricing is in line with the national average for all Doodle breeds.

Visit McKenzie’s Doodle website for current pricing.


Doodles are only available for pickup at McKenzie’s Doodles or other designated locations. Instead of shipping, McKenzie’s Doodles offers ground transportation services to help protect the safety and well-being of your new Doodle.

Contact McKenzie’s Doodles to arrange for the pickup or ground transport of your Irish Doodle puppy!

Adoption Process

  1. Select the litter you would like to choose from on McKenzie’s Doodle’s website.
  2. Pay the non-refundable deposit to hold your Doodle.
  3. Arrive at the designated date and time to select your new pup.
  4. Complete payment.
  5. Take your furry friend to their new home!

McKenzie’s Doodles offers the following breeds for adoption in Northern Virginia:

*The adoption process includes a $350.00 deposit to secure your new Doodle.

McKenzie’s Doodles Review

Previous customers regularly leave satisfied reviews on McKenzie’s Doodle’s Facebook page and on Google.

Here are a few reviews:

“We have been so lucky to have found McKenzies Doodles! We have gotten both our dogs from them and we are always asked where they are from and we can’t recommend them enough! You can tell they care about their dogs and puppies so much. All healthy and happy puppies! Quick responses to questions. 5 stars.”

Eve M.

“One of the best professional breeders we know. They take great care of the puppies as well as the mothers and fathers of each litter they produce. Highly recommend!”

Rachel A.

Get in touch with McKenzie’s Doodles

Location: Winchester, VA
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (540) 550-0017
Facebook: McKenzies Doodles

Irish Doodle Breeders That Ship to North Carolina

If you don’t feel like making a long road trip to pick up your Irish Doodle puppy, I understand! Luckily, a couple Irish Doodle breeders across the U.S. offer shipping to North Carolina by ground or air.

1. C & J Ranch Brand

Decorative carolina blue and silver banner with text that says "C & J Ranch Brand"

Cindy and James are the proud owners of C & J Ranch in Marion, Kansas. After working in their local hospital and living center for about nine years, they decided to get into dog breeding due to its rewarding nature.

Both admit that being around puppies is almost as pleasurable as being around their grandkids. The C & J Ranch breeds Irish Doodles and Goldendoodles. Their medical background helps them appreciate the importance of good genetics, exercise, preventive and medical care, and nutrition for the well-being of the puppies they breed.


C & J Ranch Brand are dedicated to raising healthy puppies, so they have chosen healthy parents for breeding. Puppies undergo health examinations before they are picked up and delivered to their new homes.

Puppies are fed ‘Total Canine,’ which has proved to be an ideal diet for strong, healthy puppies with beautiful coats.


C & J Ranch Brand offers a two-year health guarantee for all the puppies they sell. Suppose a vet diagnoses your pet within the first two years with a genetic or congenital condition. In that case, the ranch will happily provide you with another puppy of equal value as soon as it’s available.

This guarantee doesn’t cover minor and temporary health issues that a licensed vet can treat. Also, if the condition has been caused by abuse and neglect, the guarantee won’t cover that.


These puppies vary in price, going from $1150 to $1400, depending on the breed. Payments can be made either via PayPal or credit cards. Personal checks aren’t allowed.

Shipping to North Carolina

C & J Ranch Brand can help you arrange delivery of your Irish Doodle puppy to North Carolina by air. To fly the puppy to a new home, you will pay an extra fee of about $350 to cover the shipping fees.

Call them to discuss the specifics of this kind of delivery.

Adoption Process

To purchase a puppy, you’ll need to deposit $300 once the puppy is one week old. C & J Ranch Brand will hold on to your puppy for eight weeks, after which you’ll be required to pay the balance. The balance has to be paid before the puppy is eight weeks.

C & J Ranch Brand Reviews

Take a look at these two reviews from C & J Ranch Brand Facebook page:

“We purchased a dog from these fine people today. It was a great experience. They were a great combination of professional and personal. We can easily recommend this business. The dog we got was exactly what we were hoping for. Thank you, C & J.”

Marc R.

“I’ve had my puppy now for 5 weeks. He’s not only physically in great health, but he’s the best dog I’ve ever had. He’s funny, sweet and SO SMART. He already knows six tricks! The owners were awesome and even met me halfway. They were fantastic and even sent me pictures while I was waiting. I completely recommend this breed and these Breeders- and I NEVER leave reviews.”

Beth J.

Contact information for C & J Ranch Brand

Location: Marion, Kansas
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (316) 841-4612
Facebook: C & J Ranch Brand Irish Doodles

2. Adorable Darling Doodles

Decorative carolina blue and silver banner with text that says "Adorable Darling Doodles"

Eve and Mike are the proud owners of Adorable Darling Doodles. They have been in the business for years and focus on breeding Mini Irish Doodles.

Adorable Darling Doodles’ website claims they are located in Nevada, northeast North Carolina, and Virginia. It’s a bit confusing, but it seems their puppy litters are born at their east coast location(s).

They focus on breeding family dogs that are well-mannered and well-socialized. 


Adorable Darling Doodles wants to avoid puppy mill-like businesses, so they have stringent breeding practices. This includes intensive monitoring of their parents’ dogs to ensure they are free from genetic issues. Aside from that, they also focus on breeding intelligent traits into their dogs and a good temperament.


All of their puppies come with a 12-month health guarantee. This means they take great pride in their parent dog selection and provide a 1-year genetic health guarantee against anything life-threatening, crippling, or disabling. They will replace your pup free of charge if this situation happens. 


The deposit for a dog includes a $300 non-refundable fee which is included in the total price of the pup. The deposit is used to secure your dog and ensure you get a pup or the one you want from the litter. For a puppy, the price of a Mini Irish Doodle is $1,750. The dog’s final price is due when you pick up your dog. 

Shipping to North Carolina

Adorable Darling Doodles can ground ship their puppies to most places on the East Coast. You shouldn’t have a problem getting one of their Irish Doodle puppies delivered to North Carolina.

There is an extra charge that is priced based on the distance. They don’t ship air freight.

Adoption Process

The adoption process is relatively simple, as you must contact the breeder via phone or text. On their website, they list upcoming litters or puppies. So, if you see one you like, you can see it as if it’s still available.

They will ask that you put down a deposit and ask some questions about your home. If approved, you can reserve a puppy and pick it up once it reaches eight weeks.

Adorable Darling Doodles Reviews

Here are a couple of reviews taken from their website homepage:

“[Our Irish Doodle] eats very well, and she is a very happy puppy. We love her joyful disposition and her easy-loving temperament. Charlie loves people and knows no strangers (not a watchdog by any stretch of the imagination, haha). She’s a social butterfly . . . doing well with the house training and goes easily to her evening kennel. We are hopelessly in love with her!”

Bill & Lynn

“We got our beautiful mini Irish Doodle from Eve Clark at Adorable Darling Doodles . . . They are so pleasant to work with, and highly highly highly recommend them!”


How to contact Adorable Darling Doodles

Adorable Darling Doodles can be contacted via email, text/call, or through their Facebook page. However, if you want the quickest reply, they say you should text or call them. Below we’ve included contact details for Adorable Darling Doodles.

Location: North Carolina / Virginia / Nevada
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (252) 455-1199
Facebook: Adorable Darling Doodles, LLC

3. Paradise Irish Doodles

Decorative carolina blue and silver banner with text that says "Paradise Irish Doodles"

Paradise Irish Doodles is located on a family farm owned by Jacob. Jacob and his family have been raising cute Irish Doodles since 2018.

Paradise Irish Doodles is located in Paradise, PA, and has over 73 acres of organic farmland.

What sets Paradise Irish Doodles apart from other breeders is that Jacob breeds dogs to be lifelong companions with unique personalities. He aims to know each dog individually and help match you with the temperament you’re looking for.


Health is of the utmost importance when it comes to Paradise Irish Doodles. The parent dogs are tested for genetic issues and are free from health defects. Aside from that, Jacob ensures that each dog has a good temperament and that the pups will work well in a family environment.

Puppies come with a health certificate from their vet. Additionally, the pups will be updated on their vaccinations, dewormed, and vet-checked. They also include dew claws being removed.


Each puppy is vet checked and comes with a two-year genetic health guarantee. Jacob aims to have a small litter each year. So, you will need to check what puppies are available.


Regarding pricing, Jacob takes a $200 deposit once a pregnancy is available. These deposits are non-refundable and subtracted from the puppy’s total cost. After securing the waitlist, you will also need to pay a $400 down deposit once the puppy is born. This is also subtracted from the total cost of the dog.

Pricing for a puppy will come at a total cost of $2,950. The amount due when you pick up your puppy will be $2,350.

Shipping to North Carolina

Paradise Irish Doodles can have your puppy shipped to North Carolina via air. There are additional fees, and the customer will be in charge of paying for all the costs.

Contact the breeder for more details about their puppy transportation process.

Adoption Process

The adoption process is a bit more complicated than other breeders. This is because Jacob doesn’t have that many litters. You must contact Paradise Irish Doodles and pay for a slot on their waitlist. The waitlist is available once there is a confirmed pregnancy.

After that, they have you put down a deposit for your puppy. Once you get the puppy in person, you will have to pay the rest of the price. It’s best to subscribe to their mailing list, as Jacob keeps people updated on litter availability. 

Paradise Irish Doodles Reviews

Here are a couple of reviews taken from their website page:

“Hi Jacob, hope you and your family are well. Just wanted to let you know we are smitten with our pup. She is sweet, smart, and very mellow. We love her!”

Previous Customer

Vet checked and up to date shots. Even supplied new bed, leash and food. Thank you Jacob for this wonderful red ball of fluff.”

Jim S.

How to contact Paradise Irish Doodles

Paradise Irish Doodles can be contacted via email, text, call, or their website or Facebook page. The details for each contact method are located below.

Location: Paradise, PA
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (717) 330-5929
Facebook: Paradise Irish Doodles
Instagram: @paradiseirishdoodles

Final Thoughts

In this article, I covered six different breeders if you’re looking for an Irish Doodle puppy in North Carolina.

  • 3 breeders were located within driving distance to NC
  • 3 breeders were able to ship an Irish Doodle puppy to NC

If you’re getting ready to adopt an Irish Doodle, then you should read all about the Irish Doodle dog breed.

Kevin is a proud Bernedoodle owner and Doodle dog fanatic. Read how a chance encounter with two Bernedoodles spurred a lifelong passion here. If you want to get in contact with Kevin, you can send him a message.