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Top 10 Hilarious Eggdog Memes (With Template!)

Three Eggdog cartoons next to each other with text above saying "Hilarious Eggdog Memes"

After I stumbled upon Eggdog on a Reddit thread, I realized I just couldn’t get enough. I’ve come across some seriously funny Eggdog memes. Now, I’ve decided to take a crack at it (no pun intended).

Check out my top 10 favorite Eggdog memes below. Plus, if you want to make an Eggdog meme, you can use my free Eggdog Meme Template.

1. Can we settle the Doge vs. Eggdog debate?

West coast choppers meme making fun of Eggdog vs Doge.

2. Goodbye Hotdog, Hello Eggdog

The couple meme with Eggdog.

3. Eggdog doesn’t like when you search for Doge memes…

A meme about searching for Doge instead of Eggdog.

4. What else did you think it was?

Astronaut meme featuring Eggdog as the earth.

5. Man, I’ll never finish this report

Meme with the option of finishing a report or Eggdog memes.

6. Oh Eggdog, you’re so dreamy…

The couple in bed meme with Eggdog dreams.

7. I thought Eggdog was a compassionate soul?

Eggdog can't hurt you meme.

8. This is up for debate…

Change my mind meme with Eggdog.

9. Big Doge doesn’t stand a chance

Drake meme with Eggdog instead of Big Doge.

10. How am I supposed to work with Eggdog around?

These Eggdog memes will crack you up....

Eggdog Origin

Like all great meme figures, Eggdog was created by accident. Okay, not entirely by accident, but the original post had yet to learn that Eggdog would become, well, Eggdog.

In 2019, a dog groomer documented herself grooming a white, fluffy Pomeranian on Instagram. The dog looked eerily like an egg after getting its hair cut. The post received much attention on Instagram and other social media outlets like Reddit.

Supposedly, a Redditor captured an image from the original video and introduced it to the Reddit world as “Eggdog.”

Eventually, Eggdog was turned into a 3D-rendered graphic. A series of viral tweets and more Reddit commentary followed this. There have been countless videos, memes, and fan art devoted to the infamous Eggdog since.

Eggdog Meme Template

If you want to make your own Eggdog memes, I have created a generic template you can access for free below.

Once you follow the link you can add your own caption and download the slide as a picture. Have fun!

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