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7 Dog Breeds That Love Water The Most

A dog riding a surfboard in the ocean.

Many dog breeds have a natural affinity for water and seem to be more at home doing the doggy paddle than walking on dry land.

Some dogs are practically half-mermaid, with webbed toes and water-repellent coats that make them as buoyant as a rubber duck.

Certain breeds have been helping humans on water-related tasks for centuries.

They’ve been by the sides of fishermen, assisting in water rescues, and even fetching fowl for hunters without a second thought about getting their paws wet.

From the high seas to the backyard pool, these doggos are eager to dive in.

Check out the breeds below who love getting in the water the most!

Labrador Retriever

Meet the Labrador Retriever, affectionately known as the Lab.

These pups are not just friendly faces; they’re practically aqua-dogs!

With a love for water that’s as deep as their desire for a good belly rub, Labs are always up for a splash.

  • Build: They boast an athletic build, perfect for doggy paddling across the pool.
  • Coat: Their water-resistant double coats keep them insulated and oh-so-cozy, even when they’re swimming in chilly waters.

Now, throw a ball into a lake and watch a Lab turn into an elite swimmer.

Labs were originally bred to retrieve fishing nets and fish that had escaped the hooks, so their love for water runs deep in their DNA.

You could say they’ve got a Ph.D. in Fetching from the University of Aquatic Shenanigans.

  • Temperament: Incredible swimmers? Check. Eager to please? Double-check.
  • Social Skills: Labs socialize better than most humans at a pool party.

Ever seen a Lab at the beach? They can’t resist jumping into the waves — it’s like watching a kid discover the ocean for the first time, every time.

Key Traits

  • Enthusiasm for water: Immeasurable
  • Skill in swimming: Top-notch
  • Speed: Can outswim your rubber ducky

Whether it’s a pool, lake, or muddy puddle, a Labrador Retriever approaches every body of water with the zest of a pirate finding treasure.

Just remember: if there’s a body of water in sight, your Lab’s probably already in it!

Portuguese Water Dog

If you’re hoping to find a canine pal that is both an expert swimmer and a hair fashionista, look no further than the Portuguese Water Dog.

These pups are known to be the joyful sailors of the dog park pool.


  • Eager to Please: They don’t just enjoy a good challenge, they’ll make a splash doing it.
  • Playful Pal: These dogs are the life of the water party, always ready to fetch or play Marco Polo.
  • Sociable: Whether it’s with humans or other furry friends, they’re ready to mingle.

Physical Traits:

  • Coat: Their lush, hypoallergenic coat comes in two styles: “fluffy that can put any 80s rock band to shame,” or “wavy, which is more ‘surfer chic’.” Choices, choices.
  • Size: They pack a robust medium-sized frame that can handle rough seas—or a chaotic bath time.

Who knew the coastal regions of Portugal could produce such a marvelous, aquatic furball? Historically, they’ve served as the helpers to fishermen, clearly illustrating their love for all things aqueous.

They are fantastic for those prone to sneezing fits since they’re known to be hypoallergenic, making them a part of that elite group of dogs that won’t leave you in a cloud of fur and dander.

But beware! With such a dog, you might find your bathtub commandeered on a regular basis, or your sprinkler system “mysteriously” activated. Portuguese Water Dogs are as mischievous as they are adorable, and they’re not afraid to show it.


Newfoundland dogs are basically the Michael Phelps of the canine world.

These hefty fur-balls adore splish-splashing in anything from a kiddie pool to the rolling waves of the ocean.

Inherently equipped with a water-resistant coat, they can dive into their aquatic escapades without turning into a soggy mess.

Swimming Skills

  • Webbed feet: Deserves an Olympic gold for doggy paddling.
  • Strong build: Perfect for endurance sessions of fetch-at-sea.
  • Thick, double coat: Great for insulation and floating, like a doggy wetsuit.

With their history as top-notch water rescuers, a Newfoundland gazing across the water might make one believe they’re plotting their next heroic save.

They have a natural life-saving instinct that pairs well with their gentle disposition, making them the cuddliest lifeguards around.

Personality Traits

  • Gentle giants: Less Hulk smash, more Hulk hug.
  • Super friendly: Will befriend literally anything, even fish, potentially.
  • Patient: They could probably teach yoga or meditation, if they had thumbs.

These dogs don’t just like water; they crave aquatic adventures as if the love for H2O runs through their veins.

One might think Newfoundland dogs have a personal vendetta against dry land or that they’re on a mission to prove that floating is just as good as flying.

Ideal Home Setup

  • A houseboat, perhaps?
  • A backyard equipped with a sizeable pool.

In short, Newfoundlands aren’t just dogs that love water—they’re basically half-mermaid, minus the singing and the fish tail.

Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever leaps into a pool with the enthusiasm of a kid at a candy shop.

  • Love for Water: Born swimmers, these dogs are to water what bees are to flowers. They are naturals at making a splash.
  • Skills: Whether it’s fetching sticks from the lake or showing off by barely making waves as they swim, Goldens are the total aquatic package.

Their water-repellent double coat serves them well; it not only keeps them buoyant but also ensures they dry off faster than you can say “Shake it off!”

But, these pups don’t have an off switch when it comes to water play. If they spot a puddle, they will likely consider it a personal invitation.

Beware of having a pool, though. These dogs might just apply for a pool pass, and then good luck keeping them on dry land!

  • Coat Care: Post-swim grooming is a must. Keep a towel handy unless you enjoy indoor showers courtesy of a Golden shake.
  • Exercise Needs: A high-energy reserve means they need lots of exercise, preferably if it involves a game of water fetch.

Remember, though, while they may seem to have gills, they do not. Always keep an eye on your furry friend to ensure their safety during their aquatic adventures.

Chesapeake Bay Retriever

When it comes to water, the Chesapeake Bay Retriever doesn’t just love it—they’re like the aquatic superheroes of the dog world.

They’ve got a coat that screams “I can take on any wave!” with its waterproof superpowers.

Truly, if this breed had a motto, it would be “Will swim for fun…or ducks!”

  • Coat: Short, thick, waterproof, and just a tad oily for that extra sheen.
  • Nature: Tenacious, with a love affair for anything resembling a body of water.
  • Originally Bred For: Retrieving ducks for hunters in—you guessed it—the Chesapeake Bay.

This burly retriever doesn’t just prance around puddles; they launch into lakes with the gusto of a kid at a water park.

A wet and muddy Chesapeake Bay Retriever is a happy one, indeed.

Their thrills come from long, dedicated hours of splashing and fetching.

Training? A breeze, as long as you don’t mind the occasional (okay, frequent) detours into aquatic adventures.

Rumor has it these dogs come with their own internal GPS for finding the nearest water body.

Potential owners should plan on a lifetime supply of towels.

And for those who appreciate a canine that can help out with the fishing—well, let’s just say Chesapeake Bay Retrievers might have been merdogs in another life.

For further heroic tales and water escapades, dive into some accounts of the Chesapeake Bay Retriever, known affectionately as America’s water dog.

Irish Water Spaniel

The Irish Water Spaniel, a poodle’s cousin that took a serious affinity for splashing about, is quite the aquatic athlete.

Key Characteristics:

  • Height: Usually towers up to 22-24 inches at the shoulder.
  • Weight: A healthy range starts from about 55 up to 65 pounds.
  • Lifespan: These water-lovers enjoy a good 10-12 years of doggy paddle.

With a crimped, curly jacket that’s practically a built-in wetsuit, their coat is practically a ‘no water shall pass’ sign.

Shedding? More like water shedding, because their fur does a brilliant job at being more water-repellent than your average raincoat.

Fashionably topped with a distinctive crown of curls, they also sport this tapering ‘rat tail’, which, to be fair, probably adds an extra ‘swish’ to their swimming.

Legend has it that when they’re not auditioning for a shampoo commercial, these dogs are the companion you want by your side if water is involved.

The Irish Water Spaniel boasts a repertoire of splashes and dives that would earn a round of a-paws from any onlooker.


  • Energetic? Check.
  • Intelligent? Check.
  • Loyal? Double Check.

Irish Water Spaniels are also quite the entertainers. One might argue they are the clowns of the canine swimming world.

But don’t be fooled, they’re as serious about their playtime as a cat is about its naptime.

Did You Know?

  • Some say, they have a majestic purple hue to their coat—and no, they haven’t raided your hair dye stash.
  • They’re exclusive members of the “Sporting Group,” hence their excellent swimming capabilities and endurance.

Spanish Water Dog

The Spanish Water Dog, the canine equivalent of a multi-tool, excels in enthusiasm. They’re the kid at a pool party who’s first to cannonball with zero hesitation.

Originally from Spain, these pups have wooly curls all over, which could make one think they’re part aquatic critter.

They are medium-sized dogs, and with their curly, low-shedding coats, they can rock a doggie afro like no one’s business.


  • Size: Medium
  • Coat: Wooly, curly, and low-shedding
  • Personality: Intelligent, hardworking, and playful

It’s a dog of many hats: herding, retrieving waterfowl, and just being an all-around sporty pal.

Known for their energetic and hardworking nature, Spanish Water Dogs can herd their human family as expertly as they would farm animals.

They’re as obsessed with water as a cat is with catnip. Whether it’s herding ducks or fetching toys, any activity involving water is an instant hit.

Did You Know?

  • Their coat can form cords when it grows out.
  • They have a history as both herder and waterfowl retriever.

For anyone looking for a four-legged aqua buddy with some serious dog paddle game, the Spanish Water Dog might just be the perfect match.

As long as there’s water nearby, they’re ready to dive into action—literally.

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