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Meet the Black and White Cockapoo (With Pictures!)

There are so many reasons why Cockapoos are a popular breed. They’re hypoallergenic, have a great temperament, and come in a range of beautiful colors.

But how rare are black and white Cockapoos? And are there any differences between these other color variations?

If you’re thinking about getting a black and white Cockapoo, this post will answer all of your questions!

What is a Black and White Cockapoo?

A black and white Cockapoo is a Cockapoo that has an adorable mix of black and white in its coat. There are a few patterns in which the black-and-white coloring may appear in a Cockapoo’s coat. They are not a separate breed but rather a subset of one of the coat color combinations for Cockapoos.

The Cockapoo is a mix of a Cocker Spaniel and a Poodle (most commonly, a Miniature Poodle). The Poodle can be mixed with the American Cocker Spaniel or English Cocker Spaniel. Black and white Cockapoos have a black coat with large patches of white on their chest, head, muzzle, or paws.

When a black and white Cockapoo has a white chest, it’s known as a Tuxedo Cockapoo since they look like they’re wearing a little suit jacket.

A Tuxedo Cockapoo sitting upright with a white background.
Cockapoo with the tuxedo pattern.

You can also get black and white Cockapoos with an even split of black and white coloring. This is known as a parti-colored Cockapoo and it can vary in patterning.

Black and White Cockapoo Pictures

Black and white tuxedo Cockapoo standing in a field of grass.
Black and white Cockapoo with the tuxedo pattern.
A Cockapoo puppy that has a solid black coat and a white marking on his chest.
An adorable black and white Cockapoo puppy.
Portrait of a black Cockapoo with white markings on his chest and nose.
Black Cockapoo with white markings on his chest and nose.
A white and black Cockapoo standing outside on a windy day.
Cute white and black adult Cockapoo.
A parti-colored Cockapoo sitting outside in a yard.
A black and white, parti-colored Cockapoo.
A young Cockapoo puppy with white markings on her chin.
A super cute Cockapoo puppy with white markings on her chin.
A black Cockapoo with just a splash of white on his chest and wearing a bandana.
A black Cockapoo with just a splash of white on his chest.

Are black and white Cockapoos rare?

Cockapoos come in a range of colors, some rarer than others. Black and white Cockapoos are rarer than black, chocolate, red, golden, and cream, which are the most common colorings.

However, these adorable balls of black and white fur aren’t as rare as sable, phantom, and merle Cockapoos, which can be pretty tricky to find.

Where can I find black and white Cockapoos for sale?

Cockapoos were one of the first popular Doodle breeds on the market and are still incredibly popular today. They’re sold online, and by local breeders throughout the US, so you won’t struggle to find black and white cockapoos for sale.

Finding a qualified, reputable breeder that meets all the state regulations is essential when looking for puppies.

The American Cockapoo Club (ACC) is a registry that supports licensed Cockapoo breeders in the States. Here are a few of the top places you can find black and white Cockapoos, according to the ACC:

  • PuppySpot: This is the largest online puppy store in the States, specializing in designer breeds. Although they’re not dedicated to Cockapoos, you’ll usually find many for sale on the site.
  • Pure Heart Farms & Ministries: This small breeder in Huntsville, Alabama, specializes in Cockapoos and is a member of the ACC.
  • Crockett Doodles: This is another online puppy store specializing in first-generation poodle hybrids, including Cockapoos.
  • Midwest Doodle Ranch: This is another local breeder in Kansas specializing in designer breeds: the Mini Bernedoodle and Cockapoos. They are also a member of the ACC.

If you need help finding breeders in your area, check out Facebook Marketplace, local classified, and local online directories to see if there are any local sellers.

How much is a black and white Cockapoo?

Based on the current prices on online platforms like Puppy Spot, you can generally expect to pay between $1,500 and $2,600 for a black and white Cockapoo. The price for black and white Cockapoos varies greatly depending on your state, the breeder’s reputation, coat color, and the coat pattern of the puppies.

On average, a black and white Cockapoo from a breeder will cost $2,000. Make sure you check the records of both parents when buying from a breeder to ensure you’re paying the right price for your new puppy.

It is possible to find black and white Cockapoos at rescue centers, which will cost considerably less than purchasing one from a licensed breeder. You can expect to pay around $500 to adopt a rescue Cockapoo.

Will a black Cockapoo stay black?

Solid black Cockapoos can fade in color if they have the ‘fading gene’ inherited from the Poodle parent. Not all puppies will have this gene, and it’s impossible to tell when they are young.

If they have it, their black coloring will fade to grey or dark silver as they age.

Since black and white Cockapoos still have black coloring, they can inherit this ‘fading gene.’ This could lead to their black patches fading to grey when they get older.

The degree of fading varies; some puppies won’t fade at all, while others can turn almost entirely silver. Only time will tell.

What are other Cockapoo colors?

Cockapoos come in various colors due to the different colors of the Cocker Spaniel and Poodle breeds. You can get all kinds of Cockapoos!

  • Black Cockapoos
  • White Cockapoos
  • Red Cockapoos
  • Apricot Cockapoos
  • Chocolate Cockapoos
  • Ginger Cockapoos
  • Grey Cockapoos
  • Phantom Cockapoos – a blend of black or dark brown with beige or cream fur.
  • Sable Cockapoos – a striking blend of darker and lighter shades of fur, usually red-toned with darker tips to give a stunning ombre effect.
  • Merle Cockapoos – a swirling blend of dark and light shades to give a marble effect, usually cream, white, black, and grey.
  • Roan Cockapoos – a mix of a base color with another darker color to give a faded yet pretty appearance.

Merle Cockapoos are the rarest color because they are challenging to breed. Usually, they are born blind or deaf, which is why these are so rare. Two merle Cockapoos bred together (known as double merle) will produce puppies with significant health issues.

However, a responsible breeder will understand the potential health issues and know how to breed merle Cockapoos without risk, so don’t be put off by this coloring. But keep in mind that merle coats will be higher in price.

Phantom Cockapoos are rare and often cost more money than a Cockapoo with solid colors. The phantom-coloring can be a bit harder to predict in future litters.

Do black and white Cockapoos make good pets?

Black and white Cockapoos are loving, friendly dogs that make great companions. Although incredibly pretty, they are bred for their extraordinary nature, making them perfect pets for kids, families, and older people.

If you’re considering getting a black and white Cockapoo, you’ve made a great choice. These adorable balls of fur will steal your heart immediately and become an excellent addition to your family.

Thanks to the Poodle parent, Cockapoos have hypoallergenic coats – which is great news for family members that are sensitive to dog allergens.

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