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Best Goldendoodle Breeders in Pittsburgh PA (2023)

Trying to find a good Goldendoodle breeder feels a lot like looking for a needle in a haystack.

With so many “breeders” out there it’s hard to know for certain if you’re dealing with someone reputable or a puppy mill. It doesn’t help when every breeder claims they’re the best…

To help ease the burden of searching, here is a list of popular, well-reviewed breeders in or near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

The Top 3 Breeders

Chart showing where to buy a Goldendoodle puppy in Pittsburgh

Yankee Doodles and Poodles

Yankee Doodles and Poodles Goldendoodle breeder in PA

Pat and Robbin have been breeding Poodles and Goldendoodles in Avella, Pennsylvania for several years. They raise their dogs in their homes and they’re treated like a member of the family.


Puppy parents are chosen based on their temperaments and looks. Each momma dog is happy and easy-going, and each papa dog has a great personality.

Puppies go to their new homes fully de-wormed and up to date on their first vaccinations.

Raising Puppies

Yankee Doodles and Poodles puppies are handled daily. They are raised in the home and get to socialize with children and pets.

Before you take your puppy home, he or she will be mostly crate-trained, know some basic commands, and have been professionally groomed.


Every puppy from Yankee Doodles and Poodles is priced at $2,500, no matter the color, markings, or gender. To secure a pup, you must submit a $500 non-refundable deposit.

If you are active or retired military, Pat and Robbin offer a $200 discount on their puppies.


Yankee Doodles and Poodles has 4.4 stars with 28 reviews on Google and 4.9 stars with 28 reviews on Facebook.

The negative reviews don’t seem to give much of an explanation as to why they are negative. I am honestly not sure that anybody that gave a negative review even got a puppy from here.

“We recently gained a new four-legged family member from Yankee doodles and poodles. The process from start to finish was seamless. Great communication and very attentive to every need. Pat is truly amazing and you can tell that she cares about the pups.”

Mike O.

“I can’t say enough good things about Yankee Doodles and Poodles . . . everyone has been incredibly kind, friendly and supportive . . . My dog, Lincoln, enjoys playing with lots of other Goldendoodles in our life as a result!”

Vanessa K.

Application Process

There is not an application process outlined on their website. You do need to pay a $500 non-refundable deposit. But to be certain on their process, I would contact them using the information below.


Location: Avella, PA
Phone: (724) 587-5640
Email: [email protected]

Plumcreek Acres

Plumcreek Acres Goldendoodle breeder in PA

Plumcreek Acres breeds Goldendoodles, English Cream Golden Retrievers, Irish Setters, and Aussiedoodles. Located in Home, Pennsylvania, Plumcreek has been breeding puppies for 25 years.


All Plumcreek Acres puppies are covered under a health warranty. This warranty is unconditional for six months, then conditional for two years.

Puppies will come up to date on their shots and deworming and microchipped.

Puppy parents have also all been health checked.

Raising Puppies

Plumcreek puppies are raised in a licensed kennel with 22 acres of field to explore. The pups are treated like family and given quality food and health supplements.


Standard Goldendoodles range in price from $1,600 to $1,900. Mini Goldendoodles range from $2,500 to $3,000.


Plumcreek has earned 4.7 stars from 14 Google reviews and 5 stars from 50 Facebook reviews.

“We couldn’t have had a better experience with Plumcreek Acres! . . . Melissa was incredibly responsive and got us all setup with pickup directions. We picked our little guy up from Jeanna’s house where she provided us with everything we needed – medical history, microchip info, etc. We would recommend Plumcreek to anyone looking for their perfect puppy!”

Bill R.

The only negative review that I could find is this one:

“We got our dog from this breeder in 2018. In 2019, our dog was diagnosed with a stage 3 heart murmur. Today, 2022, our dog was diagnosed with hip dyspepsia. We love our dog very much but I would never recommend this breeder to anyone. I really feel like we got him from a puppy mill.”

Ashlee A.

Application Process

To secure a spot on the waitlist, you must first submit an application and pay a nonrefundable waitlist fee. This puts you on a waitlist specifically for your chosen breed and gender of the puppy.


Location: Home, PA
Phone: (724) 397-2798
Email: [email protected]

Bird Dog Hill

Bird dog hill Goldendoodle breeder in PA

Bird Dog Hill breeds Doodles, Poodles, English Springer Spaniels, Portuguese Water Dogs, and Labrador Retrievers. They are located in East Palestine, Ohio, which is about an hour away from Pittsburgh.

If you want a cuteness overload, go to the Bird Dog Hill Kennel website and check out all their adorable pictures.


Puppies are given up-to-date vaccinations and deworming treatments before going home with you. Bird Dog Hill also provides a one-year health guarantee for their puppies.

Raising Puppies

Bird Dog Hill puppies are raised in a home until they are old enough to transition to the kennel. At three weeks, all puppies begin the early stages of potty training. Puppies are also socialized with adults, children, and other dogs.


The website did not give pricing for puppies, but there is a ~$400 nonrefundable deposit needed to hold your spot in the puppy line.


On Google, Bird Dog Hill has 4.5 stars with 73 negative reviews. The majority of the negative reviews seem to have had health issues with their dogs. Other negative reviews talk about poor conditions or grooming.

“Great experience. Chase was very helpful and informative. Beautiful farm setting. All dogs appear to be happy and healthy. Provided health inspection, vaccination records, as well as a bag of puppy food. Highly recommend Bird Dog Hill.”

Steve P.

If you look at Bird Dog Hill on Yelp, they have one star. However, if you go to the unrecommended reviews, there are several four and five-star reviews.

This does not change the fact that there are several negative Yelp reviews like this one, though:

“Horrible breeder. Bought a puppy here who contracted parvo within 24 hours of coming home. After $4,000 in medical bills, 3 days in the intensive care unit, fluids, anti-nausea medication, and a blood transfusion, our dog finally pulled through. I should have known when they offered to send us the puppy without seeing the facility.”

Andrea R.

Application Process

There doesn’t seem to be an application process, but you do need to put a deposit down to hold a puppy.


Location: East Palestine, Ohio
Phone: (330) 457-4536 or (330) 692-1773
Email: [email protected]

Final Thoughts

Finding a healthy and happy Goldendoodle puppy is a big deal. The best way to guarantee your search is satisfied is to find a good, responsible breeder.

I hope you were able to find some helpful information in this breed guide. If you’re going to be buying a Goldendoodle puppy soon, you should learn all about the breed so you can be prepared!

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