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Best Goldendoodle Breeders in Nashville TN (2024)

State of Tennesse with colors showing the city of Nashville with a paw for goldendoodle breeder location

Nashville is not only known for good country music. They have a great selection of quality Goldendoodle breeders as well!

I’ve done the research, and now all you need to do is pick your favorite one. Keep reading to get one step closer to bringing home an adorable Goldendoodle pup!

Top Breeders in Nashville

The top four Goldendoodle Breeders in the Nashville area: Goldendoodles of TN, Doodles from Heaven, Music City Goldendoodles, and Morning Glory Doodles.

Goldendoodles of TN

visual of goldendoodles of TN

Goldendoodles of TN take pride in the health of their puppies and offer a wide range of testing for optimal health.

Not only do they take pride in their puppies’ health but also offer guardianship programs, and boast that many of their puppies have gone on to be service animals for young children with disabilities.


Puppies from Goldendoodles of TN come with a two-year health warranty against any deadly and or life-altering diseases. They are also dewormed and given age-appropriate vaccines before they are sent to their new homes.

Raising Puppies

Not only are the puppies given a two-year health guarantee, but before they leave, they are microchipped and registered under your name. You are also given a goodie bag that includes various items ranging from custom-made collars to blankets with their mom and littermate’s scents.

Plus, if you have any questions after you take your new friend home, Goldendoodles of TN offers unlimited assistance anytime you need it.


Standard Goldendoodles start at $2000, mediums at $2100, and minis at $2500. Some colors, like phantom, do have an additional fee. Goldendoodles of TN requires a $300 deposit and a $500 deposit for their Christmas litters.


I was unable to find very many reviews. Although they do have some 5-star ratings on both Google and Facebook.

One review on their Facebook page says:

“Excellent breeder! We purchased [a] Goldendoodle late last year, and it was the best thing we could’ve ever done! Our Doodle is healthy and very friendly. . . . Highly recommend!”

Candace S.

Application Process

The application to purchase one of their puppies can be found on their website under the “Puppy Application” tab.


Location: Smyrna, TN
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (615) 427-2527

Doodles from Heaven

Visual of doodles from heaven

Doodles from Heaven is a family-owned and run breeder who started their journey after they owned their first Goldendoodle a few years ago. They sell both Goldendoodles and Sheepadoodles but only offer a couple of litters per year.


This breeder does not let potential families visit until their application has been accepted and the puppy is at least six weeks old. This prevents deadly diseases, such as parvo, from spreading and decreases the amount of stress the mother may experience.

Raising Puppies

The puppy includes a complete set of age-appropriate vaccines, their first round of deworming, and a thorough wellness exam from a veterinarian. They also receive a blanket with their mother and litter’s scent, a puppy kit that includes the food they have been eating, and a toy.


I was unable to find anything on how much a puppy costs from Doodles from Heaven. I suggest reaching out to them to find out more about their prices.


I was only able to find two reviews for Doodles from Heaven. Both of which are on their website.

“Just letting you know that Tilly is doing great! . . . She’s so smart and could not have a better disposition…. we are so crazy about her!”

Penny & Charlie

Application Process

Doodles from Heaven requests that you contact them before completing the application found on their website.


Location: Mt. Juliet, TN (approximately a 25-minute drive from Nashville)
Phone: (615) 627-7261

Music City Goldendoodles

Music City goldendoodles

They are a family breeder who prides themselves in treating their Doodles like family. None of their dogs or puppies are kenneled. They allow puppies to interact with adult dogs starting as young as four weeks old. They do offer a guardianship program as well.


Every puppy is given early neurological stimulation which is part of their “Puppy Preschool” program. They will have their first round of deworming and vaccines. It is possible that their dew claws will be removed as well but it is dependent on the litter.

Raising Puppies

Music City Goldendoodles provides a puppy kit that includes vaccine records, puppy food, toys, and a blanket with their mother and littermate’s scent. As part of the contract when purchasing a puppy from Music City Goldendoodles, they require the puppy to be fixed by twelve months of age.


There are no specifics on their website on pricing other than a $200 non-refundable deposit. For more information, you should reach out to them via their website or email.


Most of their reviews are a bit dated, but here is the most recent one I was able to find on their Facebook page:

“Amanda is very responsive and fast in answering any questions. She’s not just a breeder. She loves and nurtures the puppies. And you can tell she cares about them being placed in loving homes. Their doodles are great dogs. We got a puppy last year and love her. She’s so smart and very well behaved. I would recommend Amanda’s puppies.”

Angela C.

Application Process

You will need to email them with information about yourself, your family, and what you are looking for in a dog. They should get back to you within a few days, but if need to they do recommend you “nag” them.


Location: Nashville, TN
[email protected]
phone number was not listed on the website or social media pages.

Morning Glory Doodles

Visual of morning glory doodles

Morning Glory Doodles raises more than just Goldendoodles. They offer Labradoodles, Bernedoodles, and Irishdoodles, as well as the occasional Bichondoodle.

No matter the breed, they raise all of their puppies to have optimal health, temperament, and intelligence.


Morning Glory Doodles requires that the puppy is seen by a vet within the first week of ownership. If the vet finds any genetic issues, they can either return the puppy for a full refund or keep the puppy, and Morning Glory Doodles will reimburse for any vet costs.

Raising Puppies

On their website, they have recommendations for everything a new puppy owner could need and want ranging from food and training to toys and items just for fun. This information is found under the “Puppy Supplies” tab.


Prices range from $2800-$4000 depending on the breed and size. They require a deposit of $400, which will go toward the total cost of the puppy. If you want the pick of the litter, it is an additional $200.


Morning Glory Doodles has a 5-star Google rating from nearly 150 reviews. Their most recent review is from two weeks ago and states:

“Our pup will be a year old [on] July 10. We could not be happier with him or our whole experience at Morning Glory Doodles. This is our fourth “doodle”, and he may be the cutest and most snuggly.  What a personality! Everyone was great before, during and after the selection process.  . . . We highly recommend this breeder!”



You can find the applications (for adults and puppies) on their website under the “Adult Adoption Program” and “Contact” tabs.


Location: Signal Mountain, TN (about 2.5 hours away from Nashville)
Email: N/A (contact form located on website)
Phone: (423) 617-8903

Final Thoughts

After sifting through the four different companies’ websites and Facebook pages, I would personally choose to go with Morning Glory Doodles.

They offered the most information, their website appeared to be professionally done and I was able to find reviews for them in more than just one place. However, it is ultimately your decision. Good luck and happy searching!

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