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Best Goldendoodle Breeders in Lexington KY (2024)

The state of Kentucky with a paw located at Lexington to show the best Goldendoodles breeders in that area

If you’re in the Lexington area and searching for a Goldendoodle breeder then this post is for you. I did the research to identify the three best Goldendoodle breeders in Lexington, KY.

If you aren’t in the immediate area, sometimes it pays to drive (or fly) to find the perfect pup for your family. I have done this countless times throughout my life. It was always well worth the trip.

So, whether you live in Lexington or are a drive away, this guide covers the best breeders for your next Goldendoodle puppy.

How to Find a Good Goldendoodle Breeder

The easiest way to find a Goldendoodle breeder in (or near) Lexington is to search Google. A simple search of “Goldendoodle puppies for sale in Lexington” will generate many different breeder websites in the Lexington area.

Some of which will also display the top breeders in the area. However, if you’re not careful you may find websites that list Doodle breeds that are not what you are looking for. For example, Happy Time Doodles pops up in Google search. They breed Labradoodles, although similar to a Goldendoodle, they are not the same.

When Google displays the list of the top breeders in the area you can refine your search by their rating, which ranges from 2.0 to 4.5 stars, hours and days of operation, and the best match and distance.

Once you have found a potential breeder, check their website and reviews. If their website looks professional and shares valuable and knowledgeable information, I recommend you continue to read their reviews.

If their reviews are relatively fair, I would then look into the option of applying for one of their puppies. You could also consider being a guardian (housing either the mom or dad of the litter) or adopting a retired dog.

Top 3 Breeders

Infographic showing the top three Goldendoodle breeders in Kentucky

1. GoldenQuest Comfort Retrievers

Decorative visual of GoldenQuest breeder

GoldenQuest Comfort Retrievers was started by Kathy Burgess in 2003. She used to breed Golden Retrievers with Cocker Spaniels but realized they did not make the best-mixed breed in the long term.

GoldenQuest has two different sizes when it comes to its Doodles. The larger size comes from a Golden Retriever and Poodle, whereas the smaller size comes from two of their “comfort retrievers” and has a bit more Poodle in them than the larger size.

Here is a welcome video they put together:

Welcome to GoldenQuest


GoldenQuest Comfort Retrievers has done their research when it comes to ensuring their puppies have the best health possible. Kathy Burgess (founder) has done various tests throughout her years of experience to provide the healthiest dogs she can.

Through the testing, GoldenQuest can decrease the risk of disease and obtain the best health outcomes possible.

Raising Puppies

Three days after they are born, the puppies at GoldenQuest Comfort Retriever are given Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS). This stimulation allows the puppies to tolerate stress better, have lower reactions to disease, and improve heart health to name a few benefits.

The puppies are also handled frequently which allows for an easier transition when they are with their forever families.

Not only does it make the transition easier when the puppy goes to its new home but, this tactic has also resulted in benefiting the dog when it has gone on trips to the vet and they tend to be better around children.

Not only do the puppies experience these two types of invigorating methods, but they also have unique training for the first seven weeks. Some of which include sound, sight, and emotional reactions.


Depending on the litter, the puppies at GoldenQuest Comfort Retrievers start at $6000 and go as high as $6500, regardless of gender. However, if interested there are a few older and “retired” dogs available as well.

Even though their website does show available puppies and retired dogs, there is (often) a waiting list.


GoldenQuest Comfort Retrievers has a 4.2-star average rating on Google. All of the reviews found on their website rave about how amazing the dog that was purchased from them is.

One review says:

“Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping us with our perfect Sadie Lady. She is so smart, friendly, and loveable. . . . Thank you all so much for working with her and putting the time and effort into her training. You guys are absolute rock stars.”

The Ayres Family

As there were so many happy and exhilarating reviews there were also several that weren’t as thrilling. One comes from a resident in Versailles, KY.

He says:

“Just a warning to anyone looking to buy from GoldenQuest. We bought a puppy from them 1 year ago. She is incredibly sweet and loving and caring and great with our kids. However, she was marketed as being hypoallergenic and low shed. This a complete and utter lie and scam … Best advice I can give you if you’re looking for a low shed hypoallergenic dog, don’t buy from GoldenQuest. They are liars and the characteristics they market to try and justify the high price are lies and just part of their scam.”


However, most of their Google reviews were all 4-star reviews with a few 1-star reviews sprinkled here and there. Most of these 1-star ratings were coming from those who were unhappy because they were unable to be selected to purchase a puppy.

As with nearly everything these days, just make sure you do enough research to find the perfect breeder for you and your family.

Application Process

The application to purchase a puppy can be found on their website in the top right corner, under the Mini Goldens or the Guardians tabs.


Location: Versailles, KY
Phone: (859) 879-3647
Email: [email protected]

2. KYDoodles

Decorative visual of KYDoodles breeder

KYDoodles doesn’t just breed Goldendoodles, they also breed Australian Labradoodles and Standard Poodles. They are located in Cynthiana, which is in the Greater Lexington area.

KYDoodles has over thirty years of experience and only releases the puppies to their families once they have received the best care and training.

According to their website, many of the puppies from KYDoodles have gone on to be service and therapy dogs. They also offer lifetime breeder support!


KYDoodles boasts on their website that “from the moment of conception our puppies have the very best care.”

Not only does KYDoodles ensure the puppies have the best socialization skills but they also provide health checks, multiple deworming treatments, and keep the puppies up to date on their shots.

On their website, the owner, Rebecca, states that she is a clinical psychologist with a degree in animal behavior and due to her education is eager to provide the best life possible for these puppies.

Raising Puppies

The family who runs KYDoodles breeds and raises the puppies out of their own home. They socialize the puppies themselves which allows an easy transition from when the puppy is ready to leave their home and enter yours.

Not only do they help socialize the puppy to be the best it can be, but they also work closely with their preferred veterinarian and groomer to guarantee the happiest and healthiest dog possible.


I was unable to locate a set pricing list on their website. I would suggest reaching out to them to get a better idea of how much they charge per puppy.


They have a 4.9-star rating on Facebook and a 5.0-star rating on their website. However, I was unable to find any of the reviews on their website, but it is only a 0.1 difference from Facebook.

Although, when googling “KYDoodles Reviews” there seem to be a few positive things to say. The first link is from the Better Business Bureau where the site gives them a C+ rating and claims they are not a BBB accredited business.

As previously stated, just make sure to do your homework before choosing a breeder.

A 5-star Facebook review states:

“This is our baby Ezai . . . the most loving and crazy baby! Super thankful with Cara caring for these babies, she did such an amazing job as a breeder! She was always in touch & was very specific when it came to updates on the pups.”

Another one from January 2022 says:

“We got our mini Doodle, Belle, almost a month ago. Our vet bragged on how well taken care of she was! Thanks to Cara, her potty training has been great as well. Belle has been the perfect addition to our family!”

All of the reviews I could find on their Facebook page were all raving about how amazing their experience with KYDoodles was.

Application Process

Unlike GoldenQuest Comfort Retriever’s website, it was not easy to find KYDoodle’s application.

If interested in purchasing a puppy from KYDoodles, go to their About Us tab (do not click on the Highly Recommended or Education sub-tabs) and then the Contact Us button to locate the application link titled: Download Sales Contract.


Location: Cynthiana, Kentucky
Phone: (606) 219-8133
Email: [email protected]

You can also find them on Instagram.

3. Prize Poodles and Doodles

Decorative visual showing Prize Poodles and Doodles

Last but not least, we have Prize Poodles and Doodles. This breeder is not located in Lexington; however, they are approximately a 45-minute drive from Lexington via I-75 N.

Prize Poodles and Doodles is mostly known for their Newfiepoos or Newfiedoodles. However, they take time and energy to provide an exceptional breeding experience for other Doodle breeds. One of which is the English Goldendoodle.

If interested they also offer Bernedoodles, Saint Berdoodles, and Irishdoodles.


Prize Poodles and Doodles raises the parents and puppies on a 20-acre farm where they can run freely. They do not kennel the dogs as they want them to live a free lifestyle while in their care.

They feed their dogs TLC dog food and supplement with a raw diet.

Their website did not disclose any socialization activities or if they are given any shots before going to their new families.

Raising Puppies

Their website has a great tool about the proper care for once families take home their new best friend under the Puppy Prep tab on the top right corner.

The topics found in their Puppy Prep tab include the proper nutrition and immune-boosting vitamins, training, grooming and coat maintenance, and suggestions for miscellaneous supplies an owner may or may not need or want for their new family member.


Unfortunately, they do not have any prices listed but ask that you contact them if interested.


Their first review on their website comes from a CEO of a dog rescue:

“As CEO of a well-established dog rescue organization, I deal with a lot of dog breeders and representatives of other dog rescues nationwide . . . there are people who do not deserve to be working in [the] animal industry, who are self-seeking, careless and even cruel. In very stark contrast, it is a great honor to be associated with Tom and his “Prize Poodles and Doodles who represents the absolute finest in dog care and breeding that I have seen in over 25 years…”

CEO, Big Dog Foundation, Inc.

Many of the other reviews found on their testimonials page were just as positive with their experience. 

On Google, Prize Poodles and Doodles has 35 reviews. Only five of those reviews were less than a 5-star rating. Two of which were edited after explaining they were refunded for vet bills.

One 4-star rating was pleased with the help Prize Poodles and Doodles gave them when they said they were interested in a service dog. Neither of the 1-star reviews expressed why they had given the breeder that rating.

The most recent 5-star rating says:

“My experience with Prize P&D has been nothing short of exceptional. From the choosing process, to the training, and the dropoff the team was incredibly communicative and professional. I would recommend prize p&d to anyone looking for an incredible dog! Thanks for bringing me the best boy in the entire world.”

Logan W.

Overall, everyone who buys with Prize Poodles and Doodles has a positive experience even if it does take a while for promises made to be completed.

Application Process

If interested in one of Prize Poodle and Doodles’ puppies, they ask that you contact them.


Location: Williamstown, KY
Phone: (859) 462-3950
Email: [email protected]

They also have a live chat option on their website.

Final Thoughts

Overall, each of the three most recommended Goldendoodle breeders in Lexington, Kentucky, has its pros and its cons. One may be better for what you are looking for versus another.

After reviewing each of their websites and what they have to offer, if I was in the market for a Goldendoodle, I would personally choose Prize Poodles and Doodles. Their reviews appear to be consistently good across the board.

Luckily for you, the decision is not mine to make. Yet, I do caution that you make the best-educated choice you can when it comes to choosing a breeder. You don’t want to leave it up to chance when looking for your next furry friend.

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Kevin is a proud Bernedoodle owner and Doodle dog fanatic. Read how a chance encounter with two Bernedoodles spurred a lifelong passion here. If you want to get in contact with Kevin, you can send him a message.