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Best Goldendoodle Breeders in Indianapolis (2023)

Looking for a Goldendoodle puppy in Indy?

With Goldendoodles being so popular nowadays, it’s nearly impossible to sort through the good and bad breeders out there.

To make your search easier, I’ve put together this guide to help you find the best Goldendoodle puppies near Indianapolis, Indiana.

Top Breeders in Indianapolis

Here is some basic information on some of the most noteworthy breeders in the area surrounding Indianapolis. You should still do your own research before committing to a breeder, but this is a great starting point.

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Best Doodle Puppy

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Best Doodle Puppy specializes in petite to standard-sized Goldendoodles and both mini and standard-sized Bernedoodles and Sheepadoodles. They have been caring for Doodles for 17 years in East Central Indiana.


The Best Doodle Puppy website does not say much about the health of their puppies. However, the purebred parents are all AKC registered, and the breeders have decades of animal husbandry experience.

Raising Puppies

Puppies are raised as part of a large family on a 100-acre farm. They are socialized with adults, children, and a variety of farm animals.


Best Doodle Puppy Goldendoodles will cost you a pretty penny at $2,800 per puppy. If you are interested in a Bernedoodle, they will cost you between $2,800 to $3,800. Sheepadoodles cost between $2,800 and $3,500.


Out of 41 Google reviews, Best Doodle Puppy has a 5-star rating. I was unable to find any reviews giving them below 5 stars.

“I highly recommend! Got my F1 Goldendoodle Jax from Joe and he is the absolute best boy.  He is so smart and loving! Really great temperament. Loves to play and snuggle!”

Janel L.

“I honestly can’t believe how incredibly wonderful this family of Doodle breeders is! They were breeding Goldendoodles LONG before it was popular or trendy.

They have the experience I was looking for when I started looking for Doodle dogs across the United States. Even though I’m in Oklahoma, I am willing to go or meet wherever to get the most well-mannered and socialized puppy. T

hat’s what Emily & Joe provide! Their family farm is a huge part of their lives and these puppies are worth every single penny as a member of a loving family!”

Amy S.

Application Process

To secure a puppy from Best Doodle Puppy, you must first fill out an application. If you are approved, you must then pay a $300 non-refundable deposit to reserve your puppy.


Location: East Central Indiana
Phone: (765) 313-9436
Email: [email protected]

Heartland Goldens and Doodles

Visual of Heartland Goldens and Doodles breeder

Heartland Goldens and Doodles seem to be quite highly regarded. They specialize in Golden Retrievers and Mini Goldendoodles in Yorktown, Indiana.


Before going home, puppies are given age-appropriate vaccinations and deworming as well as being health-checked by a vet. The puppies are also given a 2-year health guarantee for genetic defects.

Parents have also had their genetics tested before becoming breeding dogs.

Raising Puppies

Puppies are raised on-site where they are socialized with adults, children, and other dogs. From the reviews, it seems that the puppies are raised in high-quality dog runs. 


Common-colored male puppies are $1,000 to $2,000, with the females being $1,800 to $2,400. Rare-colored puppies are $2,800 without breeding rights and $3,300 with them.

There was another page on the website that gave different pricing (closer to $3,000 per puppy), so the above prices may be wrong.


Out of 46 Google reviews, they have earned a 4.9-star rating. Out of 59 Facebook reviews, they have a 5-star rating.

“This breeder is fantastic in every way. Communication is quick, thorough, and professional . . .The facility was extremely clean, comfortable for the dogs, and high tech!

We were able to meet both mom and dad of our pup, and they were both very friendly and beautiful dogs. It is clear he takes extremely good care of the parents and puppies.

Our Doodle is just shy of 6 mo old, and he is super smart, friendly, well mannered, potty trained, and beautiful. All vet checks have been great. We could not be happier with our puppy and even after 3 months, we are still extremely pleased with the breeder!

I would recommend Heartland Goldens to anyone!”

Nichole M.

The only negative review to be found was this one, which goes on to point out suggest that Heartland is a puppy mill:

“Bart is very knowledgeable about his dogs and puppies seem to be taken care of.  The mother dogs are not.  We got 2 of Barts adult dogs and both had heartworm that had to be treated. 

The female had been bred until she was 8 years old and had a stage 4 mammory tumor which is caused 90% of the time from multiple litters.

Over breeding is common here.  Dogs are not released until 8 years of age for the most part. 

Rethink your type of breeder. Look for a breeder who keeps his dogs within his home and they are part of the family not kept in 6 foot runs for the biggest part of their life. 

Goldens are meant to be part of the family. They are not meant to be bred over and over again. 

Most responsible breeders will not breed the mama’s more than 2 to 3 times. They are money machines to this breeder.”

Nikki T.

Application Process

To get a Heartland puppy, you’ll need to fill out an application and submit a deposit. You will then be added to the waitlist.


Location: Yorktown, Indiana
Phone: (765) 717-4867
Email: [email protected]

Cottonwood Goldendoodles

Visual of Cottonwood Goldendoodles breeder

Cottonwood Goldendoodles have been breeding standard and mini Goldendoodles since 2013. Located in Boone County, Indiana, they specialize in F1 and F1b puppies.

Just so you know, their website has not been updated since 2020, but their Facebook page is fairly active. It is from this Facebook page that you will learn that they also breed Poodles.


There is not much information about the health of puppies on their website. They do seem quite knowledgeable about Goldendoodles as a whole, though

Raising Puppies

Puppies are raised in the home with access to a 5-acre farm. They are socialized with people and other dogs before going to their forever families. According to reviews, puppies also start potty training before being adopted.


Both the website and Facebook do not give any information on puppy prices.


Out of 10 Google reviews, Cottonwood Goldendoodles have earned a 4.7-star rating. The only negative ratings did not include an explanation about why they rated this breeder lower than 5 stars.

“If anyone is looking to get a Goldendoodle or a dog in general, I highly highly recommend [Cottonwood Goldendoodles].

You won’t be disappointed! This dog is amazing. Theo is already almost potty trained (I’ve only had him four days), learns quickly and is the biggest cuddle bug. . . .”

Taylor M.

“Absolutely great people. Best breeders I have ever dealt with. Top notch facility, very clean.

Informational, and send you home with a goodie bag with some food, toy and blanket. Also microchips your fur baby, free of charge.

They also sent us home a folder full of info. Oh and they already start potty training the pups. I cant say good enough things about Cottonwood.”

Cortney J.

Application Process

There doesn’t seem to be an application process, but you do need to put down a 10% deposit to reserve a puppy.


Location: Lebanon, Indiana
Phone: (317) 750-0446
Email: [email protected]

Final Thoughts

Whichever breeder you decide to buy from, be sure to do lots of research and talk to other Goldendoodle owners to make sure you get a healthy, happy puppy!

Before you pick up your puppy, you should learn all about the Goldendoodle breed first.

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