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13 Cute Whoodle Pictures You Need to See

Three black whoodles sitting in a row

If you are looking for some cute Whoodle pictures to brighten up your day, then look no further. This post is a compilation of adorable Whoodle pictures.

I scoured the internet (mainly Instagram) to locate loveable and darling Whoodles. I found Whoodles from all over the world, ranging from Europe to North America. As you will see from the pictures, it turns out a lot of super duper cute Whoodles live in Canada!

No matter where they’re from, each pup will leave you wanting to drop what you’re doing and go adopt a Whoodle near you.

If you aren’t familiar with this relatively new Doodle breed, then I offer a brief overview in the next section. If you are a Whoodle expert already, then feel free to skip over and check out those beautiful doggos.  

About Whoodles

Whoodles are a type of Doodle breed, which means they are a cross between a Poodle and another dog breed. The second parent breed for Whoodles is the Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier.

The Wheaten parent can be crossbred with a standard-sized Poodle or a Miniature Poodle. The latter produces what is called a Mini Whoodle. They aren’t featured in this article but Mini Whoodles are cute as a button.

Whoodles have very agreeable temperaments and are well-suited for most households. They inherit a perfect combination of the traits and characteristics from the two parent breeds.


Poodles were bred as hunting dogs in Germany. They are high-energy, smart, and athletic.

Black standard Poodle playing around in the yard.
Standard Poodle romping around in the yard.

Soft-Coated Wheaten Terriers were bred in Ireland as farm dogs. They aren’t as high in energy as Poodles, but they do require sufficient exercise to satisfy their farm-dog nature.

Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier lying in the grass
Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier lying in the grass.

Whoodles are a perfect mix between the two parent breeds. The result is a lovable dog that is loyal, active, gentle, and smart.

Size and Coat

Whoodles are mid-sized dogs that typically range in the 40-60 pound range.

They have beautiful coats that are often wavy and coarse. Their coat can come in a variety of colors such as gold, brown/chocolate, black, red, and a few others.

It is not uncommon for Whoodles to have black highlights and markings throughout their coat, which is inherited from the Wheaten Terrier.

If you want to learn more, you should check out all the things to consider before buying a Whoodle.

Now that you have some background behind these pleasant pups, it’s time to get a look at some wonderful Whoodle pictures!

Whoodle Pictures

Below you will find 13 cute pictures of Whoodles. Each picture includes a direct link to their Instagram account – give them a follow!

1.    Sage the Whoodle

Sage is a black, medium-sized Whoodle from Canada’s capital of Ottawa. She likes to steal socks and keep a watch out on the neighborhood.

When winter rolls around, she can be found getting the zoomies in the snow and taking her humans out for a chilly walk.

In the spring and summer, she takes time to stop and smell the flowers.

Black whoodle sitting in front of purple flowers
Sage posing for a picture in front of some beautiful flowers.

Follow: @sagethewhoodle

2.    Scout the Whoodle

Scout is also a Canadian dood. He’s from Ontario where enjoys a good romp in the snow during winter.

He has a beautiful cream-colored coat with accents of black that are similar to a Wheaten. When its pumpkin spice latte season, you can find him frolicking about in the leaves in his backyard.

Wheaten terrier and poodle mix sitting on wood deck
Scout enjoying the fall weather with a leaf on his head.

Follow: @scouty2313

3.    Dudley

Dudley is a black and floofy Whoodle from Hamilton, Ontario. He is a stylish and social pup.

He’s often seen rocking a vest, or a fashionable bandana, with his Doodle buddies. Dudley has some serious athletic skills, like playing basketball and jumping over hurdles!

Also, did I mention he’s Batman?!

Black whoodle wearing batman costume
Dudley protecting the neighborhood from crime in his batman suit.

Follow: @dudleys_whoodle_world

4.    Andy the Whoodle

Andy is a chocolate Whoodle from Montreal. He is a snow romp kind of guy and always enjoys a big stick to carry around.

He loves going camping with his humans, especially if free-range chickens are clucking around. When he’s got a free moment, Andy enjoys a nice snuggle on the couch.

Chocolate whoodle sitting in front of a couch
Andy looking devilishly cute in front of the couch.

Follow: @andy.the.whoodle

5.    Lola the Whoodle

Lola is a golden Whoodle from the beautiful Canadian mountain town of Banff. Lola is a full-bred Mountain Whoodle.

She’s often hiking, or squirrel hunting, all over the place with her humans. She’s a certified cutie and as adventurous as they come. Like any good Whoodle, she is no stranger to romping in the snow.

Golden Whoodle sitting in front of a mountain range
Lola enjoying nature at it’s finest.

Follow: @lola.the.whoodle

6.    Kobe

Kobe is a curly, brown and black Whoodle from New York City. He’s a well-known figure at all the Big Apple’s parks.

Although he reigns in the city, he’s taken some trips to the Florida beaches to escape the city buzz. He’s a lover of sandy beaches, water, and you guessed it – snow.

Curly-haired, brown and black Whoodle sitting on a boat on the beach
Kobe taking over as captain of the boat.

Follow: @kobe_wan_kedoggy

7. Teddy

Ted is truly an adventure dood. He has a beautiful white, curly-haired coat that blends in nicely with the snow.

This adventurous Whoodle is from New Jersey and loves all things nature. He’s got quite a style too, with personalized mugs and oversized sweatshirts with his name on them!

White whoodle standing in the woods
Ted standing tall and regal in the woods.

Follow: @ted_the.adventuredood

8. Hunt

Hunt is a golden Whoodle who is originally from the Big Apple but moved to Georgia. Hunt is often wearing his chef hat and apron as he cooks up all sorts of delicious snacks for his family.

When he’s not in the kitchen, he’s racing along the beach and playing with his baby Bernedoodle brother. Hunt has some serious style and makes for one fine Georgia peach.

Golden whoodle with a chef's hat on and cookies in front of him
Hunt showing off his heart-shaped cookies that he made all by himself.

Follow: @hunt.the.whoodle

9. Otis

Otis is a darling golden Whoodle from Southern California. He loves having fun with all his toys and going for a hike on the trail!

When he’s not chasing geckos or one of his favorite balls, you can find him cuddling up with his owners on the couch. A car ride to the dog park is what Otis calls a perfect day.

Golden whoodle looking right into the camera
Otis showing his adorable face to the camera.

Follow: @otis_the_whoodle

10. Sigourney (aka Siggy)

Siggy the Whoodle is a fun-loving pup from New York City. Siggy looks like a Wheaten but has all the fluffiness (or should I say floofyness) of a Poodle.

She’s the perfect combo between the two breeds and makes for one fine-looking Doodle doggo. She loves to hang out at the beach, jump in frozen ponds, and get her fur all frosty from the snow.

Fluffy-haired Whoodle with black and white colored fur
Siggy sporting her majestic floofyness.

Follow: @siggypup

11. Phoebe

Phoebe is a blue merle Whoodle from Manchester, UK. Blue merle-colored coats are quite rare in the Whoodle world which is fitting because Phoebe is a one-of-a-kind pup!

She loves to romp around in the woods and on the beach. On Tuesdays (aka Chewsdays), you can find her chomping on some of her favorite treats!

Blue merle whoodle sitting on the beach
Phoebe striking a pose on the sandy beach.

Follow: @thewhoodlediaries

12. Phil the Mini Whoodle

Phil is a cute Mini Whoodle from Calgary, Canada. He really enjoys a good stick to chew on in the backyard and hanging out with all his favorite toys.

He’s a Toronto Blue Jays fan and even has his own jersey! He loves playtime in the snow, puppacinos, and getting muddy at the dog park.

Wavy-haired whoodle with muddy paws
Phil after a big, muddy romp at the dog park.

Follow: @philtheminiwhoodle

13.    Perseus P Whoodle

Perseus is a black Whoodle from Ontario. It should be no surprise that he likes to fly around in the snow. He is the brother to a kitty that he’s been trying to win over as a friend.

He’s the outdoorsy type and loves to play on the beach and paddle in the water. Sometimes he even likes to attack bubbles!

Black Whoodle with white fur on chest looking up
Perseus showing the world his cuteness.

Follow: @perseus.p.whoodle


Oh how I love looking at Whoodle pictures. The mix between a Wheaten Terrier and Poodle makes for such an incredible and adorable pup. They are smart, cute, and full of character – what’s not to love?!

These Whoodle pictures are proof that the cuteness of Whoodles is spreading all over the globe. From the United Kingdom to California, you are guaranteed to find a lovable Whoodle nearby.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures of these magnificent fluff balls as much as I did, thanks for reading!

Do you want to learn more about Whoodles? Check out my complete Whoodle guide. Or, if you’re in the mood for more pictures of Whoodle cuteness, then I recommend taking a look at these adorable Mini Whoodle puppies.  

Featured image (‘The Whoodle Bros’ ) courtesy of dudleys_whoodle_world.

Kevin is a proud Bernedoodle owner and Doodle dog fanatic. Read how a chance encounter with two Bernedoodles spurred a lifelong passion here. If you want to get in contact with Kevin, you can send him a message.