Spanish Water Dog Poodle Mix: Complete Breed Guide

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Have you ever heard of a Spanish Water Doodle?  This amazing mixed breed is extremely uncommon.

The Spanish Water Dog-Poodle mix has a mellow temperament and a hard-working nature. It might just be your next pup!

The Spanish Water Doodle is a Spanish Water Dog-Poodle mix. It is a medium-sized Doodle dog breed. It is athletic, smart, and loving. It can also be referred to as a Spanish Water Poo.


The Spanish Water Doodle is a medium-sized dog and has the potential to be on the larger side. It has the body of an athlete, thanks to both parents.



Females range 15–18 inches from the ground to shoulder height. Males are expected to measure between 15–20 inches at the shoulder.



Females weigh between 30-50 pounds. Males weigh in just a bit more at 50-70 pounds.


Coat Colors

The Spanish Water Dog’s colors vary from solid black or brown to a mix of black, brown, white, & beige.


Coat Type

Your Spanish Water Dog-Poodle mix will most likely have thick, curly hair. Spanish Water Dogs are one of the few breeds that have corded fur, or hair.


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