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Top 5 Super Bowl Commercials That Featured Dogs

Get ready to wag your tails and let out a happy bark, because we’re diving into the most paw-some Super Bowl commercials of all time that starred our favorite four-legged friends!

From heartwarming tales of friendship between pups and Clydesdales to laugh-out-loud moments of canine cleverness, these ads have not only captured our hearts but have also stolen the show during the biggest game of the year.

1. “Forever” – Farmer’s Dog (2023)

The Farmer’s Dog Super Bowl commercial of 2023 tugs at the heartstrings, chronicling the lifelong journey of a chocolate lab and its owner from the pup’s early days to its golden years.

This touching ad captures the essence of the unbreakable bond shared between humans and their furry companions, highlighting moments of joy, growth, and companionship.

"Forever": The Farmer’s Dog 2023 Super Bowl Commercial

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2. “Wiener Stampede” – Heinz (2016)

Dachshunds dressed as hot dogs dashing towards human-sized condiments? Absolutely!

The 2016 “Weiner Stampede” is etched in Super Bowl lore as a pinnacle of animal ad cuteness and comedy.

HEINZ Ketchup 2016 Hot Dog Commercial the 'Wiener Stampede'

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3. “The Dog Strikes Back” – Volkswagen (2012)

Imagine a fluffy pup with dreams of car-chasing glory, but there’s just one little problem: too much cuddle weight for the doggy door.

So, what’s a determined dog to do? Launch into action mode, that’s what!

Envision this eager beaver of a dog, embarking on a fitness quest that includes ball-fetching marathons up and down the stairs and treadmill dashes that would put a marathon runner to shame.

Fast forward through the sweat and panting, and voilà: our once-chubby buddy is now svelte enough to zoom after the sleekest Volkswagen Beetle on the block!

The Dog Strikes Back 2012 Volkswagen Game Day Commercial

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4. “Puppy Love” – Budweiser (2014)

Budweiser’s Super Bowl XLVIII commercial, “Puppy Love,” pulled at our heartstrings with the story of a cute Labrador puppy and its unexpected friendship with a Clydesdale horse.

The emotional rollercoaster peaks when the puppy is driven away from the ranch, prompting the Clydesdale to heroically intervene.

Set to the poignant tune of Passenger’s “Let Her Go,” this ad is a guaranteed tearjerker, leaving viewers deeply moved by the powerful bond of friendship.

Budweiser Clydesdale Puppy Love Super Bowl 2014 Commercial

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5. “Top Dog” – Avocados From Mexico (2019)

Avocados from Mexico turned the tables in their Super Bowl LIII commercial, presenting a humorous twist where humans are the ones showing off to win the approval of their canine judges.

The ultimate prize? A trophy overflowing with guacamole, naturally. Featuring Charles the Pug as the sideline reporter and a witty nod to “rolling over” a 401K, this ad showcases Avocados from Mexico’s inventive flair.

Avocados from Mexico – Top Dog – Super Bowl 2019 Commercial

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Source: Wag

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