Puli Poodle Mix (Pulipoo): Complete Breed Guide

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There are many new Poodle mixes, or Doodle breeds, that seem to pop up throughout the world each day. One of these new mixes is the Puli Poodle mix, commonly referred to as the Puli-Poo or Pulipoo.

The Puli Poodle mix is one of the rare breeds in the Doodle world. I wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve never heard of a Puli-Poo.

If you’re not familiar with the Puli Poodle mix, then this story is the perfect introduction to this athletic, intelligent, and overly adorable breed.


The Puli Poodle mix has a large variety of possible combinations for both coat type and color.


image: Odin


The Poodle has a long, curly coat. The combination of curly and corded genes gives the Puli-Poo the possibility of having a coat that is curly, corded, or wavy.



A Puli Poodle mix has the potential to be many colors. It can be one solid color or a mix of colors. The variety in color possibility is due to the parent breeds.


Traits, Characteristics, and Personality

The Puli Poodle mix inherits a host of great traits from both parent breeds. Poodles are smart, loyal, and athletic. Pulik are loyal, hard-working, and affectionate to their family.



As a mixed breed, the Puli-Poo benefits from a lower risk of inheriting the diseases, or health issues, that are common amongst their parents.


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