Merle Goldendoodle: The Unique Pattern Explained

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Have you ever seen a Goldendoodle that has a striking pattern on its coat? It usually appears as uniquely-colored spots all around the body and face.

Image: @louie_the_merle_doodle

A merle Goldendoodle is a popular crossbreed between a Poodle and a Golden Retriever, which has a specific coat pattern called merle.

These Doodle dogs are very popular due to their striking shades of black, brown, or a combination of the two.

Image: @roxythemerledoodle

Merle Coats

A merle coat has a mix of shades in patches on the dog’s coat. The extent of these shades and patches depends on genetics.


How Can a Goldendoodle be Merle?

As a cross between Poodles and Golden Retrievers, merle Goldendoodles get their merle genetics from the Poodle.


Blue Merle Goldendoodle

Also referred to as black merle, a blue merle Goldendoodle has BB, a dominant gene, for its black pigment coloration, as well as DD for merle that is black with blue or white.


Image: @mooseylyusi

Red Merle Goldendoodle

Also called liver merle, a red merle Goldendoodle can include fawn or isabella coloration with dilution. These dogs have bb for their pigment coloration, resulting in a beautiful reddish-brown color.


Sable Merle Goldendoodle

Referred to as tan or chocolate merle, sable merle has bb coloration and two specific genetics for agouti.


Image: @scout_the_merle_dood

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