Meet The Goldendoodle German Shorthaired Pointer Mix

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Have you ever wondered about a Goldendoodle being mixed with a German Shorthaired Pointer?

Odds are probably not. But with the recent uptick in popularity of Goldendoodles, it’s hard to find a breed that hasn’t been mixed with them.

Keep reading to learn why this unique mix has the potential of being a trendy dog.

Coat Type

Goldendoodles typically have a curly or wavy low-shedding coat, while German Shorthaired Pointers have a short, dense coat that sheds moderately.


Coat Colors

The most common coat colors are black, white, brown, and cream. The mix can also have a coat that combines these colors.



The Goldendoodle-German Shorthaired Pointer mix is a friendly and outgoing dog with an energetic personality.



Height The Golden Pointerdoodle typically stands between 20 to 27 inches at the shoulder. Weight Typically, they can weigh anywhere from 45 to 80 pounds.



The following are some of the common health issues that can affect this breed: Hip Dysplasia, Ear Infections, Bloat, Allergies and Eye Problems.


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