Goldendoodle Hunting Dog: A Perfect Fit for the Field

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Move over pointers, spaniels, and retrievers. There’s a new breed of hunting dog out there: the Goldendoodle.

Goldendoodles are the descendants of two renowned hunting dogs: Poodle and Golden Retriever. Both parent breeds were bred specifically for hunting waterfowl and upland game.

The Goldendoodle is a perfect mix between both parents. It inherits the intelligence, trainability, and athletic traits common in both Poodles and Goldens.

Hunting History of the Parent Breeds

The Golden Retriever & the Poodle originated hundreds of years ago for hunting. Both dogs were bred to be comfortable retrieving game in the freezing waters throughout Europe.


Golden Retriever: The Excellent Hunting Dog from Scotland

Golden Retrievers were bred to aid in hunting upland game such as quail, grouse, and pheasants. They were also trained to retrieve waterfowl game like ducks and geese.


Poodle: A Natural Waterfowl Retriever

They were bred to be water-fowl hunters and retrievers. This enabled them to evolve as a strong, athletic, and intelligent dog.


Proper Training For Your Goldendoodle

Goldendoodles are not born perfect hunting dogs; they must be properly trained first. - Start Early - Build Your Relationship - Steady, Steady, Steady


What type of hunting are Goldendoodles best for?

Goldendoodles are ideal for hunting both upland game and waterfowl. Both big game and small game. A solid training program can teach them to conquer any game or terrain.


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