German Wirepoo: The German Wirehaired Poodle Mix

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The German Wirehaired Pointer-Poodle mix (or German Wirepoo) is a fairly new crossbreed that has been bred to bring together the best traits of two very different breeds.

This guide will take an in-depth look at what makes the German Wirepoo unique and how it compares to other dogs in its class.

German Wirepoo is a mix between the German Wirehaired Pointer and the Poodle. It’s a medium-sized Doodle dog that takes after its Poodle parent in terms of size, but it has the coloring and coat of a German Wirehaired Pointer.


The German Wirehaired Pointer-Poodle mix is an adorable combination of the two parent breeds. The wirehaired poodle and the German wirehaired pointer are both sporting and active dogs.



The German Wirepoo is a hypoallergenic mix breed. The coat of the German Wirepoo is dense and smooth to the touch but not overly soft.



The German Wirehaired Pointer-Poodle mix can have a black coat that may also be reddish or brownish. It can also be brindle in appearance or a white coat with black spots.



The German Wirehaired Pointer-Poodle mix is a medium-sized dog. They will be around the same size as their parents, which range from 18-25 inches in height.


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