English Setterdoodle: The English Setter Poodle Mix

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The English Setter Doodle is a mix between an English Setter and a Poodle. This athletic Doodle breed is a cross between two parents with a hunting history.

The inherited traits from both breeds give this new mix a personality you don’t want to miss. Maybe they are the perfect dog breed for you? Find out more here!

An English Setter Doodle is a hybrid cross between an English Setter and Poodle. The offspring of the cross results in a dog that’s a joy to own, trainable, intelligent, and focused.


The English Setter and Poodle are similar in build and size but have distinctly different coats and colors.



The three coat types of the English Doodle include: Straight Wavy Curly


Coat Colors

Coat colors include white, blue, silver, grey, chocolate, apricot, creme, and black. A red coat sometimes shows up, as does a black and white ticked coat.



Height The average height of the standard English Setter Doodle is 19 to 23 inches for females and 20 to 24 inches in height for males at the shoulder.



Both breeds share similar temperaments and traits, making this a winning combination for someone who wants a highly-trainable dog that’s loyal, loving, and full of character.


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