Bulldoodle: The Bull Terrier Poodle Mix

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Are you looking for a dog that is great with children? Or do you love Doodles but want a different kind of designer dog, something rarer and more exotic than a Goldendoodle?

Then consider bringing a Bull Terrier-Poodle Mix into your family, also known as the Bulldoodle. Keep reading to learn more about this rare mixed breed!

The Bulldoodle is a mix between a Bull Terrier and a Poodle. It can be a mix of a Bull Terrier with a Standard Poodle or Mini Poodle.


They will (if the Poodle parent was a Standard Poodle) stand at least 14 inches tall. Adult females will weigh 24 to 50 pounds, while males can weigh 28 to 60 pounds.



Bulldoodles can have coats of beige, black, blue, apricot, brown, cream, café au lait, fawn, red, silver, white, or brindle.



Temperamentally, you can expect your Bulldoodle to be a cuddle bug. Bulldoodles love to be around their family.



Given good food, daily playtime, and lots of love and attention, your Bulldoodle may be part of your family for as long as 15 to 18 years.


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