Malinoodle: Belgian Malinois Poodle Mix [Breed Guide]

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This unique Doodle dog is athletic, friendly, and easy to train. They are medium-to-large in size and have a range of different coat colors.

A Malinoodle is a mix between a Belgian Malinois and a Poodle. They are also called Belgian Malinoodles, Maldoodles, Malidoodles, or Malinois Doodles.

The Belgian Malinoodle is a ball of energy that would make a great competitor, an exciting athletic companion, or an excellent addition to an active family.


The Belgian Malinoodle is a dog with solid muscles and speed. They can function well in an active home, training competition, or law enforcement opportunity.


Coat Type

Belgian Malinoodles could come out with a mix or one instead of the other. From an early age, be proactive and set a brushing routine of grooming every other day with a quality brush.


Coat Colors

Combining both parent breed’s color profiles, the Belgian Malinoodles can take on the following coat colors: -Apricot -Biscuit -Black -Blue -Blue Fawn -Brindle -Brown (or Chocolate)



Belgian Malinoodles will range between 15-24 inches from the ground to the shoulder. You should take the size of the sire (father) dog as a reference for how tall the puppy will grow. Belgian Malinoodles weigh about 40-80 pounds.


Malinoodle Personality

Both parent breeds have an endless memory, a love of effortless movement, and inexhaustible energy.


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